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Achieve Fitness through High Intensity Interval Training

Man on the gymAre you looking to add an exercise routine to your packed daily schedule? High-intensity interval training, or HIIT, might be what you’re looking for. This program is quickly becoming the activity of choice for many fitness buffs that lack the extra time to log in gym hours. Experts from MÜV Fitness Gym explain why you should give HIIT a shot.

Short Time, Good Results

Some people spend so much time in the gym but don’t get the results they want; they just drop a couple of pounds or increase their muscle strength and mass by a few unnoticeable notches. That may not be enough for some people, however. Through HIIT, you can burn calories within a shorter timeframe

Optimum Energy Consumption

There are various HIIT workouts you can utilize both at the gym and at home, and each one allows you to consume as much calories as you can within a set timeframe. Research even showed that you can burn more with 15 minutes of HIIT than an hour of jogging.

Improve Metabolism

Metabolism plays a vital role in weight loss and other fitness objectives. Experts have found that people who perform HIIT exercises burn more fat after their workout than they would after a run. That is due to the boost in metabolism people experience with constant HIIT.

Less Equipment Needed

Though it’s still better to make use of the equipment at the gym with your HIIT workout, you won’t have to hit pause on your progress just because you don’t have time to go to the gym. In fact, you’re good to go with enough room to do some plyometrics such as jumping jacks, high knees, burpees, push-ups and others.

These are some of the reasons experts agree that HIIT is an ideal program for those who want to see results within a shorter time, improve their metabolism and burn fat. Consult a personal trainer to determine which type of exercises should be part of your routine.

Heat Wave in Missouri Leads to Opening of Cooling Sites

Woman sweating because of the summer heatHundreds of cooling sites opened across Missouri due to the impact of a heat wave during the summer season. United Way opened over 400 sites in the state to provide the public with a refuge from the scorching sun.

For residents, air conditioner installation services in St Louis and Kansas City among other areas will serve as another way to cope with the blistering temperatures at this time of the year.

Preventive Measures

The hot weather can easily cause people dehydration, even during the night, according to meteorologist Dan Hawblitzel of the National Weather Service. Hawblitzel also advised people to be cautious about their body temperatures to avoid health problems.

As bodies change on how they adapt to heat waves each year, he added that people should not be complacent about exposure to hot temperatures. Even if you did not experience any complications from the previous year’s heat wave, it does not mean that you will be immune to heat-related sickness this year.

Other Living Things

Humans are not the only living things that suffer during a heat wave, as plants can also display signs of heat stress. Homeowners should remember to water their plants in the morning, instead of during the day. Roots should also stay moist, and people should make sure that water reaches deeper to resolve dryness.

In case a plant has become too dry, you should water it first before applying fertilizer. If you notice that plants have wilted or bleached leaves, it is better to water them without putting fertilizer.


Heat waves in Missouri are a regular occurrence during the summer, so the public should think of ways to keep themselves cool and safe. Aside from staying hydrated, residents should make sure that their home has the right ventilation system for the hotter months.

Understanding Eating Disorders and Addiction

Food Addiction When people talk about eating disorders, familiar images come to mind. Not one of these images pertains to addiction. Or perhaps people have been wrong for so long in thinking as such. People working at treatment centers like EDCDenver.com can vouch for an eating disorder as an addiction, and there are scientific facts to prove it.

Food Addictions

Good food doesn’t seem addicting, right? That’s not exactly true because addiction is way beyond discussions about illicit drugs. Addictions all work the same way, with the brain’s reward and pleasure centers being at the forefront. Anything that regularly triggers these centers can lead to addiction. And yes, food can be in the same discussion as cocaine and meth. The biggest culprits are also commonly found in almost all foods: sugar, salt, and fat.

Addiction and eating disorders also have the same — almost entirely identical — symptoms. A person experiences obsessive cravings surrounding an addictive behavior, which increases regarding frequency and intensity. One can also choose to sacrifice anything and everything just to indulge in an addicting habit. Lastly, there’s the continued partaking in practice, despite its adverse consequences and concerns from loved ones. Sounds familiar, doesn’t it?

