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The Environmental Impact of Hardwood Windows

Wooden sliding windowsWhen designing a house or a room, we usually tend to focus on the furniture, fixtures and wallpaper. Material, design and colour are a few factors to consider when selecting the right item for your house or room. One fixture that is usually not considered by a homeowner is the type of material for the windows.

There are many types of materials that windows can be made of. Fibreglass, concrete and plastic are some of the more common materials used for a window. However, hardwood windows are a popular choice for traditional homes in the UK. Some window manufacturing companies in the UK offer various modern and traditional designs that can complement any home.

Environmentally friendly Window

Hardwood Windows are one of the most environmentally friendly windows. They are more sustainable compared to other window types such as polyvinyl chloride (PVC) windows. Over a long period, wooden windows are capable of reducing the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

Did you know that using wooden windows help in retaining the heat within a home? You may also be surprised to know that this attribute can reduce your electricity bill and keep your home warm and cosy. Overall, wooden windows are thermally efficient and add a nice touch to the traditional design of a modern looking home.

A Wonderful Choice

Not only is it an environmentally friendly window, but it is also a superb choice due to its durability and low maintenance features. Wooden windows last at least twice as long as PVC windows and they also add value to a property.

With factory finished windows, you can expect that they would need another lick of paint after ten years. The next coat could be applied seven years later. This low maintenance technique brings the windows back to their original condition. Indeed, wooden windows are a great choice for your home since it offers high performance without compromising traditional features.


Tenant Law 101: What You Should Know

Rental agreement form being signedIt is always good to know your rights as an immigrant and as a tenant. This knowledge will help you handle matters efficiently, if and when your landlord harasses you or if you face eviction. Knowing your rights as a tenant will teach you how to fight back.

It is best to consult a lawyer or immigration attorney here in Utah, if in any doubt about your rights as an immigrant and tenant. Generally, tenancy laws apply to both citizens and immigrants alike, but there are issues when it comes to undocumented US visitors. If you are documented, then you are covered.

However, many believe that the law is in favor of homeowners and landlords. But this is not true. Read on to know more.

Proper notice

Landlords cannot evict you without giving you a proper notice and court order. The property owner should file a proper notice with the court like a lawsuit and have the court order served on you correctly by the proper authority. They should not just hang it on your door.

This is improper delivery and in such cases, the landlord can have their case thrown out. As a tenant, if you are not sure about the legality of the delivery, consult your lawyer.

Revenge eviction

A few property owners can be vengeful. It is possible that you have been asking your landlord to fix a noisy refrigerator or a leaky faucet and they have not done it for months. Suddenly, you might get an eviction notice, out of nowhere.

In colloquial language, this turn of events is popular as eviction due to revenge. The proprietor has decided to evict you instead of fixing the problem. There are many local laws that can prevent this; so, check with your attorney if you are in doubt.

As a tenant, you should answer all the legal notices you receive without fail. The notices you receive will not disappear on their own. Consult your attorney and reply to each of the legal notices.

Design Hacks to Make Your Room Look Dramatic and Comfortable

BedroomYour bedroom is where you spend a lot of your time at home. Redesigning your bedroom can be triggered by a lot of factors, whether it’s a photo in a magazine, a recent trip to a luxurious hotel, or you are simply bored with your room’s current look.

Making your bedroom look dramatic usually means putting up big art pieces on the walls, devising strategic positioning for mirrors and purchasing grand furniture. However, if you want to go beyond design and hope to also add comfort to your personal space, try out these three design hacks.

Keep the Lights Out with Trustworthy Blinds

Heavy blinds that start where the wall meets the ceiling and allow the fabric to pool on the floor will easily give your room that dramatic look. If you have a balcony and need to cover up a large doorway or a sliding door, panel glides are a good solution.

Window treatment companies such as Yes Blinds emphasise that panel blinds are an elegant and contemporary option instead of vertical blinds. You can get the dramatic reveal of an entrance when you pull back and the panels stack behind each other. You can also rely on them to keep the sun out for an ideal afternoon nap.

