Top 3 Sneaky, Smart Ways to Secretly Know Her Ring Size

ring size

ring sizeYou’ve finally found the one and you’re ready to pop the question. You’ve prepared a grand gesture for the proposal, gathering a hundred people to do an awesome dance flash mob in front of her. The only problem that’s keeping you up at night is you don’t know the size of the ring that will perfectly fit. Worry no more, because here is a list of sneaky smart ways you can do to secretly get her exact ring size.

1. Take one of her rings to the jeweler

Secretly take one of her rings to a trusted jeweler like Marinelli Jewelers and get it measured. Make sure that the ring you will take perfectly fits her left ring finger so you won’t have to go through the trouble of resizing it later. If you can’t bring the ring, you can also trace the size on a piece of paper and present it to the jeweler.

2. Tie a knot while she sleeps

Some men literally wait for their girlfriend to fall asleep so that they can wrap a string or a strip of paper around her finger. Do this tactic, but make sure that she is in a deep sleep. When you have the exact circumference of the finger, measure it with a ruler and search for a ring size chart online.

3. Talk to her girl friends

Ask her friends and family because they may have bought rings as gifts for her in the past. You can also talk to them about what styles, cuts and stones she prefers. In case they don’t know, they can still be of help, talk to them about the dilemma and ask if they can snoop into what she likes.

With these tips you can be assured that you will get her exact ring size without her knowing. Make sure that you find the right timing for these tactics to make your mission smoothly accomplished.