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Some Important Elements of Good Web Design

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There are successful websites, and there are less successful sites. There may be different factors that play a role in the success of a website, including an already popular brand, but there are some factors that have to do with the website alone. Design, for example, is one.


There are many articles on the Web that advice entrepreneurs to practice basic design, and there are those that recommend finding some creative kid with a computer. These are tactics mostly for those who want to go cheap on their website design. Nothing’s wrong with those ideas; you might just get lucky.


But if you are willing to pay a reasonable cost, it is more advisable to pay a professional web design service firm in Boston or elsewhere.


Professional designers understand what can make a website successful, based largely on the nature of the business. They also know the elements that a good website should possess. Those elements, which are often crucial to success, include the following:


Typography that can work for your brand


Young and inexperienced designers may choose different fonts without any thought to how those fonts may affect the design or brand identity. But professionals know how fonts make a difference. Great websites do not overuse fonts, and they never saturate readers with too many different font families.


Your typography may give subtle hints on what you do or offer, and eventually, your font alone may cue in customers on your brand.


Large and beautiful images


Of course, people are visual. And good images that are large and easily seen are a great element of design. With a good image overlaid with text, your customers do not even need too many buttons or calls to action; they automatically scroll down to find out more.




Video is a necessary part of many websites. Using a video instead of an image alone may be more efficient in some instances. Users only have to click a play button to find out more about your products.


 These are only a handful of elements your website design should possess. The popular elements can change anytime, even more reason to ask a professional to design your website.

Why Small Ventures Should Maximise their Online Presence

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One of the reasons why some small businesses are staying small even with online exposure is because they are continuing to act small. They could have a social media account here and there, or an online storefront on a shop website, but those solutions may not be enough if they want to maximise their access to the web and grow their business. They have to think and act big and make the most of their online presence due to these benefits.

Expand Exposure

Just because a small business in Melbourne is online doesn’t mean that everyone browsing the web would be able to find it. As much as there is an overwhelming amount of people on the Internet, there is also an overwhelming number of websites vying for their attention. Making a large presence on the web will increase the chances that someone will find you online and become your customer.

Augment Growth

Your small business can grow much faster both online and offline when you take the time for the development of your online presence. Think about how you should present your business publicly and how you can make more people view your company as a trustworthy and efficient brand. Web development services in Melbourne can build your company’s objectives and foundation better, which can easily lead your business to where you’d like it to go in the future.

Improve Income

As your company gains more new customers and returns with its increasing online presence coupled with better branding, your business will eventually gain more opportunities to earn and be promoted. You will then be able to use your profits to create improvements in your company, which will then bring in more loyal customers.

Developing a large, noticeable online presence will help your small business grow and can someday be a famous brand. If your business is already online, then you might as well make the most of it. Contact an expert and trustworthy web development company for digital marketing solutions and ideas as soon as possible.

Web Design: Biggest Advantages of SVGs Over Other Formats

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Scalable vector graphics (SVGs) have been around for a while now, but they’ve been extremely underutilized for the longest time. But not for long.

As of late, the use of SVGs has finally taken off. These two-dimensional vector graphics are shaping to be the future of web design, taking the place of conventional formats, like GIF, PNG, and JPEG. Static or animated, SVG applications continue to increase in number.

Why is SVG suddenly a big deal now? Here are some of the reasons:

Flexible on All Screens

The biggest edge of SVGs over their counterparts is their ability to scale without compromising their quality. Designed as vectors on a coordinate system, they don’t comprise a fixed set of dots. Therefore, they’re not subject to pixilation adjustments.

Considering that responsiveness to different screen sizes is a key attribute of user-friendly websites these days, SVGs can resize to suit any device. Any expert in Chicago, San Diego, and Denver web design knows that SVG is going to be the new standard. In fact, its popularity would maintain its upward trend. In fact, many industry authorities predict that more websites would feature resolution-independent images.

Compatible with Major Browsers

As most browsers don’t support it when it was first introduced, there’s no wonder this technology was hardly used for over a decade. But the winds of change have now turned SVGs into the image format of choice for websites. Plus, SVGs require no HTTP requests, which can turn your pages sluggish.

Friendly to SEO

SVGs are searchable. Using text labels and descriptions thoughtfully, all of your 2D graphics on your pages would be SEO-friendly. Although you don’t intentionally try to drive traffic through your images, SVGs can help you be found on Google.

From designing icons to making animations, SVGs are the secret to creating stunning and versatile graphics. As the world is becoming more fastidious about digital content, SVGs would make your website visually superior.

Web Design Trends to Follow in 2017

Web Design in Johnson CityThe internet is constantly evolving; the companies that last the longest are the ones who can see the change from a mile away and adapt it the fastest. 2017 is a year full of opportunities for those who are willing to take it. Following the trends for the coming year will enable you to gain a competitive advantage and stand out from the competition.