Treat Your Feet with a Soft Rug

A rug in your bedroom does not only minimise the noise of your footsteps and add comfort to your soles. Putting a rug on your bedroom floor helps give it a dramatic texture and also highlights colour palette.

A warm rug to fight off the cold hard floor can be cost effective and transform your room into the best place to be in, even after you wake up.

Varying and Adjustable Lighting

That one ceiling light that washes over everything in your room can easily get boring. Using different lights and lamps in strategic places in your bedroom will make the mood more exciting.

Adding dimmers have a lot of advantages as well. They make your bedroom cosy and intimate while the new ambience enables you to sleep better at night.

Giving your bedroom a dramatic vibe does not mean you have to sacrifice your comfort. Achieve an interesting look and a cosy space at the same time with these three changes for your bedroom.

3 Things that Literally Bring More (or Less) Sun into Homes

Family HomeWhen you want to add something easy to install yet inexpensive in your home to boost its value, you have plenty of options. You have numerous options to achieve this goal, but you should not just think about the ‘beauty’ part of things. You should also take into consideration how much comfort and value they can add to your home, despite their affordability.

And one of the things you can focus on during this project is to invest in products that will allow you to save up on your energy consumption. Doing so will definitely give you a surprise because the next time you receive electricity bills, you surely will see a reduction in there.

Here are the three things that can help you boost not only the aesthetic part of your home but lower its energy use of electricity, too.

The Evergreen Blinds

Blinds have long since been a major component of many Australian homes. And not just because they offer great and effective window treatments. When installed in the correct locations inside, outside, and around your home, such as east and west-facing openings, skylights, and roof glazing, they deliver an excellent passive shading design for your home.

And since you can adjust them, you can choose to either bring more or less sunlight into your home, Image Blinds adds.

The Sturdy Shutters

Shutters, like blinds, also help in making your home have a more passive design element. In addition, they also protect windows, particularly the glass parts, from inclement weather. They also help keep your house air-tight, which can really aid in decreasing your reliance on your household heating or cooling appliances.

The Shade-Giving Awnings

Awnings, aside from giving you more control over the amount of sunlight that enters your home, also serve another purpose: give instant shade that you can take advantage of to add an extra comfy space outside your home. When extended, they also function as a barrier that protects your glass windows.

The best thing about these home additions is their price range – you do not have to worry about them breaking your wallet, yet you can still get the most out of your investment.

Landscaping: A Better Investment than Home Remodelling

Home RemodelingWhen investing in home renovations to increase home value, homeowners usually spend a bulk of their money on major makeovers, such as bathroom and kitchen overhauls, unnecessary home additions, and new and modern appliances. Before they realise it, they are drowning in debt and are unable to fund the project until the very end.

Perhaps, that big slab of marble countertop and fine cabinetry will attract future buyers, but would that value addition really matter in the long run? Rapid Loans reports that many homeowners would take out easy personal loans to fund big renovation projects, but they urge homeowners to look outside the window, and instead, put the money on their lawn. Here’s why.

Numbers Don’t Lie

Experts say that landscaping offers over 200% return on investment if done properly. In fact, it is the only home improvement type that offers this much value increase on a home, not your marble tub, wooden parquet floors or a splash of new paint. Why?

A key element of selling a home is curb appeal, and a huge bulk of that is landscaping. It raises property value by as much as 12% and resale value by 14%, while only spending a lot less than any other home renovation project. Spending as little as 5% of your home’s value on landscaping may get an ROI of as much as 150%.

Property agents these days encourage homeowners to invest in landscaping before putting their house out on the market. If the property has well-manicured and beautifully landscaped lawn, it decreases the amount of time your home is on the market. So where does the other 50% go?

Landscaping Benefits

Not only does landscaping increase the value of your home, but it also increases your home’s energy efficiency. When planning a landscape project with your designer, don’t just focus on enhancing your home’s curb appeal and value. Design it from your own perspective, the occupant of the home, and how landscaping can benefit you and improve the quality of your life. Plant trees and shrubs based on how they can benefit your indoor environment. For instance, plan an outdoor living space that will encourage people to go out more instead of staying indoors and spending energy.

