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3 High-Impact Advertising Ideas to Try Out

Group of people discussing how to advertiseDo you know that the average American gets exposed to over 5,000 ads every day? Of that number, a potential client will take note of less than 200 advertisements and engage with less than 15.

These figures are important, as they point to the fierce competition for businesses out there. And to win, you must be the best. Yes, it’s possible. Here are a few new ideas to try out:

1. Invest in mobile advertising

You’ve probably noticed that more companies are using vehicle wraps in Utah and other states as advertisement tools. There’s a fantastic reason for that. First, vehicle wraps are extremely affordable yet incredibly effective.

Vehicle advertising does what some other marketing strategies don’t. The vehicle goes out there to where people are, leaving impressions on people from different walks of life every day. Just one wrap can reach a multitude of customers in many places.

2. Include cute animals in your ads

People love adorable animals and showing some of them in your advertisements can work to your advantage. A few cute puppies or kittens can create a great impression on people, who then transfer those feelings to your product. So, the next time you are developing an ad, be sure to feature a couple of gorgeous creatures in the video.

3. Reference pop-culture in the ads

Any advertisement that features a celebrity will always result in pop-culture references, so why not take advantage of this reality? Of course, it may not be possible to have the celebrity appear in your ad. Not to worry. Even a sly reference to the person or a hit movie should do the trick. Just don’t go overboard so you won’t offend anyone.

Getting noticed in a highly competitive business world is not easy, but it’s essential if you wish to succeed. The way to achieve this is to keep implementing new and creative advertising ideas that your audience will love.

Marketing Your Hotel Through Social Media

Taking photo of breakfastSocial media marketing is an effective way for businesses to reach their audience and promote product offerings efficiently. No matter what you are promoting and who your target customers are, having an active social media presence can help you grow your brand and maximize your earning potential. By increasing brand awareness through social media, you are also building a reputation for your business.

Hotel owners who are prepared to reach the next level can use social media and other marketing channels to their advantage. One efficient way to do it is to engage with guests through regular postings on social media. Posts about your accommodations and amenities can easily attract potential guests and make them excited to stay in your hotel.

Peak 14 Media presents some of the different ways you can use social media platforms for your hotel website marketing.

Instagram Marketing

Instagram can help your hotel focus on sharing engaging photographs of your accommodations to millions of users worldwide. Make sure to post pictures regularly to increase visibility to your audience.

Facebook Marketing

Facebook is a platform for people who like sharing updates on their everyday life: where they spent the holidays, the events they took part in, and the recent trips they made. If one Facebook user posted pictures of your hotel, then your brand reaches a network of people. Facebook marketing can take advantage of this opportunity to add to the discussion and detail how your hotel provides guests with the experience of relaxation and enjoyment.

To succeed in your Facebook marketing efforts, you will need to take note of a few things:

1. Choose Your Cover Photo Wisely

Your business’s Facebook marketing page is your window to a myriad of opportunities to engage with potential customers. Make sure to choose a cover photo that illustrates your brand in a positive way.

2. Post a Variety Of Pictures, Images, and Updates

Explain to people why they should spend their next vacation at your hotel in your updates and posts. Make guests curious and interested in staying at your hotel and how much fun they can have when they stay with you. You can also post pictures sent by guests – whichever captures your hotel in the best light.

Don’t let your next social media post go to waste. Use it to promote your hotel business and show your clients what makes your accommodations special.

Marketing and Brand Management: 3 Things You Should Not Do

Brand Management Brand management is not an easy task. Sometimes, you think you’re on top of things, and then suddenly, something goes wrong. You might be wondering what you did wrong or if you could’ve done something to prevent what happened. The thing is the damage has already been done.

That said, watch out for these common mistakes people make when doing brand management.

Using All Marketing Tactics at the Same Time Without Researching

There are numerous ways to get buzz or attention for your brand these days. These include social media contests, promotional events, and viral videos. But before saying yes to all of your team’s marketing ideas, take some time to review them and determine whether a particular tactic could really help your branding and marketing efforts or not.

You don’t want these stunts to overshadow the product or idea you’re trying to market. Your marketing team might overhype your product only to find out soon that the product is not living up to the promises made.

Not Paying Attention to the Competition

While you should focus on your customers, you should also pay attention to your competitors. Competitor research is extremely important. In fact, PriceManager recommends investing in competitor price monitoring software and other research strategies. By familiarizing yourself with your competitors’ products and services, you can be sure that you’re always one step ahead of them.

Not Taking Care of Your Online Presence

Businesses, especially new ones, need to establish a strong online presence. Prior to launching, you should claim all your online profiles and handles. Create a functional and optimized website, get a Twitter handle, and create a Facebook page, Google My Business page or listing, and other social profiles. Inform and engage your target customers, and provide them an excellent user experience across all channels. Keep in mind that anything you post online can last forever, and a single mistake could easily damage your brand’s image.

Managing your brand is never easy, but by being aware of and avoiding these common mistakes, you can stay on the right track.