Your Simple Guide to Buying Steel on a Budget

Steel Pipes

Buying steel supplies need not be a daunting challenge, provided you know how to go about it. Unfortunately, many homebuilders and welders do not know where to look, so they end up paying more for steel than they should.

With these tips, however, you can save money every time you shop for steel:

Buy when prices are low

Steel prices are hardly constant, so you can get a good deal whenever you shop when steel rates are low. This gives you low acquisition prices, although you may need to pay more carrying costs if you are buying in bulk.

Compare how different stainless steel and aluminium pipes or tubing suppliers are charging before making a final decision.

Visit scrap yards

Most scrap yards can provide mild steel at unbeatable rates if you are comfortable with irregular shapes. The trick is to call as many scrap metal plates as possible and ask what they have.

While some may be unwilling to sell the public, chances are you will still be able to find one that sells tubes, plates or fillets to any one at a pound per piece.

Buy directly from producers

If you intend to buy steel in large quantities, it is best to buy it directly from the manufacturers. Buying from dealers attracts extra rates, as you have to incur dealer charges. However, if you cannot find a reliable producer in your area, you may still opt to find a dealer and then negotiate a good rate.

Ask for discounts

Most buyers pay more than they should simply because they do not ask for discounts. More than half the time, the seller is willing to offer friendly discounts to those that request them, so never give out money before finding out if the price could be lower.

Every time you order steel, ask yourself if you really have to pay all that hard-earned money or not. By being smart, you can make little savings that add up in the long run.