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An Inside Scoop to 2018 Home Design Trends

Modern and stylish kitchenFollowing amazing design trends can help you create a home that’ll stand out. That’s why working closely with home builders from Olathe can ensure that you’ll be able to get the house that’ll suit your taste.

Here are some of the most amazing home design trends that we can expect this year:

Colorful kitchen is the next big thing

In an article posted on HGTV, Nina Magon prognosticates that there will be a diverse change from all white kitchens to a splash of some amazing colors. We can expect bolder color palettes that can provide a more sophisticated look to any home. Magon also added that there’ll be a change from all white and stainless sinks to other more vibrant materials such as granite and concrete.

Purple is the next hot hue

Homeowners may also want to watch out for ultraviolet. This unique combination of red and blue makes the purple even more complex, which is often associated with wealth and royalty. This can add a little bit of complexity and refinement to any part of the house.

Say hello to Rose Gold

People should now bid farewell to brass and open its arms to rosy tones. Having a few touches of pink gold to any room can improve its looks to bring warmth and elegance to the bath or kitchen.

Vintage will make a comeback

Vintage lighting with a mixture of polished nickel and light fixtures will also make a comeback in 2018. According to experts, having a few vintage pieces can add a bit of drama and can strike a contrast between Rose Gold pieces and a few items that have a darker finish.

You may want to consider a few of these tips to create a fun yet classy style that’ll last for years to come. Look for a home builder or a community development company that has the same standards of aesthetics, so you can guarantee that your home will be exceptional.

What to Look for in Flue Brushes: The Key Factors

A man cleaning the chimneyChimneys are the hottest trends for new homes. The flues of chimneys, however, get dirty and have a buildup of soot and creosote. Cleaning the duct is hence an essential part of your chimney and indoor air maintenance.

Scrubbing off creosote also enhances your property’s safety since it is highly flammable and might cause chimney fires. A flue cleaning brush is an essential tool you will use for this vital task. Here is a guide to choose the right flue cleaning brush.


The material you select for your flue brush is determined by your chimney type. A traditional masonry chimney is ideally cleaned using a metal brush which efficiently scrubs off soot buildup. Poly brushes are suitable for metal or liner-coated and pre-fabricated chimneys. You should choose prefab poly brushes if your chimney has many bends since these are less rigid compared to regular ones.


Chimneys have evolved over the years, but your flue brush shape should match your chimney’s shape. You can choose from oval, circular, square and rectangular brushes depending on your chimney’s shape. It would be ideal if their shapes match.


Typical flue cleaning brushes come in sizes of 5 to 12 inches though some manufacturers have custom-made brushes. The ideal brush should not be more than 0.5 inches wider than the diameter of your flue for efficient cleaning. After finding a perfect size, you should shop for a rod to help you clean the entire length of your chimney. These are available in various sizes up to five feet and can be stiff or bendable depending on your chimney.

You can also get a large and small hand brush when buying the flue cleaning brush. The small brush will help you clean the corners of your flue while the large one is ideal for sweeping your firebox. With the right flue cleaning brush and accessories, you are assured of a thoroughly clean chimney whatever the season.

Top Considerations for Determining your Bathroom Layout

Modern style bathroomWhether you are building or renovating, designing the bathroom of your dreams is both an exciting and overwhelming process. To turn your dream bathroom into a reality, you first need to take into careful consideration your specific needs to determine the most efficient layout that would work for you. This step is immensely crucial for renovation or building success.

To figure out your requirements for planning the space, ask yourself the following questions. Make sure to evaluate the benefits and potential drawbacks of your existing bathroom layout if you’re renovating. If you’re building a new bathroom, consider how you would like your new bathroom to function.

Designing your new bathroom

  • What stuff will you be storing in your bathroom and where will you put all of them, keeping in mind if they need easy access or not?
  • Do you want open shelving, cabinets, or a mix of both?
  • How will you use the bathroom, such that what specific activities will you be doing in the different parts of the space? For instance, will you need a separate space for sitting down and putting on makeup?
  • Do you want separate bath and shower spaces?
  • Do you need the toilet to have its own enclosure?
  • Do you want a bathtub that could fit in more than one individual?
  • Will you be sharing the bathroom with someone else, such as a partner or children? Will guests be using it as well? What about a pet? Or will smaller children who require assistance be the main users of the bathroom?

Your answers to the questions above could help you plan your bathroom layout, explains Sand & Swirl, Inc., a bathroom designer in Bountiful. You’ll likewise determine how much storage you’ll need.

With this vital information in mind, you could start imaging how you’ll place key elements in your bathroom and determine the most suitable layout fit for your particular requirements.

