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Australian HVAC Market to Reach $3B by 2022

HVAC system on roofdeckThe heating, ventilation and air-conditioning market (HVAC) in Australia will grow at a compound annual growth rate of 9% between 2016 and 2022, according to a Research and Markets report.

The market’s value will reach around $3 billion five years from now. Demand for centrifugal pump products and other HVAC supplies will continue to be high in Australia and New Zealand’s commercial, residential and industrial sectors.

Key Factors

HVAC manufacturers and developers are creating energy-efficient and modern HVAC units for different applications, driven by different government projects and sustainable initiatives. The report noted that Australia would continue to outperform New Zealand in terms of market by volume, which will increase to a compound annual growth rate of 7.33% between 2016 and 2022.

That’s because new cost-effective and energy-efficient technologies gradually emerge in the Australian market, amid growing customer concerns on HVAC products. The country’s HVAC market volume will also increase at 6.99%. However, the report expects New Zealand’s HVAC market volume to reach 271.40 thousand units by 2022.

Global Demand

Demand for Australian HVAC products largely stems from a growing population, a boom in residential construction projects and those in the commercial and industrial sectors. Some of the common products used in various industries include window, portable and split units for residential purposes.

For the global centrifugal pump market, a study estimated that it would increase to US$27.85 billion by 2021. The report categorised the market into three niches, comprising the axial, mixed and radial types of centrifugal pumps. Among the three, end-users mostly preferred the axial type, which accounted for more than 37% of the overall market revenue in 2016.

The HVAC market in Australia, New Zealand and the rest of the world continues to grow partly because of increasing demand from different industries.


Heating and Cooling Your Home: The Proper Way

HVAC unit
Your home is the place where you and your family bond and spend quality time together. It is the place where you come home to rest and relax after a busy and stressful day at the office or workstation. Children find your home a safe place to play around. Lately, however, do you notice any changes to your home environment? Perhaps, it is about time you take a look around and discover things that need improvement in your home

The Room Temperature in Your Home

Have you checked your home lately? Does your heating and air conditioning system function well? Is your home warm during the cold season? Is it cooled during the summer? Does your family breathe clean and safe air the whole year round? One negative answer to any of these questions is a cause for alarm. The air you breathe and what circulates inside your home should be clean and safe for the family.

Installation and Repair Services

Take time to hire the services of a company that will check your heating and cooling system. Perhaps, you need to install a new furnace. Maybe, your furnace needs tuning up or repair. Or, duct work is necessary. Let them check your air conditioning system too. They will come to you at a time that you need them most.

Call Customer Service

Fortunately, heating repair companies like Whipple Service Champions are available 24 hours a day. By calling their numbers, you can expect fast and friendly customer service. They are honest and reliable in dealing with customers. You can ask for a free estimate and expect same day service. Trained personnel are ready to perform excellent work. They may also give you tips to conserve energy.

Take time to inspect the interiors as well as the surrounding areas of your home. Some repairs might need to be done especially the heating and cooling system of your home.