Uninterruptible Power Supply and its Importance in the UK

Closeup look at maintenance free UPS battery Most of us may think that a developed country such as the UK is unaffected by issues concerning stable electricity supply, but the reality may provide a different picture.

Many developments in modern technology have allowed data to be stored remotely and online in the country, yet supply constraints have led to power blackouts and brownouts among other problems. For this reason, businesses should consider an effective Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) solution that relies on batteries.

Power Outage

Power failure can have a severe impact not just on a company’s reputation, but also on operational costs. For instance, a ‘worldwide system power failure’ that hit two major British airlines in May caused thousands of passengers to be stranded or experience cancelled flights. If your business relies on a stable power supply, you should consider battery-based energy storage technology.

While diesel generators or combined heat and power (CHP) systems are UPS sources, these have become outdated in protecting facility security breaches. As the software continues to progress, BatteryClerk recommends investing in APC UPS replacement battery as an alternative solution. These batteries help in sustaining a reliable supply of power, especially during life and death situations.

Life Support

UPS batteries are less likely to fall prey to security breaches, but companies should not be complacent about protecting their data and facilities from unauthorised access. Life support machines in a hospital are a good example.

Many lives can fall into the wrong hands if hackers are able to tap into your UPS network and turn them off. For this reason, companies should be careful in selecting a trusted provider of UPS.

The UK may not be immune to power supply and electricity issues, yet businesses can prevent costly issues caused by power failures by investing in the right products. How do you plan to protect your power supply network?