Wall Panels: Pick Among the Top 3 Materials

Plastic wall panelsWhether you’re in architecture or interior design, the buzzword is “wall panel”. Not only do wall panels add character to an otherwise-boring wall, but they also make the house or building much easier to maintain. They are quick to install, and their upkeep is minimal. Moreover, they help lengthen the lifespan of the walls.
But wall panels come in various materials. Which should you pick?

1. Wood Panels

Decorative wall panels these days are impressive. They are eco-friendly and durable. They also reflect the universal lifestyle of Australians, which is outdoorsy, laid-back—simple but elegant.

The technology for this material has also evolved. You can find wood panels that are energy efficient. These are highly recommended for businesses that want to reduce energy consumption and, in the process, receive incentives. The material also features good acoustics, which is ideal for high-traffic areas such as shopping centres or trade centres.

2. MDF Panels

MDF stands for medium-density fibre board. It is an engineered wood made from composite materials. These include the residues of hardwood or softwood and resin, which serves as a binder.

It may not be pure wood, but it’s durable. In some situations, it lasts longer than regular wood. It is also more affordable and more flexible, making it easier to cut and design. Its biggest problem, though, is its ability to soak and hold water, which causes the wood to swell. It can create gaps between the panels.

3. PVC Panels

PVC panels are sometimes known as plastic panels. You can find them in garages, bathrooms and other places where moisture is likely high. Because they are plastic, they are more water resistant. They are also easier to clean, durable and cheap.

But they can also be flimsy since they are more lightweight, making structural integrity an issue. Furthermore, PVC panels don’t possess the same timeless and gorgeous appeal as wood even if you can find different designs for this one.

Each of these materials has its strengths and drawbacks. It’s a matter of knowing which provides the best value according to the needs, budget and objective of the project.

4 Signs Your Property Needs Roof Repairs

Builder working on roof of buildingAs a business owner, you’re responsible for checking and maintaining your facility. But it’s easy to overlook your roof’s condition, especially if you’re busy working. Here’s a brief guide to help you know when to have routine commercial roof repairs.

Rust and pools of water on your roof

Have you noticed standing pools of water on your roof? Pools of water on roof decks cause rust and faster deterioration of steel, which lead to leaks. Moreover, added weight from pooling water puts pressure on the material, eventually weakening your building’s overall roofing structure. Once you see these signs, it’s best to call experienced commercial roof leak repair experts in Utah.

Gaps or damage on roof flashing

A gap in the roof flashing or roof cover can lead to failure during rain and snowstorms. Roof flashing consists of strips of metal installed around the roof edge where the roof cover meets the wall. You want to make sure it stays in place, so no moisture seeps inside your building.

Dry and curling asphalt shingles

It’s important to check if your asphalt or fiberglass shingles are starting to wear out. When you start to see edges curling, it’s a sign that your building’s shingles are becoming dry and brittle. It won’t be long before they get damaged, so you might want to consider having them repaired or replaced soon.

Water stains on your ceiling

Stains on your ceiling are a sure sign you have a leak, which may be anything from a small crack to a gaping hole in your roof. It’s important to address small leaks, as they may cause your building’s wooden and concrete interiors to rot. Furthermore, you should watch out for molds and unpleasant odors, which may cause allergies or illness.

Now that you know when a building needs roof repairs, the next step is to hire a reliable roofing contractor. Invest in routine maintenance and remember to hire professional roofers with years of experience.

Clean your Air Ducts for Better Health

White air ventAir a building circulates in a building through its HVAC system several times a day. Contaminants and other airborne particles get stuck in the ducts and get re-circulated into your living space. Accumulating over time can make these elements reach dangerous levels that can badly affect the indoor air quality. This can result to people having respiratory issues and allergic reactions.

Prevent this by adhering to superior air duct cleaning procedures as explained below:

Contaminant Loosening

Dust and mold can accumulate in your vent system over time. Clean your ducts in Toronto by loosening the residue using soft brushes and high pressure air nozzles. You can also clean the other components of your HVAC system during this process.

Negative Pressurization

Be careful not to re-contaminate the interior air of the building. A professional contractor will use a very powerful vacuum. The vacuuming device gets attached to a truck to induce negative air pressure into the ductwork. This will also help to contain dust and dirt during the removal process.

The Removal Process

After connecting the vacuum to the duct, the removal of all contaminants can begin. This should be done from many access points allocated in the ducts. The air removed from the duct system at this point get sucked in the HEPA filters. All contaminants get sealed in bags and disposed of by your medical-grade vent cleaning contractor.

Culmination of the Process

After cleaning, your contractor will reinstall any removed components. New air filters are also reinstalled before restarting the system. He should also inspect the building’s airflow before finishing.