Grab Attention with GIFs

GIFs and animations are amusing, but abusing them will hurt the user experience and may alienate visitors. However, if you execute it correctly, you jolt life into an otherwise boring web page and accentuate certain parts of your pages. The additions of these display an understanding and knowledge of design sophistication. Experts in web development in Johnson City cite that this is a recommended addition to your website to make a particular part stand out like best-selling products or services, sales pop-ups, and other similar pages.

3D Geometric Shapes

Flat design became a trend, minimalistic icons and strong colors became the fad that websites adapted quickly. Then the material design concept caught on, bringing a fresh perspective to old geometric shapes by adding boldness, motion and shadows into them. This adds a different dynamic to your site, catching the eyes and maintaining the attention of visitors.

Flashy Fonts

Large fonts have been around for a while, but it is coming into full focus because more and more designers are flexing their creative chops with different types of typography. The rules for the latter before were strict with things like using unclear lines and hyphenated words were taboo. Learn what works best for your website before trying different types of font, colors and spacing. This allows you to match it with your site’s theme and the content you post.

These are some of the trends to follow when it comes to web design in 2017. Implementing these are not surefire ways to get results, but it sets you apart from the competition.

Artificial Intelligence: The Future Of Web Design?

Artificial Intelligence Model from MelbourneDiscussions of advanced AI often segue to doomsday scenarios. Remember Skynet from the Terminator series? Even renowned physicist Stephen Hawking believes that AI could end mankind altogether. There’s constant fear of AI becoming too advanced that it’s already self-aware and, possibly, genocidal.

But that’s speaking of the far future. For now, it’s good to think of what AI can currently do (besides being a genocidal overlord). How about web design? Industry mainstay LiveLongDigital.com.au, like others in their field, seems to be okay with how web design’s currently going. AI proponents, however, think that websites need a bit of automation.

AI And Web Design? Perhaps

Web design is a far cry from its iterations during the internet’s early years. Back then, sites were simply pages of text with white backgrounds. Now, they sport pictures, excellent typography, and generally look really good (and are enjoyable to browse as well). Gone are the days of merely browsing sites just to look for information. People browse them now as a legitimate pastime.

Thus, AI proponents think it needs something to be more ‘personalized,’ and the creation of a website more automated. An AI assistant asks several questions, the answers to which it uses to determine what the business is all about. The program then sorts out its algorithm and determines the ‘correct’ branding, layout, and design components. It basically churns out a fully furnished website just by asking what someone wants it to be.


It’s the same question with AI and automated work. Would you rather have a human or a machine build something for you? Some say that AI might threaten the web design profession altogether. No, it won’t. It’s because the AI that creates websites is still programmed by humans. Therefore, its suggestions reflect that of human thought and all other tendencies. The machine is just a proxy.

Web design is still largely an art. And a machine isn’t likely to churn out digital art anytime soon. Still, it’s a bit more comforting knowing that today’s AI is only good enough to control video game opponents, drive cars, and build websites. Here’s to hoping that the world wouldn’t have Skynet anytime soon. 

A Look at Three of the Most Important Website Design Elements

Elements of Web Design

Elements of Web DesignA poorly designed website could spell doom to your online business. Some say it could be better to take it down before it reflects to the image of your brand. If you want to create a positive impression as a business, you might as well start by building a nice website.

An effective website is like an ideal vacation destination. It should be something that would please your eyes, give you a convenient travel, and provide you the experience you want to have.

Here are three of the most important elements of a website you should look into, whether you’re building one or simply analyzing the efficiency of an existing one:

Visual Appeal (The Views and Scenery)

Tourists are mainly attracted to a place mainly because of its beauty. The same is true with your website. It has to look great and visually appealing to create a positive impression, suggest Denver web design specialists. As C1-Partners.com explains, the look and feel of the site should match your brand’s goals and image. Whether you’re on the professional or casual side, elements such as color scheme, images, and fonts should go well together to provide a postcard-perfect page.

Navigation (Transportation Routes)

A good vacation destination should provide visitors with a convenient line of transportation. On web design, this can be represented by the site’s overall navigation and architecture. Site visitors should easily understand how to move to one page to another, and see what they want at the shortest possible time. With simple and easy navigation features, you’re providing your audience with a great online experience — a plus point to your reputation online.

Content (Things to Do and Enjoy)

An excellent tourist spot should also provide unique attractions and activities suited to the interest of its visitors. The same principle applies to website design. Your website should provide unique, quality content that is not only attention-grabbing, but also highly relevant to the searches of your visitors. Content is also a huge factor when it comes to search engine optimization.

Keep these things in mind to turn your website into a tourism hotspot online. This can make the difference to a strong web presence.