Moreover, having a landscape conducive for gardening will encourage you to grow vegetables and fruits. A rich soil, a properly installed irrigation and a little TLC will produce enough yield for the entire family throughout the year. You save much money and at the same time keep your family healthy. There’s nothing more rewarding than getting fresh and organically-grown food straight from your own garden. 

Simplify Your Life By Choosing Blinds Over Other Window Treatments

Blinds For WindowsFor someone who is not familiar with the different varieties, shopping for window treatment becomes a time-consuming task. Browsing options — whether in specialty shops or from the current lineup of online retailers, require sifting through many design and style categories.

You should not let the somewhat confusing array of options distract you from your objective. What do you need? You are looking for a window treatment that protects the interior of your home from direct sunlight. You also want an affordable setup that is easy to operate and offers good insulation. Let us now explore your top options.

Back to basics

A compact room will do well with a simple, classic type of window treatment — roller blinds, for instance. There are other types, including Venetian and roman styles, but rollers are easy to operate, and provide UV protection with good insulation. This type of window treatment effectively reduces glare and heat from the sun. At the same time, it makes the room cosier and more homey. The general design is simple, with the fabric laminated on a backing and configured with either a standard or reverse roll mechanism. The traditional set-up involves a cord and cleat, which allow for manual pulling.

Double roller designs add texture and dimension to your windows, so consider this option if you are planning to redecorate. If you prefer double roller blinds, Brisbane manufacturers like Image Blinds usually have ample supply of manual and automated models.

Trending products

If you are interested in trending blind design, then you’ll probably take a liking to the shift in attention from technical fabrics to organic, or natural themes. The products now dominating market shares have richer textures and look softer than previous standard offers. Eco-friendly products are also available and gaining traction amongst Aussie homeowners who are intent on reducing their carbon footprint.

Of the different types of window treatments, blinds are easy to set up and maintain. They make your home more comfortable and more stylish. Why complicate your life when you can opt for something simple and effective?

Roof Maintenance: Why It Should Be a Priority

Roof MaintenanceThe roof protects everything inside a building and acts as the defence against the many assaults of nature. By observing regular roof maintenance, you can prolong its life. Moreover, maintenance can save you from the high costs of replacing your entire roof.

The need for roof maintenance

Generally, no other part of a building experiences as much tear and wear as the roof. This part of the property receives the impact of the hot sun, strong winds, heavy snow, and pounding hail. All of these subject the roof to damage over time. With a proper routine maintenance, you can achieve the following;

  • Extend the life of the roof
  • Prevent early deterioration of the roofing system
  • Avoid the high costs of repair due to deterioration
  • Cancellation of the roofing warranty due to untreated deterioration
Roof maintenance practices

As Permacoat.com.au says, the following routine checks can save you a fortune when it comes to your roofing structure:

  • Check for any leaks and cracks. Fix the cracks and the leaks before they become a problem. Water may find its way to the ceiling, causing even more damage. If identified early, it is easier to seal them with waterproof coating or roof repair paint.
  • Check for wear and tear. Check for damaged, curling or missing shingles. It is inexpensive to replace a few shingles, but very expensive to replace the entire roof.
  • Check for organic growth. Organisms, such as algae, moss and lichen, eat the material of the roof. The longer they remain untreated, the more they will damage the structure. Moreover, these spoil the whole look of the house. By use of water and bleach, you can get rid of this growth.

The roof is the defence of all that is in the house, and poor maintenance poses a high risk to your interiors. By observing good maintenance practices, you extend the life of the roof and save on high costs of repair.

Sapele May Be Africa’s Finest Mahogany for Home Use

Sapele WoodSapele lumber may not be as popular as Teak and Oak. But, it provides the same level of stability that comes with a unique beauty.

The wood originates from Africa, a large tree that can produce long and wide lumber with straight grain. Joinery For All Seasons describes it as possibly the best of African Mahogany in terms of appearance, stability and performance.

Unique Aesthetic Appeal

Sapele’s colours are little redder than that of Mahogany. It has the similar purple-brown hue and dark tone that presents a uniform texture and natural lustre. But, its special appeal is its remarkable grain structure.

The grain intertwines and changes direction in frequent, irregular intervals. This makes the timber appear as if it is glowing when the grain picks up light.

