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Ways to Find the Right Set of Hairstyling Tools

hair salon equipmentAny hairdresser will understand how critical it is to have the right set of styling and cutting tools. Without the right equipment, it’ll be impossible for them to do their job. That’s why if you’re a hairstylist planning to shop for new tools, there are things you need to know to get the right hairstyling kits. Check out some of them below.

Scissors or Shears

Finding the right shears can be a tricky business. However, when it comes to shopping, you need scissors that cut accurately. They should be extremely easy to use. With that in mind, many stylists find Japanese hairdressing scissors from scissortec.com as a popular choice because they are handy.

Combs & Brushes

Another must-have for any hairdresser is a complete set of combs and brushes. It’s crucial in achieving different hairstyles as well as in giving volume and texture to your clients’ hair. It’s essential that you know the purpose of each brush and comb. Fine toothcombs are for straight hair, while detangling brushes are for curly hair. Depending on your clients’ wishes, you need always to be ready with the right comb and brushes.

Straightening & Curling Iron

For these hairstyling tools, you need to look at the heat setting as well as the width. These have something to do with efficiency. Today, you can find a 2-in-1 flat iron that straightens or curls hair. You might want to look at this option. However, be sure that you do your research before you purchase anything.

Complete your tools with these things in mind. If you’re a newbie in the industry, asking for advice from your mentor is always a great idea.

Revive Your Crowning Glory: Getting Over Damaged Hair

Damaged HairDamaged hair can be unsightly. The annoying thing about this is it becomes difficult to manage. You could end up spending twice as much time styling your hair unless you’re ready to accept that there’s going to be a bad hair day ahead.

While there are in-salon treatments and home remedies for damaged hair, it pays to know what causes it in the first place before undergoing a treatment. Doing so prevents you from unconsciously damaging your hair and getting treatments more frequently.

What causes hair damage?

Heat is one of the top reasons for damaged hair. Setting hairdryers and irons at high temperatures could be too much for the hair to handle, which damage the strands. Towel-drying the hair and combing it while still wet, or not drying it entirely before leaving your home can also cause hair damage. Moreover, undergoing hair color treatments frequently, as well as using harsh products, can also weaken and dry the hair strands.

Signs of Damaged Hair

Healthy hair is easily distinguishable from damaged hair. Dry, frizzy, or brittle strands are usually signs of damaged hair. Split ends and hair shedding are also signs your hair needs some rejuvenating. If your hair lacks moisture and sheen, this could also indicate damaged hair.

Treatment Options for Damaged Hair

You have two choices to repair damaged hair. If you prefer to just stay at home and spend less, home remedies should work fine. On the other hand, in-salon treatments offer more promising results and are usually longer-lasting.

In-Salon Treatments

Perth’s hair straightening experts recommend treatments like hot oil and deep conditioning masques to repair hair damage because they provide deep nourishing for the roots and the scalp. They bring back the shine of your hair, leaving it smoother and softer. These treatments also restore your hair strands’ strength.

If you agree that prevention is always better than cure, there’s no reason you should take proper hair care for granted. Take care of your hair daily, so you can say goodbye to that awkward hairstyle.