Inner Workings

A brain’s reward center, if wrongly stimulated, creates a false sense of temporary satisfaction. This is the crux of addiction’s inner workings. But in the immediate absence of this sensation, the person experiences a constant craving for the pleasure he/she gets.

The practice of “comfort eating” is a perfect example of an eating disorder and addiction. Many people claim that they tend to turn to food for comfort in stressful times. While this is relatively harmless compared to a drug or alcohol addiction, it’s nonetheless destructive. Overeating obviously presents a slew of health problems which can worsen over time, and it’s not just obesity. Lastly, a person who finds happiness through constant stress eating is likely to pounce on every chance of a meal, because it’s the “only thing that gets their mind off something bad.” This creates further trouble as the habit worsens.

Food can be addicting in the same way as alcohol and drugs are. Bar none. People must be aware of this before it’s too late.

Do You Know What Your Back Pain is Telling You?

Pain Management in Boise Your back is made up of a complex structure composed of bones, muscles, tendons, ligaments, and disks, with the spine segments protected by cartilage-like pads. A problem with one of these parts could result in back pain.

The most common back pain causes include the following:

  • Strained ligaments or muscles
  • Lifting improperly or something that’s too heavy
  • Muscle spasms
  • Result of an awkward or abrupt movement
  • Sleeping on a mattress that doesn’t support your spine properly
  • Bad posture
  • Certain daily activities or habits
  • Sleep disorders
  • Structural issue such as ruptured disks, sciatica, bulging discs, abnormal spine curvature, arthritis, and osteoporosis.

In rare instances, back pain could be a warning sign of a more severe health issues like:

  • Spine cancer
  • Spine infection
  • Cauda Equina Syndrome
  • Other severe infections such as kidney or bladder infections, or pelvic inflammatory diseases in women.

Although it isn’t always possible to determine how back pain occurs, it’s typically not serious. The majority of back pain cases are non-specific, because there’s no evident cause or mechanical, as pain originates from bones, joints, or soft tissues surrounding the spine. According to a renowned specialist of pain management in Boise, these kinds of back pain are characterized by the following:

  • Could develop gradually or suddenly.
  • Usually feels worse while you’re on the move, although it’s not recommended to refrain from moving as this could worsen the pain.
  • Tends to worsen or get better based on your specific position, such that your back might feel better when you’re lying down or sitting.
  • Would typically begin to feel better within several weeks.
  • Could be related to feeling overly stressed.
  • Might be because of a minor back injury like a pulled muscle or strain, or a pulled ligament or sprain.
  • Might occur for no reason at all and passes just as suddenly.

In the event that your symptoms persist or you simply can’t take the pain, consult your doctor as soon as possible. You’ll undergo an interview and physical exam and hopefully get a diagnosis and treatment recommendation. Otherwise, if your doctor thinks you have an injury, or that your symptoms are associated with an underlying health issue, or if your symptoms don’t subside after initial treatment, you’ll have to undergo further testing.

Childhood Tooth Decay: A Rising Concern among Dentists

Tooth DecayChildren are fond of sweets such as soda and ice cream. Giving into their sweet tooth cravings are, however, taking a hit on their oral health — recent data suggest that high-sugar diets are to blame for the 160 tooth extraction operations conducted on children every day.

While sugar addiction may indeed be the culprit behind the rising numbers,  leading providers of dental care like Fresh Dental believe that reducing sugar intake, visiting the dentist regularly, and maintaining good oral health habits could easily solve the problem.

Tooth Decay is the Leading Cause of Hospital Admissions among Kids

A survey conducted by the National Health Service reports that there were 40,800 operations conducted on patients below 18-years old in England alone, from 2015 to 2016. The figures are troubling as the severity of tooth decay among kids is so serious that they require extraction from a general anaesthetic rather than a dentist. In fact, the British Dental Association says that tooth decay is now the main reason behind hospitalisations among children.

