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Which Digital Marketing Strategy is Best for Your Business?

building blocks of SEOFor any business to remain competitive and relevant in the online marketplace, it must use effective digital marketing. For beginners or those who are new to the digital world, it might be difficult to navigate through the various tactics and channels that can be used to grow a business.

On the same note, some small businesses operate under tight budgets and they can’t afford to invest in all types of digital marketing operations. That said, it’s important that you choose specific types of digital marketing strategy carefully before hiring an SEO agency in Virginia.

Content Marketing

This strategic marketing approach is focused on the generation and distribution of relevant, consistent, and valuable content that aims to attract and sustain a well-defined audience. Content marketing makes the business come out as more of a partner as opposed to an advertiser. This makes your target audience find the site relevant to their needs.

Search Engine Optimization or SEO

This is the process of optimizing websites and/or content so that they will be presented on the results page of search engines, such as Google, Bing, or Yahoo. These search engines decide on the content or websites to show for a specific search according to the keyword mentioned. As such, SEO requires you to use key phrases or keywords to get clear links to your website or content.

Search Engine Marketing

In this category, you as the marketer will pay the search engine a given sum of money for them to send a marketing message at different areas that are within the specific keywords. The perfect example of this marketing strategy is Google AdWords.

Besides the various efforts to drive traffic to your website, never forget to polish up the most important part of it: the website design. According to research, at least 94% of people will reject or dismiss your website based on its design. Therefore, ensure that your web designer gives you the best design for maximum customer retention.

How to Understand Google’s Ranking Criteria

SEO on laptop screenSearch engine optimization underwent some changes when Google updated its criteria for ranking websites. The changes are meant to help users get reliable information from reputable sites. The intention is noble, but it made website owners work even harder for ranking.

In Utah, search engine optimization has gotten more difficult because of these changes in the site ranking system. SEO specialist SEO Werkz states that knowing what the criteria are can help you make the necessary adjustments to improve your ranking. Here are some of the criteria Google uses to rank your site.

How Long the Site Has Existed

This particular requirement puts websites that have a good history and have been around for quite some time at an advantage. Younger or new sites will have to work really hard with their SEO to get any notice from Google.

Relevant Keywords/Content

Keywords are still a major ranking factor in Google. This time though the search engine is wary of sites that use “too much” keywords. You can still include it in the title, description, meta tags, and content. Just don’t overuse or you run the risk of getting penalized.

For the moment, it’s better to add keywords once or twice in your content. Aside from keywords, content is now a major factor in getting a favorable rank from Google. Website owners should only publish quality content free of grammatical errors.

Quality of Links

Linking various content on your website is a plus factor in Google’s eyes. Outside sites that link to your website can also improve your ranking. On the other hand, your rank can drop if these links are not up to Google’s standards.


Research shows many people using mobile devices in surfing the net. Google has taken note of this and consider mobile-friendliness as a criterion for ranking. To see if your site is your mobile-friendly, visit it using a tablet or smartphone.

Site Security

Improve your site’s defenses against malware and viruses to improve ranking. Google currently considers site security as an important factor. There are two ways to protect your site. One of them is to get an SSL certificate.

You need to keep the servers free from infection while keeping your anti-virus protection up to date.

Those are some of the criteria Google has introduced to determine the value your website provides users. These include quality content and links as well as the proper use keywords. Meeting these requirements as soon as possible can go a long way in putting your site at the top page of Google search results.

There is also the need to secure your site and servers from malware and viruses. Following these latest Google requirements will make your site and content popular with users.

Global Spending on Marketing Automation to Reach $32B in 2018

System automation presentationGlobal spending on marketing automation services and software will reach $32 billion in 2018, which indicates that many companies still consider it as an important part of promotional strategies.

The higher amount stems from different developments in the technology, including machine learning, chatbots and analytics. Your business should not only focus on marketing automation, but also figure out how to integrate it with an efficient customer relationship management (CRM) system.

Trending Topics

Marketers will continue to rely on social media to connect with potential clients. If you have not yet delved into automated marketing for networking sites, a MarketingSherpa study may give you another reason to do so.

