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Paint Colour and Office Hues: Influencing Creativity and Efficiency

Office DesignThe right colour of your office walls can boost your productivity. The effect ambience has on the workplace is as crucial as the skills employees have. According to research, colours in a building can affect the staff’s behaviour.

Gavin Chan Decorators Limited says that, by getting a quality paint job for your commercial property, you can be sure to encourage business growth and attract attention for your brand.In the same way that colour transforms the image and mood of a person, the colour of an office can motivate and create a great atmosphere.

Be More Productive in Blue

Blue is a stable and calming colour. Evidently, it helps employees to focus on tasks and is ideal for a busy office environment. It is a good colour for accents or for the desks of individuals who  deal with plenty of computation, paper work and mind stimulation in their tasks.

Yell Creativity with Yellow

Yellow is an optimistic colour and helps stimulate creativity. This is a great colour for a room full of creative minds like designers, writers and artists. Yellow injects energy and enthusiasm among employees and triggers innovation.

Generate Balance with Green

This colour invokes a strong sense of balance. It exudes a calming and reassuring ambience in the workplace. It acts like a pat in the back that dispels stress in the environment. The combination of blue and green develops a degree of stress relief that increases productivity. The combination is ideal for a busy office environment.

Raise Energy with Red

The colour red increases heart rate and blood flow, and invokes emotion. It gives more productivity in physical tasks as it stimulates brain activity for more strength and power.  Red increases the efficiency in detail-oriented assignments. Painting something red will attract attention to it.

Office colours affect moods and emotions, which can stimulate or soothe an individual. Although people interpret colour differently with regard to their personality, colour influences everyone collectively.

Actionable Maintenance Hacks to Keep Your Wall Coatings Look Good

Keep Your Wall Coatings Look Good

Keep Your Wall Coatings Look GoodWhen building a house, you need to make specific architectural additions to improve the living conditions of your home during extreme weather conditions. Wall coatings offer a protective layer against adverse conditions and improve the physical appearance of your exteriors. Wall surfaces tend to degenerate over time with the rate depending on the maintenance procedures you perform and the external factors of your home.

Here are some ways Apex Coating Services and home improvement experts recommend to help improve the lifespan of your wall coatings:

Pruning the Surrounding Trees

The exteriors are prone to numerous scratches from long tree branches. Strong winds that carry debris and wooden materials that hit the surface of the walls are among the things that can affect coatings. You can prevent these by removing the hanging branches and cleaning the outdoor area of any foreign materials. Reduced wear and tear improves durability, while lowering the cost of maintenance.

Preventive Maintenance

Keeping the wall free from dust and moisture goes a long way in preventing mould growth that destroys the coating. If you are living in areas where fog is common, you need to keep an eye open to external environments that allow easy access to sunlight. This is to fasten the drying process. In addition, if your house is located in a dust-prone area like near the mountains, you need to adjust your cleaning schedule to prevent the layers of dust from possible staining.

Correct Cleaning Procedure

Before subjecting the wall to the abrasive effects of cleaning brushes, consider wiping the surface with soft cloth to remove stains and dust. It’s important to take note that each coating reacts differently to particular washing detergents. Know the right solutions for each type. If you are dealing with more than one type of wall coating, you may want to adopt a multipurpose washing detergent that suits different materials. The frequency should be on a need basis.

Reduce the cost of maintaining and replacing your wall coatings by following the preventive maintenance measures mentioned.

Leave It to the Pros: Why You Need to Hire Painting Contractors


paintYou noticed that your house needs a new paint job. With free time coming up, you feel that hiring a professional to handle the work is not necessary. After all, painting seems like an easy task and you get to save on the expenses. Nevertheless, you have to ask yourself, “Will DIY work be worth the effort?”

You do not want to be like other homeowners who underestimated home painting and later regretted their decision. As house painting is a major undertaking, you need professionals to handle the work. This can provide you the following benefits:

  • Complete the Work Earlier

Doing the painting on your own may take weeks to complete with the other responsibilities you have to attend to. With a house painter, you can expect more than enough workers to do the job. You do not need to concern yourself with the actual paintwork, as experienced contractors will handle everything for you.

  • Knowledge of Specialised Techniques

As Barker-Whittle Master Painters & Decorators puts it, painting is not just running the brush over the surface. This may involve special techniques that commercial painters have mastered. These techniques can make a big difference on the output and overall aesthetics of the paint job.

  • Protect Your Items

DIY painting tends to result in paint splotches on the floors and furniture. This will less likely happen if you hire experienced painters, as they know how to protect your items during the project. The fewer mistakes, the less you have to worry about.

  • Possess Complete Tools and Supplies

It is a mistake to think that all you need are paint, brushes, and abrasives to paint your home. This kind of work requires special equipment for surface preparation, scaffolding, and paint application.

Why endure all the troubles and stress when you can let experienced painters take over the job? These benefits are enough compensation for the costs of your painting project.