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3 Smart Tips for Weatherproofing Your School’s Outdoors

Students sitting outdoors

Students sitting outdoorsYour school’s outdoors make up a significant part of your entire institution. Not only do they contribute to the school’s visual appeal but also play a great role in learning, sports, relaxation, and other functions. To ensure that your students, teachers, and visitors enjoy your outdoors throughout the year, it is advisable to weatherproof them. Here are three ways you can do just that.

1. Install walkway canopies

In many parts of the country, fall and winter bring a lot of precipitation. Kensingtonsystems.co.uk shares that the best way to shield students and visitors from the snow, slush, and rain during these months is by installing walkway covers for schools. These covers help people make their way to and around the school safely. Exposure to harsh weather can lead to injuries and illnesses, which is the last thing you want in your school.

2. Keep the weather in mind while landscaping

The trees and shrubs you grow in the compound of your school are not just for aesthetic purposes. They can help shelter your school from harsh elements. During the scorching heat of summer, for instance, trees can provide shelter for your students to relax and enjoy the outdoors. Plants also function as windbreakers. Work with a landscaping expert to determine which plant varieties are best in weatherproofing your outdoors.

3. Choose weatherproof furniture

While choosing outdoor furniture, make sure that every piece you pick is designed to handle extreme weather conditions. Stained and treated wood, for instance, can stand up to extreme weather, while ordinary wood will rot when exposed to rain or fade in the sun. Choose waterproof cushions if your school is located in a humid region.

It is hardly possible to enjoy your outdoor spaces when the weather is harsh. However, by being a little creative you can weatherproof your school’s outdoors and keep your students and visitors protected from the assault of the elements.