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Planning to Upgrade Your Kitchen? Follow These Tricks

A modern kitchen designThere are many ways to make your kitchen looking fine and dandy at the end of the day. You can go from purchasing additional kitchenware to changing up some portions in the kitchen. Learn how you can readily do so with these handy tips.

Renovate some portions for a change

Perhaps you have heard of some renovation tricks that might work for your kitchen. You might have been thinking of changing your old counter top to the finest counter tops Layton-based Sand & Swirl, Inc. has to offer. Oh yes, you can always go for the latest chroma version for a chic kitchen finish.

Introduce additional gems to your collection

If you happen to be fond of collecting kitchen appliances, you may want to upgrade your kitchen by introducing other items to cross out in your wish list. For instance, you may have finally convinced your husband to buy yourself a Teforia Leaf for the perfect blend of your favorite tea hassle-free. It’s not too bad to give yourself a treat.

Reinvent the place like never before

So you would like to do something different with your kitchen this time just to break the ice. How about some fresh greens to enliven the atmosphere? Feel free to put some small green plants in your kitchen like a pot of oregano, parsley, or rosemary. You can even hang a flower pot above your sink for a fresh decor.

Always try out new things

Whether you are into making some minor or major changes in your kitchen, you should always keep an open mind. Taking a little risk about beautifying your kitchen might pay off after all. From simple color coordination of your cutting boards to installing brand new cabinets, it wouldn’t hurt to embrace change.

By now, you should be ready to stage your kitchen for a change. You better go shopping to start your project as soon as possible.

Remodel Your Kitchen and Bathroom this Summer

Tools For Home RenovationSummer is just around the corner, meaning that you can start remodeling projects in your Bountiful home. The summer months present the perfect opportunity to remodel a kitchen or a bathroom. 

You may want to start planning as early as now so that you can being as early in the summer as possible. With summer probably being the best time for remodeling projects, you can expect other homeowners are keeping contractors busy. To accelerate your remodeling plans, you can take a look at the following kitchen and bathroom trends.

Kitchen Showpieces

Kitchens today have transformed from simple cooking areas to show pieces and spaces for gatherings with family or friends. As such, homeowners have also upgraded their kitchens to be more functional but beautiful as well. In keeping with the times and trends, you can choose cooking appliances that serve multiple functions and other appliances that are handle-free.

Homeowners continue to go with wood or wood-like flooring. You can choose either option yourself based on your preferences. You can also add new sinks, LED or OLED lighting, and new countertops. Marble continues to be popular, as well as granite and quartz.

Like a Spa

As for bathrooms, they have become a more personalized space meant for relaxation and rejuvenation. However, this shift in function meant getting rid of the bathtub and replacing it with a large, walk-in shower. Homeowners want a bathroom that feels like a spa.

Other design elements of the bathroom have become more personalized as well. Some have chosen porcelain or ceramic tiles for the bathroom walls. Others still want the classic look of white marble; Carrara marble showers remain a popular design choice. You can have a Carrara marble shower from Sand & Swirl, Inc. of your own in your Bountiful home.

You can find even more design trends for your bathroom and kitchen by researching online. You can personalize your kitchen and bathrooms the way you want them to. You can mix in ideas of your own with the design trends mentioned previously. Your imagination is the limit.

Remodeling Your Kitchen? Consider Adding these Extras

Remodeling Your KitchenA lot of thought should go into the design of a kitchen to increase its value. If you’re planning to remodel your kitchen into something luxurious, Graphic Builders Inc. suggests focusing on the “must haves” first before moving to the “nice to haves.” That is, only after listing everything that should go in the kitchen can you consider adding extra options that would make your kitchen more beautiful and functional. Make sure to determine their advantages and consider the additions carefully.

Extra Sink

Many individuals love to spend time in the kitchen as they enjoy preparing meals for their family. Given this, it may be worth it to have a double sink so that food preparation will be easier. It would also be great when you have two cooks in the kitchen. You can fully utilize the extra sink by opting to place it outside the main cooking area, as the second cook can use it to prepare additional ingredients.

Double Ovens

This is ideal for people who are really into cooking and/or baking. Similar to the extra sink, it will make it easier to prepare food for the family. Don’t get too excited about this luxury addition, though. A second oven is only possible and reasonable provided that the kitchen has ample space and wiring.

Cabinet Embellishments

Sometimes, the smallest touches to your kitchen cabinets can make a big difference. When you want to make your cabinets stand out from the rest, consider having the exposed ends embellished. It will give the cabinets a custom-built look that resembles oversized doors.

Fully Extendable Soft Close Drawer Slides

A soft close drawer is a wonderful feature that keeps kitchens trendy. The drawer becomes more significant when it becomes fully extendable. You will surely find it convenient to be able to reach the very back of the kitchen drawer with ease.

These are just a few of the “nice to haves” you can consider for your luxury kitchen remodel. If you have further questions on the specifics of these upgrades, contact a trusted home remodel contractor for advice.