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Three Steps in Maintaining Your Refrigerator

fridge being repairedMaintaining any of your appliances can do wonders, especially when it comes to its efficiency and life expectancy. Although consulting refrigerator repair specialists in West Valley is important from time to time, knowing how to maintain your fridge yourself will ensure that it’ll keep running well for years to come.

See the door seals

Check if the door seals are in place. Keep in mind that a loose seal will allow cool air from your fridge to seep out, causing it to use more energy and work harder. If there’s food residue stuck in the seals, clean them with an old toothbrush dipped in a solution of water and baking soda. The chemical reaction in the solution will effectively dissolve any food residue trapped in the seals.

Clean the coils

A dusty condenser coil can prevent your fridge from running efficiently, which can lead to even bigger energy bills and shorter life expectancy of your appliance. To prevent such thing from happening, use a broom or a vacuum to eliminate any dust build-ups at least every two to three months. You can either find the coil underneath or behind the refrigerator.

Maintain a clean drip pan and drip hole

Several refrigerator designs are built to have a drain hole and drip pan to eliminate condensation. Remove any mineral deposit or food particle stuck in the drain hole to prevent any blockage, and then scrub the drain pan.

Knowing how to maintain your fridge properly is important to ensure that it’ll last for years to come. Make sure to read the manual before you proceed with the steps so that you’ll know which ones to clean.

Evergreens and How to Care for Them

Lawn mower mowing a lawn

Lawn mower mowing a lawnWith a bit of planning, or advice from a company that provides garden maintenance in Chiswick, an outdoor space can offer splashes of colour all year round.

In the midst of winter, a touch of green is often added by evergreen plants. As the name suggests, these plants do not turn brown and lose their leaves in the autumn. They still lose leaves and experience regrowth, but it tends to be in a continuous cycle, throughout the year, rather than all at once with the change of season.

How do they do it?

Some people prefer to leave the technicalities of their garden maintenance in Chiswick to a reputable firm, like Town and Country Gardens. Others like to have in-depth knowledge about their plants. Below is a bit more information on evergreens for those in the latter category.

There are complex reasons why evergreens do not lose their leaves. Partly, it’s because they usually have a waxy coating on the outside that helps to protect them from the cold. They are also in a dormant state during the winter even though they look roughly the same as they do in spring and summer. The roots are often frozen and the tree is not engaging in much activity.

Caring for evergreens

Evergreens are fairly easy to care for, especially if someone chooses to use a service that provides garden maintenance in Chiswick. Until the ground freezes, they require watering like any other plant. How often depends on their age and how settled they are. If they are neglected, they can dry out and turn brown.

Evergreens can usually withstand fairly vigorous pruning. They grow quite fast which is what makes them ideal for hedges and borders.

Other bonuses of evergreens

Evergreens are great shelters for birds and insects. Some species are attractive to pollinators in the spring.

As well as providing much needed greenery, many plants also have brightly coloured berries or flowers. Holly and yew are good examples of red berry plants. Gorse has bright yellow flowers and also provides a distinctive, coconut-like fragrance.

A garden maintenance service is able to provide the most detailed advice on choosing the right evergreens for certain soil types and environments.

Top Three Maintenance Tips to Avoid Water Damage from Plumbing Issues

Water spewing out of pipe due to pipe holeWhen your house “talks” to you, it’s best to listen. If you keep ignoring its groans, it might scream at you one day. When that happens, you will end up shelling out a huge amount of money for repairs. You should never ignore water issues. How can you avoid bigger problems arising from small ones?

Be vigilant

Plumbing issues leading to leaks can cause serious damage to property. Although insurance may cover a sudden plumbing breakdown, problems arising from lack of maintenance are usually not included. Indications of plumbing issues manifest themselves no matter how small. Vigilance is your best ally and prompts intervention for minor plumbing glitches.

If you have the tools and the time, check for corrosion and condensation on the pipes. Keep your nose alert for moldy and musty smell. Watch out for warping and staining on the ceiling.

Check your water bill

An undetected leak presents itself through the water bill. If you do not pay attention, it might slip by, and a small leak could develop into a huge leak in time. You might have to replace the entire pipeline if the damage is widespread. The water bill may also escalate if there are persistent problems with the toilet, such as constant tank refilling. A sudden increase in the bill’s amount is a red flag that bears further investigation. Never ignore such signs.

Don’t forget the gutter

The roof may be the last thing on your mind when thinking about plumbing and water damage in your Salt Lake City home. Yet, the gutter system is a key element in the management of water flow in your home. Standing water in a gutter system that is suffering from chronic blockage might end up in the walls, ceilings, and foundation. Managing water flow and keeping it away from structures, which may be damaged by water, should be a priority.

Water damage consequences cost Salt Lake City residents millions of dollars a year. Don’t be a victim.

Roof Maintenance: Why It Should Be a Priority

Roof MaintenanceThe roof protects everything inside a building and acts as the defence against the many assaults of nature. By observing regular roof maintenance, you can prolong its life. Moreover, maintenance can save you from the high costs of replacing your entire roof.

The need for roof maintenance

Generally, no other part of a building experiences as much tear and wear as the roof. This part of the property receives the impact of the hot sun, strong winds, heavy snow, and pounding hail. All of these subject the roof to damage over time. With a proper routine maintenance, you can achieve the following;

  • Extend the life of the roof
  • Prevent early deterioration of the roofing system
  • Avoid the high costs of repair due to deterioration
  • Cancellation of the roofing warranty due to untreated deterioration
Roof maintenance practices

As Permacoat.com.au says, the following routine checks can save you a fortune when it comes to your roofing structure:

  • Check for any leaks and cracks. Fix the cracks and the leaks before they become a problem. Water may find its way to the ceiling, causing even more damage. If identified early, it is easier to seal them with waterproof coating or roof repair paint.
  • Check for wear and tear. Check for damaged, curling or missing shingles. It is inexpensive to replace a few shingles, but very expensive to replace the entire roof.
  • Check for organic growth. Organisms, such as algae, moss and lichen, eat the material of the roof. The longer they remain untreated, the more they will damage the structure. Moreover, these spoil the whole look of the house. By use of water and bleach, you can get rid of this growth.

The roof is the defence of all that is in the house, and poor maintenance poses a high risk to your interiors. By observing good maintenance practices, you extend the life of the roof and save on high costs of repair.