Manufacturers often use Sapele for windows and doors. Its aesthetic value makes it ideal to put on commonly seen parts of the house.

High Quality Stability

One reason Sapele gets higher demand is its workability. Even amateur carpenters can easily control the wood. It is easy to saw, slice and nail on. The wood also reacts well to glue. It’s currently gaining popularity because of its easy application and wide variety of use.

Same with typically used fine lumbers, Sapele is also resistant to termite attacks. It is almost completely unaffected by extreme weather conditions, and is resistant to rotting. The durability and stability of the wood keep it in good condition even after a long shipping journey from Africa. This gives people the assurance that it will be delivered in prime condition.

Sapele in the Market

African Mahogany may be the label for Sapele lumber in some suppliers. But, there are many types of wood that get the label as ‘African Mahogany’, and not all of them are Sapele. They may vary in colour, stability and density.

Due to its abundance, the wood is easily accessible and almost always available in the market. It has a large resource to harvest from and continues to come in large amounts. The decent rate of availability allows it to retain its low price.

Sapele remains an affordable and reliable material that does not give up premium quality.

3 Simple Ways to Improve Airflow in Your Home

Home Improvements

Home in Australia Your home should be a comfortable place where you can relax anytime of the day. You should not have to leave your home when the weather gets too hot because of heat build-up. To avoid this, you must know how to keep your interiors well ventilated.

Do not just depend on air conditioning because this will only bring your electric consumption up. Here are some pointers to keep your property cool even when the heat gets too much:

Choose Energy Efficient Light Bulbs

You may not know it, but incandescent light bulbs are not energy efficient. They produce a lot of energy that is not necessary. This becomes responsible in making your house hot all the time. Proper lighting can make a difference in indoor temperature. Now is the time to throw them away and look for compact fluorescent light bulbs as replacement. This way, you can save about 80% of energy consumption and avoid heat build-up.

Apply Window Treatments

Window treatments like shutters, awnings, curtains, and blinds are effective in preventing heat from coming into your home. When you install them on your windows, you can open up your windows to let air in. As The Blinds Gallery explains, these window treatments help in blocking the heat of the sun from entering your home. Find a design that fits the look of your home, as they also serve as a décor.

Use Lifestyle Screens

Lifestyle screens are great additions to window treatments to prevent the heat of the sun from entering your interiors. Aside from that, lifestyle screens protect your home from harsh wind and heavy rain. It also helps in maintaining the airflow from your interiors to exteriors, and vice versa. Lifestyle screens look best on a veranda, gazebo, pergola, or patio.

With these pointers, you will have no trouble in keeping your interiors well ventilated. This way, you can stay comfortable inside your home even if the temperature is up.

Window Tinting: All Around Home Feature

Home Window Tints

Home Window TintsWindow tinting seems excessive at first. After all, why not just use curtains or blinds to lessen visibility from the outside. Tinting does more than keep your home secure. It may seem like an unnecessary feature to add to your home, but it can help lower expenses and keep your health in check.

Here are two important benefits you may get out of installing this feature:

Save more money

When you use an air conditioning unit at home, it can be difficult to keep rooms cool when sunlight can easily break in. Direct light can enter your home and cause objects inside to heat up. This can keep your room temperature from reaching the desired level. It causes you to turn the temperature lower or increase the power of the unit so it works harder. Watching TV or using the computer during daytime may also prove to be difficult. You need to spend more on curtains and blinds just to control the light. Tinted windows prevent glare so you can keep the draperies tied even with strong sunlight.

Keep you healthy

Ultraviolet rays from the sun are not good for the body. Sunlight may keep your body healthy and energized, but constant exposure may cause skin damage. Keeping your curtains or blinds closed, however, can make your interior dark during the day.  If you want to keep the light in but lessen its danger to your skin, window tinting film service is the answer. It also controls the amount of light in a room so it can set the mood for your interior.

Window tinting may also help as a security feature. Windows tend to be more durable when it has a tinted film plastered on them. It keeps the glass from breaking into shards easily, so burglars cannot get in at once. Adding this feature to your windows can keep your home cost-effective and safe.