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Finding the One: Let Her Personality Lead You to the Perfect Engagement Ring

engagement ringChoosing an engagement ring style may be the most challenging part of buying a ring. After all, it will be a sign of your commitment to one another before the wedding day comes. So, keep in mind that an engagement ring should reflect the personality and lifestyle of your future fiancée. Deciding between different gemstones, cuts, settings, and other aesthetic choices may come more naturally if you do so.

If you’re still having a hard time selecting an engagement ring, try browsing through jewellery shops at London’s Hatton Garden or even online. Inspiration might strike while you’re looking at the different designs available. As for the rest, why don’t you try these tips for size:

Find a Gem That’s a Cut above the Rest

The gemstone is the star of the engagement ring. Rubies and sapphires are popular options, but diamonds are still the top choice. You can hardly go wrong with a well-cut diamond.

A stone’s cut enhances its brilliance and ability to reflect light. Popular engagement rings often feature stones cut in classic round, princess, pear, oval, and emerald shapes.

Classic round brilliant cuts fit women with a laid-back personality while a princess or oval cut echo a more fun-loving, spontaneous, or artistic style. Pear-cut stones are more contemporary and match well with future brides who are unique and non-conformist. The understated sparkle of the emerald cut, meanwhile, suit elegant and sophisticated women.

Set Your Stone in Style

The stone setting lays down the foundation of the ring’s whole design. Ring setting choices include the prong, bevel, tension, halo, and pave. The different ring settings can also mirror the personality of the wearer.

A solitaire or prong setting is a classic engagement ring choice. It usually features a single round-cut stone in a simple band. This type of ring setting fits well with future brides with a romantic and timeless style.

The tension setting, meanwhile, gives the illusion that the gemstone is hanging in the air. It suspends the stone between two shafts, and some tension-style rings use a prong or bezel underneath for added security. This daring setting matches the spirit of modern, adventurous, and creative women.

The cut and setting of an engagement ring’s gemstone can tell a lot about the personality of the wearer. Let your loved one’s preferences and lifestyle guide you in choosing the perfect engagement ring.

The Real Deal with Engagement Rings

Engagement Ring

Engagement RingLove, they say, is a complex thing that most people cannot possibly explain. Everyone has their own definition of what it truly is, mainly based on what they have felt or what they have experienced. But the idea of actual love, according to some, has become so commercialized that people who declare that they are in love need a material proof of their feelings.

The Cynics View

Some people, especially cynics, would probably agree that engagement rings are expensive and insulting to the notions of true love. They would probably say you don’t need geology or an expensive rock to proclaim or justify what you’re feeling inside. Some men may believe that their love for a girl is not proportional to the expense of the ring they will buy or give.

The Symbol of Love

Romantics and idealists, however, will gladly oppose this idea. While they believe that the feeling of love is greater than the price of a stone, a ring is an incredibly powerful symbol of love. According to AAA Jewelers, many engagement ring shops in Utah note that almost all women want things to be official and that engagement ring makes a proposal so genuine, real, and formal. Men need to understand that rings are symbolic of love and devotion for women.

Proposing Without a Ring

It’s hard to justify the worth of an engagement ring, especially to those people who only see its price tag. Proposing without a ring, according to the survey from TheKnot, is one of the biggest proposal mistakes a man can make. It is important to understand that an engagement will not seem 100% legitimate unless the girl has a ring to show for it.

Men need to understand that rings do not have to be exorbitant. In fact, there are plenty of choices that can fit any budget. There are rings with a big stone, small stone, and ring settings that would be perfect to show your love and devotion. You don’t have to pick the most expensive one you see to make your girl say yes. The feeling of true love is more than enough, and that engagement ring you’ll pick will be a symbol of it.