Excessive Sugar Intake during Breakfast

Breakfast is indeed the most important meal of the day — even more so for kids, who now consume more than half of their daily sugar allowance in the morning. In fact, the sugar consumption of an average child in England is equivalent to 11 grams, or three cubes of sugar! According to the Change4Life Campaign, breakfast foods, such as cereals, fruit juice and jam are the reason why sugar levels among kids are off the charts.

Preventive Measures to Tackle Obesity and Dental Problems

While child tooth extractions are costing the government millions of pounds every year, treatment for tooth decay is, on the other hand, entirely preventable. Simply practising good oral hygiene and visiting the dentist regularly can help ensure that tooth decay is spotted right away and treated while in its early stages.

Furthermore, the government will introduce a £520 million sugar levy in 2018 to reduce the intake of high-sugar drinks. The new tax could likewise turn the tide for tooth decay, as it would lead to about 95,000 lesser overweight children.

Tooth decay is becoming a huge problem among kids. Proper oral hygiene, however, could spell the difference between a tooth lost and a tooth saved.

Alzheimer’s Disease and Risk Factors

memory center in Las Vegas
While Alzheimer’s disease involves deterioration of brain cells, scientists do not know why brain disorder happens. What they do know is that it gets worse over time, with the symptoms varying widely depending on the stage. Scientists have also identified the risk factors that may increase the likelihood of developing Alzheimer’s.

Memory care and assisted living centers in Las Vegas share the risk factors for the disease.

Age and Family History

Increasing age is one common risk factor for the disease. Most of those with Alzheimer’s are 65 years and older, with about one in nine persons of age group suffering from the disease. Studies have also shown that those who have a family member with Alzheimer’s are likely to develop the disorder than those who do not. This increases if more than one member of the family has the disease, explains an expert from Legacy House of Centennial Hills.


Risk and deterministic genes are two gene categories that determine whether a person develops Alzheimer’s. The former increases the risk, but there is no guarantee that it will happen. The latter, meanwhile, causes the disease and guarantees that those who inherit it will also have the disease. Research note rare deterministic genes cause the illness in extended families around the world.

Other Risk Factors

Studies suggest that serious head injury is associated with future risk of the brain disorder. This is why it is important to wear a helmet when participating in active sports. Wearing a seatbelt and proofing the home are two other ways to protect the head. This is the only risk factor that an individual can control or change.

Role of Healthy Aging

Overall healthy aging, according to research, may keep the brain healthy and lower the risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease. These include eating a balanced diet, keeping the mind and body active, avoiding alcohol and smoking, and staying socially active. Developing the right habits early on promotes health and may even ward off other diseases.

Alzheimer’s affects how a person thinks and behave. If a loved one develops this disease, utmost care and understanding are essential. Getting help from memory care experts is also advisable.

Essential Back Pain Relief Hacks for Long-Time Sufferers

Back Pain Treatment in Salt Lake CityOur brain interprets the sensations we perceive. Pain is one of these sensations — a rather complicated one. Chronic pain can cause severe impairment of body function, millions of dollars in medical bills, and loss of profits. In the United States, pain on the upper, middle, and lower back are some of the most common reasons for medical consultation amongst working adults.

Dealing with the sensation of pain itself

Before we focus on therapy approaches to back pain, you should learn a few important concepts about how people perceive pain. Anyone can develop the ability to deal with pain better, with or without pain medication. Pain is perceived in the brain, and by establishing a certain state of mind, we can increase our threshold, and perceive less pain than usual. Learning about various coping techniques including meditation can improve various aspects of one’s daily life.

Realizing the importance of core stability exercises

For people looking for back pain relief in Salt Lake City, health professional Apollo Chiropractor says there are different exercises available. The components of the exercise regimen depend on the results of the assessment, but experts in back rehabilitation insist on the importance of core exercises.