The research showed that almost 60% of people on social media rely on a brand’s updates via websites such as Facebook or Twitter. This means that interacting with potential clients, such as replying to private messages, may be handled via automated marketing. If you plan to focus more on email automation this year, consider the use of integrated workflows with social advertisements. These are just some of the trends that would be helpful in engaging new customers.

CRM Strategies

Marketing automation allows you to attract new clients, but it should not come at the expense of losing regular customers. Most companies use CRM for this reason, but many of them remain unaware that integrating it with automated marketing has several advantages.

Some of these benefits include nurturing leads, aside from just focusing on lead generation. Hence, a CRM strategy integrated with marketing automation will allow you to send relevant content instantly, depending on your leads’ preferred actions. Another advantage involves a shorter sales cycle, since you know that your business loses money when it takes too long for undecided leads to become repeat clients.


This year marks another time to develop your marketing campaign. How do you plan to use automated marketing to your business strategy?

The Services Digital Marketing Agencies Offer

People discussing in front of laptopDigital marketing is the online version of traditional marketing. It peruses digital channels, such as search engines, social media, email, and websites, to connect with current and potential customers.

In Massachusetts, a digital marketing agency is as robust as any other tech company. A great number of digital marketing agencies serve small and medium-sized businesses, either via a B2B and B2C approach. When planning for marketing services, expect a plethora of services to suit your business needs.


Typically, a digital marketing agency will have a design unit, one that services the main engine that holds all the content and capabilities of your website. This includes web design and development, mobile application development, and user experience or user interface design.


Pay-per-click marketing (PPC) and search engine optimization (SEO) are two of the most used marketing tactics online. PPC pays a publisher for every click made on your ad. SEO optimizes a website’s rank by putting the website higher on search engine results pages.


Content marketing and social media marketing are a staple in digital marketing firms. They are reliable tactics to generate brand awareness, improve traffic, and generate leads. Other services include email management and reputation management.


Marketing consulting services such as public relations, brand development, marketing strategy, CRM consulting, and digital performance marketing are also flourishing among Massachusetts digital marketing firms.


A rather new type of service is analytics. Coupled with decision science metrics, analytics aims to produce insights from large data sets gathered from web traffic, social media data. Analytics is an important approach to understand the behavior of consumers.

Other Services

Other services that one will expect from a digital marketing firm are marketing automation services, video production, and lead and demand generation.

Massachusetts is teeming with digital marketing companies. Each of which provides innovative online strategies to market your company’s products and services effectively.

Digital Marketing: Why You Need it Now

digital business in Denver, CO
The importance of digital marketing is something you cannot ignore today. Billions of dollars go into the different forms of digital marketing around the world, leading to careers that were inexistent just a decade ago, and to vast improvements in the way business is done everywhere.

Many businesses have websites now, and they have turned to the power of both paid and organic search to get the word out about their products or services. Even B2B enterprises rely to some degree on digital forms of marketing.

Social media as a marketing tool has had a polarizing effect, depending on which marketing expert you ask, but the odds favor the use of social media to connect with more customers from a certain niche. The power that market influencers enjoy today is solid proof that social media marketing works.

Another way to market your products is through an app – your business’s own app. It’s not a new development in the field of marketing, but there are still many companies that haven’t been swayed into using it. Here are some of the benefits of having an experienced app developer build a specific application for your company in Denver, CO.

It can be your direct marketing channel. Use your app to give your customers whatever they need with a few taps on their mobile – no more going to your website using a browser. Information, pricing, ordering, promotion of sales and specials, and many other functions are possible with an app.

You enjoy added visibility. A customer tinkering with his phone is always just a tap away from buying your products or hiring your services, 24/7. Without an app, you’d best hope your customers bookmark your pages on the web. It’s a no-brainer: search every time, or simply tap on an app?

It helps establish your brand. An app that’s a mainstay on a mobile screen is like a beacon or a landmark. If you offer what the customers need or think they want at the moment, they will remember they have your app on their phone or tablet. They simply have to tap.

Digital marketing is here to stay. It is likely to experience improvements in the coming years, so it makes sense to use it to your benefit as early as now. With your own website, paid and organic search efforts, and your very own app, you can be ahead of the game.