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Marketing Your Hotel Through Social Media

Taking photo of breakfastSocial media marketing is an effective way for businesses to reach their audience and promote product offerings efficiently. No matter what you are promoting and who your target customers are, having an active social media presence can help you grow your brand and maximize your earning potential. By increasing brand awareness through social media, you are also building a reputation for your business.

Hotel owners who are prepared to reach the next level can use social media and other marketing channels to their advantage. One efficient way to do it is to engage with guests through regular postings on social media. Posts about your accommodations and amenities can easily attract potential guests and make them excited to stay in your hotel.

Peak 14 Media presents some of the different ways you can use social media platforms for your hotel website marketing.

Instagram Marketing

Instagram can help your hotel focus on sharing engaging photographs of your accommodations to millions of users worldwide. Make sure to post pictures regularly to increase visibility to your audience.

Facebook Marketing

Facebook is a platform for people who like sharing updates on their everyday life: where they spent the holidays, the events they took part in, and the recent trips they made. If one Facebook user posted pictures of your hotel, then your brand reaches a network of people. Facebook marketing can take advantage of this opportunity to add to the discussion and detail how your hotel provides guests with the experience of relaxation and enjoyment.

To succeed in your Facebook marketing efforts, you will need to take note of a few things:

1. Choose Your Cover Photo Wisely

Your business’s Facebook marketing page is your window to a myriad of opportunities to engage with potential customers. Make sure to choose a cover photo that illustrates your brand in a positive way.

2. Post a Variety Of Pictures, Images, and Updates

Explain to people why they should spend their next vacation at your hotel in your updates and posts. Make guests curious and interested in staying at your hotel and how much fun they can have when they stay with you. You can also post pictures sent by guests – whichever captures your hotel in the best light.

Don’t let your next social media post go to waste. Use it to promote your hotel business and show your clients what makes your accommodations special.

Teeth Whitening on Social Media: All Show, Little Substance

Teeth Whitening in Orland Park

Teeth Whitening in Orland ParkIf you want to find the latest beauty trends today, you have to go to social media networks. Appearance is your biggest concern, and in today’s photo-editing mad public, businesses can show the effect of their product in the best light. Make-up products are the number one commodity sold on social media, but other things like teeth whitening are catching up.

Speaking of which, Kylie Jenner, Instagram’s favorite sex symbol, fuels the next big public interest in teeth whitening. But, as always, the debate is there as to whether OTC (over-the-counter) products is equal to professional teeth whitening.

Old News

This kind of argument is common in every medical case. Whether you’re dealing with teeth whitening or the common cold, you’ll always find a reason not to go to the doctor and deal with the problem yourself. Teeth whitening is far from a life-threatening issue, but it’s related to your confidence. Furthermore, in reality, it’s just easier to socialize if there’s nothing wrong with your teeth.

It is worth reiterating that professional teeth whitening is always the better option. Whether you live in Orland Park, Los Angeles or somewhere rural, there’s assurance when a dentist does it. Remember that you’re dealing with abrasive chemicals in this treatment, and in the wrong hands, it could be deadly.

Self-Promotion Done Right

When the current Apple CEO says the iPhone will be great, few people will believe him. Consumers are always skeptical when the manufacturer says the commodity will change the world, but in this article, dentists do a great job of arguing in behalf of teeth whitening. In one instance, they even said that whitening is easy, but with a caveat: the “intimacy” in traditional treatments make a vast difference in its efficiency.

They also said that whitening isn’t always about vanity, which will concur in your plans. Hair coloring and skin care are more in line with vanity concerns, while teeth whitening is a mere part of the process.

The only thing about teeth whitening that you have to remember is that you have to do it right. More than that, if you’re safe, it’s more likely that the treatment will work as you expect.