As such, core stability exercises should be part of the regular set of activities of patients. With a stronger core, the strain on the low back decreases markedly. If in the course of the day, the muscles of the abdomen and back remain slack; their ability to support the spine is compromised. This kind of neglect is one of the reasons why back pain persists and exacerbates.

Do not underestimate the role of maintaining good posture

Problems concerning the spine usually develop over many years. Most of the musculoskeletal pain symptoms can be traced to poor posture. Sufferers must remember to maintain good posture throughout the day in order to prevent worsening of the condition.

Back pain can be very disabling. For better rehabilitation outcomes, sufferers must learn to control the perception of pain, try core exercises, and maintain good posture.


Slow and Steady Wins the Race: Starting a Safe and Proper Running Routine

Running Routine in AuroraDo you exercise regularly but you’re thinking of adding some running to your regular programming? You could be ready for running if you have been regularly walking or doing some type of cardio, such as using the treadmill, elliptical, or stationary bike, for at least half an hour daily, five days every week, for a minimum of two weeks. To start your running routine right, follow these tips.

It All Starts with a Healthy Diet

You must be consuming around 8oz of liquids (non-alcoholic) eight or more times daily to be properly hydrated and to remain energized while running. You must also grab a sugar-boosting healthy snack at least 30 minutes prior to starting your running routine. A sports beverage or an energy bar will suffice.

Consider Having a Running Buddy

According to Thelabsusa.com, running is an excellent way to shed off unwanted pounds, maintain your overall health, and stay connected with other people. Research indicates that women usually like running in small groups to help them stay motivated.

Proper Footwear Shouldn’t be Optional

Running shoes with ample support for your feet type is a must, since one of the top causes of running injuries is unsupportive footwear. Consider getting some comfortable running clothes if you have some money to spare.

Remember the Run-Walk-Run Method

Developed by Jeff Galloway, a former Olympic Runner, the Run-Walk-Run Method is pretty much simple — run between five to ten seconds for each minute and walk for the remainder of the minute. Over time, your running to walking ratio will change while your joints start to adjust and your muscles become stronger. An experienced triathlon training coach in Aurora, IL, agrees and says that walking is an excellent cross training exercise, since many people actually dive into marathons after regularly running for six months.

Always aim for gain and not pain — puffing and huffing at the end of each run means you’re overdoing it. Done improperly, running could result in nasty injuries, discomfort, and pain. Remember to pace yourself to prevent injury and learn from the wise tortoise.  Slow and steady wins the race.

The Importance of Proper Ducted Air Conditioning Maintenance

air conditioner

air conditionerAir conditioning filters have a dual objective.  The filters keep the parts of the air conditioning unit and the air clean. Ducted air conditioning maintenance in Wollongong keeps all components of the unit in good working condition.

Clean the air conditioner filter and replace them regularly to maintain the unit’s efficiency. Note that there’s a recommended time to replace filters. Premature filter replacements and poor maintenance of the unit will create more waste that can be harmful to you and the environment.

Health risks

When you don’t clean filters properly, mould, dust, pollen and other air contaminants will accumulate.  This can aggravate allergies and diseases.  According to medical experts, people who breathe in these air contaminants may have irritated eyes and inflamed respiratory systems.

Change the filters of domestic air conditioning units annually.  As part of ducted air conditioning maintenance, Wollongong experts recommend tune up at least twice a year.

Effects of toxic pollutants

Toxic air pollutants can accumulate in air conditioning filters, and they cause great damage to your health.  The risk of cancer will increase with the rising number of air contaminants. Inhaling pollutants can also cause watery eyes, more serious problems such as lung damage and other respiratory illnesses.

Though the Australian government actively participates in efforts to lessen air pollution, certain communities deal with problems because of high levels of industrial pollution. Inside the home, you’d want to breathe clean air, but if your cooling system also has these pollutants, you are not safe.

Other health problems may not show symptoms for months or even years after exposure to air contaminants. One example of a delayed health problem is cancer.  Symptoms can appear after several years.

Knowing these dangers brought about by polluted air, don’t waste time. Clean and maintain your cooling systems.