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How to Properly Choose Your Medicare Plan

family with heart in background and a stethoscopeWith a wide array of Medicare plans, it can sometimes get confusing when you are finally trying to get the right one for yourself. Americans have about 25 Medicare plans to choose from, and if you are not familiar with them, you could easily make a mistake and get one that isn’t right for your personal medical needs.

My Bridge to Medicare shares some tips below that you should consider when choosing your own Medicare plan.

1. Know your coverage options

Do your research and see which one would be the best one for your specific medical needs. You could also talk to a Medicare agent and ask the following questions:

  • Could I keep seeing my current doctors even when I enroll in a Medicare plan?
  • Which one should I get if I travel regularly and spend most of my time in a vacation home?
  • Which plan should I get if I take prescription drugs on a regular basis?
  • What Medicare plan would you recommend for medical appointments and other services?

By asking these questions, you can get a good grip on what plan would be best for you and your medical needs.

2. Check its accredited healthcare providers

If you fully trust your doctors and you want to continue seeing them even after getting your Medicare plan, make it a point to see if they accept the Medicare plan that you are eyeing. Not every healthcare provider accepts all plans, so make sure to check with them beforehand.

3. Be aware of the costs

One of the most important things you should do is familiarize yourself with is all of the costs of your chosen Medicare plan.

For example, Medicare Part A usually covers hospital care without any added charges. Part B is all about getting a traditional Medicare plan — but this one’s an elected plan, which you will pay a premium for every single month.

Additionally, most plans, aside from Part A, will require a premium every month that you would have to pay for.

Do your proper research and ask friends and family to help you choose the right Medicare plan.