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What You Need to Know about Wood Mouldings

Interior Design of a Living and Dining RoomAdding decorative mouldings in your home can spruce up its interior design. Wood trims and moulding manufacturers like Miskas Wood Products have a wide selection of mouldings, but how do you choose the right type and style for your space? To guide you, here are some of the most commonly asked questions about wooden mouldings:

Where do I use mouldings?

You can use decorative wood mouldings in almost any part of your home. You can install them on your wall, ceiling, floor, door, and windows. The right moulding design to choose depends on the overall style and motif of your home.

How should I store the mouldings I just bought?

Proper storage is essential to keeping the wood from getting damaged. You should store it inside your home, preferably in the same location where you will install it later on. Doing so will let it acclimate to the moisture level in the room. However, make sure to save any scrap trim that is at least 6 inches until the end of your project.

Do mouldings serve any other purpose aside from adding aesthetic value?

Most trims offer not only decorative value but also structural support to your home. Trims on doors or windows, for instance, can also serve as a barrier that helps bridge the gap between the sheathing and the jamb to prevent water from seeping in. They also act as a cover-up for the gap, which lets the wood to expand and contract naturally.

These are just a few of the most commonly asked questions when it comes to wood trims and mouldings. Make sure to work with a reliable company that can provide you with quality products.

An Inside Scoop to 2018 Home Design Trends

Modern and stylish kitchenFollowing amazing design trends can help you create a home that’ll stand out. That’s why working closely with home builders from Olathe can ensure that you’ll be able to get the house that’ll suit your taste.

Here are some of the most amazing home design trends that we can expect this year:

Colorful kitchen is the next big thing

In an article posted on HGTV, Nina Magon prognosticates that there will be a diverse change from all white kitchens to a splash of some amazing colors. We can expect bolder color palettes that can provide a more sophisticated look to any home. Magon also added that there’ll be a change from all white and stainless sinks to other more vibrant materials such as granite and concrete.

Purple is the next hot hue

Homeowners may also want to watch out for ultraviolet. This unique combination of red and blue makes the purple even more complex, which is often associated with wealth and royalty. This can add a little bit of complexity and refinement to any part of the house.

Say hello to Rose Gold

People should now bid farewell to brass and open its arms to rosy tones. Having a few touches of pink gold to any room can improve its looks to bring warmth and elegance to the bath or kitchen.

Vintage will make a comeback

Vintage lighting with a mixture of polished nickel and light fixtures will also make a comeback in 2018. According to experts, having a few vintage pieces can add a bit of drama and can strike a contrast between Rose Gold pieces and a few items that have a darker finish.

You may want to consider a few of these tips to create a fun yet classy style that’ll last for years to come. Look for a home builder or a community development company that has the same standards of aesthetics, so you can guarantee that your home will be exceptional.

Top Considerations for Determining your Bathroom Layout

Modern style bathroomWhether you are building or renovating, designing the bathroom of your dreams is both an exciting and overwhelming process. To turn your dream bathroom into a reality, you first need to take into careful consideration your specific needs to determine the most efficient layout that would work for you. This step is immensely crucial for renovation or building success.

To figure out your requirements for planning the space, ask yourself the following questions. Make sure to evaluate the benefits and potential drawbacks of your existing bathroom layout if you’re renovating. If you’re building a new bathroom, consider how you would like your new bathroom to function.

Designing your new bathroom

  • What stuff will you be storing in your bathroom and where will you put all of them, keeping in mind if they need easy access or not?
  • Do you want open shelving, cabinets, or a mix of both?
  • How will you use the bathroom, such that what specific activities will you be doing in the different parts of the space? For instance, will you need a separate space for sitting down and putting on makeup?
  • Do you want separate bath and shower spaces?
  • Do you need the toilet to have its own enclosure?
  • Do you want a bathtub that could fit in more than one individual?
  • Will you be sharing the bathroom with someone else, such as a partner or children? Will guests be using it as well? What about a pet? Or will smaller children who require assistance be the main users of the bathroom?

Your answers to the questions above could help you plan your bathroom layout, explains Sand & Swirl, Inc., a bathroom designer in Bountiful. You’ll likewise determine how much storage you’ll need.

With this vital information in mind, you could start imaging how you’ll place key elements in your bathroom and determine the most suitable layout fit for your particular requirements.

3 Amazing Ideas to Improve a Modern Garden with Antiques

Garden with gazeboImproving the appearance of your yard normally involves buying additional decor or plants. However, you don’t need to buy modern pieces or expensive contemporary additions to make it more inviting. You can help preserve the planet by choosing reclaimed building fixtures and antique decorative items instead. Consider these classy additions:

A Reading Nook

French garden antiques placed sparingly around a refurbished classic couch, complete with small side tables and an ottoman would be the perfect setting for a secret reading area or a unique place to entertain guests. Plan your garden design around this section, choosing between turning it into a secluded spot with numerous plants all around or an open space to view the whole yard.

Garden Statues

Forget the garden gnomes and pink flamingos. After all, you can’t get any classier than adding aged statues to your meticulously designed yard. Choose one central piece or aim to place smaller statues strategically to highlight certain spots in the garden. Do consider your yard space, color scheme, and theme when choosing what pieces to buy.

A Stone Fountain

Nothing says garden more than having a stone fountain in the middle of the yard, whether it’s the driveway or backyard. If you feel it’s a little too much, you can reserve this fixture behind your home if there’s enough space for it. You can also consider installing it in one corner of the yard to augment your pool (if you have one).

Mixing old with new is now a trend and it's truly making a mark in modern architecture and design. The outcome offers a constant delightful surprise to homeowners and helps Mother Nature by reducing waste. Admittedly, it’s a great way to create your own wonderful spot.

3 Simple and Effective Ways to Make Your Home Look Modern with Budget Constraints

semi frameless balustrade

semi frameless balustradeModern style is a trend in homes nowadays. More and more homeowners go from traditional to a modern contemporary theme in their properties.

The good news is you don’t have to conduct a total makeover nor buy high-tech furniture and appliances to have a modern home. Simple decorating and minor installations can upgrade your property and make it look modern.

Here are some ideas.

Use Colour Contrast

Traditionally, people furnish styled kitchens with cabinets and fixtures in boring neutral colours such white, cream, or beige. You don’t have to change these colours to make it look more interesting. Adding elements with a contrasting colour is a quick way to make it modern. You can place a couple of black chairs or maybe bright red or orange vases or fruit bowl. Don’t be afraid to make a statement by using unexpected, popping colours.

Go Classy with Glass

If there’s one material that shouts modern, that would be glass. You can apply it in your deck as replacement to your old wooden railings. For example, jigsawbalustrades.com.au’s semi-frameless balustrades made from tempered glass can instantly lend a sleek contemporary appeal to your deck or pool area. Other than its clean and sophisticated appeal, it will give you unobstructed view of the outdoor as well as an added sense of airy openness.

Minimise and De-Clutter

Space is an important element in modern homes, thus, going minimalist can be a great idea. Minimise your furniture and furnishings to the bare essentials. You can use space-saver containers that can double as accents or as furniture pieces in your living room. Not only will this give you more space, it will also give a room or area a new look and appeal.

You see, you don’t need a costly full house makeover to achieve a modern look. All you need to do is play with the existing design elements, use the right material, and make your home more comfortable and spacious.