Air-duct cleaning is a valuable tool for removing the dirt in the air that your workers breathe. The most efficient cleaning process should be one that improves the interior air quality of your premises. Make sure you do this every few years to maintain the cleanliness of your vents.

5 Essential Things a Kid’s Room Should Have

Kids playingAside from a place to sleep, a kid’s room is where a child can learn responsibility and expression on their own. It is important to plan on what children have in their area.

Here are a couple of essential things that a kid’s room should have.

A place to play

Your child’s room is going to be full of toys. Create an area where your child can play so that he or she can determine early on where to have toys and where to have not. It is also going make cleaning easier for them when they are through.

A place to study

Children cannot play all the time so make a study area for their room. Acquire a study desk where you and your child can sit together so that you can have a place when he or she needs help with school.

Something to put away their things

Expect a lot of mess to be made when you have children. Get wooden shelves or cubbies so that your kids can have a place to put away their toys and books. You may also want to get drawers for their clothes and sheets to place in.

Lamps, nightlights, and glowing things

Kids would want something that would literally brighten their room up. Get night-lights and lamps for their room so they will not get scared of the dark. It would also help if you can get decorations and designs that glow.

Anything that encourages their creativity

Playtime is important for children. However, even you can learn to play around with their environment by giving them a space that helps them to let their imagination fly. Get chalkboards, easels, small guitars, watercolors, crayons, and more to spark their creativity.

Getting lost in the details is common for parents. So do not forget to ask what your child wants. Let them make decisions for their own room. Make them pick which designs and decorations they would want to have. After all, they are the ones who are going grow up there.

Top Three Maintenance Tips to Avoid Water Damage from Plumbing Issues

Water spewing out of pipe due to pipe holeWhen your house “talks” to you, it’s best to listen. If you keep ignoring its groans, it might scream at you one day. When that happens, you will end up shelling out a huge amount of money for repairs. You should never ignore water issues. How can you avoid bigger problems arising from small ones?

Be vigilant

Plumbing issues leading to leaks can cause serious damage to property. Although insurance may cover a sudden plumbing breakdown, problems arising from lack of maintenance are usually not included. Indications of plumbing issues manifest themselves no matter how small. Vigilance is your best ally and prompts intervention for minor plumbing glitches.

If you have the tools and the time, check for corrosion and condensation on the pipes. Keep your nose alert for moldy and musty smell. Watch out for warping and staining on the ceiling.

Check your water bill

An undetected leak presents itself through the water bill. If you do not pay attention, it might slip by, and a small leak could develop into a huge leak in time. You might have to replace the entire pipeline if the damage is widespread. The water bill may also escalate if there are persistent problems with the toilet, such as constant tank refilling. A sudden increase in the bill’s amount is a red flag that bears further investigation. Never ignore such signs.

Don’t forget the gutter

The roof may be the last thing on your mind when thinking about plumbing and water damage in your Salt Lake City home. Yet, the gutter system is a key element in the management of water flow in your home. Standing water in a gutter system that is suffering from chronic blockage might end up in the walls, ceilings, and foundation. Managing water flow and keeping it away from structures, which may be damaged by water, should be a priority.

Water damage consequences cost Salt Lake City residents millions of dollars a year. Don’t be a victim.

The Environmental Impact of Hardwood Windows

Wooden sliding windowsWhen designing a house or a room, we usually tend to focus on the furniture, fixtures and wallpaper. Material, design and colour are a few factors to consider when selecting the right item for your house or room. One fixture that is usually not considered by a homeowner is the type of material for the windows.

There are many types of materials that windows can be made of. Fibreglass, concrete and plastic are some of the more common materials used for a window. However, hardwood windows are a popular choice for traditional homes in the UK. Some window manufacturing companies in the UK offer various modern and traditional designs that can complement any home.

Environmentally friendly Window

Hardwood Windows are one of the most environmentally friendly windows. They are more sustainable compared to other window types such as polyvinyl chloride (PVC) windows. Over a long period, wooden windows are capable of reducing the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

Did you know that using wooden windows help in retaining the heat within a home? You may also be surprised to know that this attribute can reduce your electricity bill and keep your home warm and cosy. Overall, wooden windows are thermally efficient and add a nice touch to the traditional design of a modern looking home.

A Wonderful Choice

Not only is it an environmentally friendly window, but it is also a superb choice due to its durability and low maintenance features. Wooden windows last at least twice as long as PVC windows and they also add value to a property.

With factory finished windows, you can expect that they would need another lick of paint after ten years. The next coat could be applied seven years later. This low maintenance technique brings the windows back to their original condition. Indeed, wooden windows are a great choice for your home since it offers high performance without compromising traditional features.