Wedding Edition: Splurge or Save?

Wedding in SingaporeWeddings are always a grand affair, even if you want things to be intimate. Whatever happens, you are going to end spending quite a lot even for a limited number of guests.

Most couples are on a tight budget. If you’re not, then lucky you. But for the couples who need a little advice on which areas are the best to spend on, the experts are happy to help.

Here are some pieces of advice when it comes to wedding spending:

1. Leave the cake for last.

Who remembers the cake anyway, right? The best Malay wedding packages can give you a great price for a beautiful cake. Don’t be tempted to spend on an immense baked good — you can just get something small but exquisitely decorated.

2. Fly people in.

If some of your close friends and relatives can’t make it, then consider offering to pay for fare or accommodations. After all, the whole event revolves around the happiness you have and the happiness of the people around you. Try to help them out if they really want to come to your event.

3. Food should be fabulous.

You don’t want people making faces or leaving plates full of food at your wedding. Everyone’s mood can turn quite sour when they find that they can’t eat anything at your party. Taste test everything that the Malay wedding packages organiser lets you try so you can decide what you think your guests will like.

4. Choose stunning dresses for your bridesmaids.

Instead of having fittings and making everyone wear the same dress, why not buy the fabric instead? Consider it their gift to you that they have their own dresses made with the cloth, so they can get themselves something flattering.

The closer you get to your wedding date, the more mistakes you make with planning. Being extra careful can save you a lot of money and stress on your day. Don’t forget to always consult the experts.