Troubleshooting a Faulty Sprinkler System

a sprinklerThe aim of having an irrigation system in your yard is to apply water evenly. If you see that some sections are constantly wet while others are dry, it could mean that your sprinkler system is leaking. Several factors contribute to this issue, and the most common ones are discussed below.

Defective zone control valves

Your irrigation system is comprised of valves, which are faucets tasked with turning the water on and off. Just like faucets, they can become faulty when something gets caught in their mechanism or due to aging. The most basic symptom of faulty valves is continuous water leakage from the head after the sprinkler system has been shut off. To correct this problem, you need to have the valves inspected and replaced or repaired by experts offering sprinkler system repairs in Utah.

Low head drainage

This problem is often caused by water siphoning into the lower head in your sprinkler system after irrigation. After cutting off the water flow in your irrigation system, some remain in the lines and drain towards the lowest point of your yard. The water will ultimately end up leaking in the lowest head until equilibrium has been achieved. This problem should be fixed promptly, especially if the water puddles around your plants or spreads all over your walkway or drive.

Broken pipes

Overly wet sections in your yard can be a result of broken or cracked pipes. There are two main sections where breaks are more likely to occur, namely main and lateral zone lines. This problem is best corrected after thorough assessment to determine what type of line is broken. The main line is connected to the backflow prevention device and the control valves. It supplies water throughout your sprinkler system and under high pressure. If there is breakage in this line, water will leak whether the system is running or not.

Whether you are experiencing a minor leak or a major issue like a pipe break, you should know that faulty sprinkler systems waste a lot of water. Leaky irrigation systems are not only bad for your yard plantation, but also for your pocket. Step-by-step evaluation of your sprinkler system should help to correct the problem effectively.