The 3 Best Tips for a Lush Lawn During the Summer

Sprinkler Service & Repair

Sprinkler Service & RepairA beautiful lawn is every homeowner’s pride. As you already know, it takes time and effort to achieve a gorgeous lawn, but that’s a little price to pay for the curb appeal a manicured lawn will give your home.

The sweltering heat of the summer can afflict your yard, but there are ways you can still keep your grass looking lush. Here are three of them.

Water it adequately

With the weather hot all day long, evaporation rates are very high during the summer. Your grass needs water to survive. Now’s the time to make sure that the sprinkler system is working perfectly.

Should you notice that the sprinkler heads aren’t supplying water as they should, then promptly call an expert on  sprinkler system repairs in Utah such as Utah Sprinkler to fix them immediately.

Sort out the weeds

Many yards have more crabgrass, clover, dandelions and wild onions than the actual grass. Some homeowners simply mow over them and hope that everything will look like a lawn.

If that’s you, then you need to stop doing that and deal with the problem appropriately. Whether that means digging with a hand trowel or using a weed killing substance, weed must be removed for you to have a lush lawn this summer.

Mow regularly

If your grass needs mowing, then do it. What’s important to remember is that timing is everything. If your grass is receiving adequate water and there’s plenty of sunlight, then it will grow a bit faster and might need mowing every 4 or 5 days.

Therefore, don’t put it off until the weekend just because that’s when you have time. Make time to mow your lawn often enough or find someone to do it for you.

Summer is the perfect season for those fun outdoor activities you couldn’t do all winter. A lush lawn is a perfect spot to do those activities, so strive to keep yours looking that way.