Understanding Cushion Matting Materials

Rubber matting in blankCushion matting offers practical solutions to those whose professions involve standing all day. Padded floors provide comfort and by extension keep fatigue and other stress-related health concerns at bay. They find use in residential, industrial and commercial settings.

And because mats are not created equal, it pays for consumers to understand the various products that are available in the markets. Keep in mind that not all mats are for heavy-duty applications.

Carpet or Cloth

Carpets are a commonly used anti-fatigue option. They are slip resistant and provide warmth within wet or humid environments. They, however, provide minimal support, especially when you compare them to elastic surfaces and rubberized cushioned mats.

This is because your body weight flattens them, making the surface below nearly as hard as regular flooring.

Foam mats

Foam matting comes in two main classifications; closed cell and open cell structure. Both kinds of foam provide a springy surface created by the trapped gas pockets. The consumer would get the sensation of walking on air, and this significantly reduces stress on the joints when standing for hours on end.

Vinyl and Rubber matting

Both Vinyl and rubber mats are resilient and durable. They are the most widely used anti-fatigue mats, which by the way you can get from vendors such as Mattek, in the markets. They offer great support and are perfect for heavy-duty applications. They are also ideal for harsh or abrasive environments.

Gel mats

Gel mats, as the name suggests, are durable matting with encased gel-like material. Such floor covering provides optimal comfort levels and alleviates pain and stress. While gel mats may expensive, reviews indicate that the value they offer is worth every extra coin charged.

Their delicate nature, however, makes them ideal for light only applications.

Anti-fatigue applications come in different kinds of materials. You ought to understand your needs, preferences, and objectives to choose the right matting option. Ensure that the choice you make does not depend on cost alone.