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Simplify Your Life By Choosing Blinds Over Other Window Treatments

Blinds For WindowsFor someone who is not familiar with the different varieties, shopping for window treatment becomes a time-consuming task. Browsing options — whether in specialty shops or from the current lineup of online retailers, require sifting through many design and style categories.

You should not let the somewhat confusing array of options distract you from your objective. What do you need? You are looking for a window treatment that protects the interior of your home from direct sunlight. You also want an affordable setup that is easy to operate and offers good insulation. Let us now explore your top options.

Back to basics

A compact room will do well with a simple, classic type of window treatment — roller blinds, for instance. There are other types, including Venetian and roman styles, but rollers are easy to operate, and provide UV protection with good insulation. This type of window treatment effectively reduces glare and heat from the sun. At the same time, it makes the room cosier and more homey. The general design is simple, with the fabric laminated on a backing and configured with either a standard or reverse roll mechanism. The traditional set-up involves a cord and cleat, which allow for manual pulling.

Double roller designs add texture and dimension to your windows, so consider this option if you are planning to redecorate. If you prefer double roller blinds, Brisbane manufacturers like Image Blinds usually have ample supply of manual and automated models.

Trending products

If you are interested in trending blind design, then you’ll probably take a liking to the shift in attention from technical fabrics to organic, or natural themes. The products now dominating market shares have richer textures and look softer than previous standard offers. Eco-friendly products are also available and gaining traction amongst Aussie homeowners who are intent on reducing their carbon footprint.

Of the different types of window treatments, blinds are easy to set up and maintain. They make your home more comfortable and more stylish. Why complicate your life when you can opt for something simple and effective?

The Connection Between Your Windows and Your Energy Consumption

Home in Perth

Home in PerthMany Perth residents rarely think about how their windows are affecting their electric bills, as some are not aware of the link between windows and energy efficiency. The design, placement, installation, and finish of your windows actually have a bearing on your home’s energy use.

Find out the real connection between your windows and your home’s energy efficiency:

Improperly designed windows can affect your home’s indoor temperature.

According to the Department of Industry and Science, improperly designed windows, doors and skylights can negatively affect the indoor temperature of a home. Poorly designed windows can cause fluctuations with the indoor climate, increasing the need for heating or cooling system.

When your home frequently relies on its heating and cooling unit, you can expect greater energy consumption. This, in turn, results in higher electricity bills.

The right window treatments can effectively increase comfort in your home.

Even if your windows are properly placed and installed, they can still contribute to heat loss or gain without the right window treatment. This may result in less-than-optimal indoor temperature.

Fortunately, there are ways to make the link between your home’s windows and energy consumption work well together. One of the recommended solutions is to apply window tinting from Perth companies like TintWorks.com.au.

Window tinting offers superior comfort-related benefits.

Quality window tinting products offer a range of benefits. The films help in reducing heat loss or entry during the changing seasons. The tint helps in reducing glare that can hurt the eyes. These window treatments can also extend the life of your carpet, upholstery and furniture, as they provide protection against the sun’s UV rays.

Start paying attention to your windows. Apply the right solutions, so you can maximise the energy efficiency of your home.