Things You Should Do When Boarding a Private Jet

People boarding private jetPrivate jet travel is more accessible now than ever; chartering a private jet is an increasingly popular alternative to queuing up in busy airports and dealing with restrictive time schedules. In this case, it is high time to discuss proper private jet etiquette. It is important to follow these etiquettes to avoid any problem before, during and after flying.

Keep Your Luggage to a Minimum

Private jets often have smaller luggage cabins and compartment doors compared to those of a commercial aeroplane. They may have stricter weight restrictions given that private jets are usually small in size. For this reason, limit your luggage to an acceptable number of bags. Do your research on the aircraft that you are renting to find out how much luggage space it can accommodate.

Bring a Valid ID and Passport

When you fly via a charter plane, you can go directly to your designated area without queuing in long lines and waiting alongside other people. Nevertheless, you still have to bring your passport and a valid ID with you every time you travel. Always keep these identification cards with you at all times to prevent any delay in transit.

Notify if You Are Going to Be Late

Most private jet companies are flexible when it comes to the departure time. While they can wait for you for a reasonable duration, however, it is still common courtesy to notify them when you are running late. Coordinate with them so that the crew can adjust accordingly and so that everything goes smoothly. Of course, do not make a habit of running late as it could be an inconvenience to other scheduled flights in the port.

On an additional note, make sure to review your agreement with where you chartered the aeroplane from to make sure that everything goes smoothly.