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The Future Is Here

Dentist adjusting the light

Dentist adjusting the lightAnd has been for about 30 years now, and yet, many people have still never heard of Southampton dental implants. To be fair, most of them are people who have yet to experience tooth loss. It does seem that knowledge about dental treatments happens on a need-to-know basis.

So, for those who don’t know, Southampton dental implants are a way to replace lost teeth that replaces the root of the tooth as well as the crown. Dentures do not replace the root. They rely on suction to the gums. Bridges don’t either. They rely on being attached to neighbouring teeth for stability. And when it comes to replacement teeth, stability is key. Getting dental implants means going to a dentist who can do implant surgery, preferably one with plenty of experience, such as the dentist at Smilemakers Dental Implant Centre.

The Mechanics of Southampton Dental Implants

Dental implants come in 3 sections. The actual implant is made of titanium and is shaped like a tapered post or screw, to best mimic a tooth root and provide lots of surface area. This goes into the jawbone in specially created channels and then is left to integrate with the bone for a few weeks. During that time, new bone tissue and blood vessels will cover the surface of the implant to hold it firmly in place. It’s not quite the same as a tooth in a socket, but it works just as well, providing full on chewing power.

When the implant has healed, a connecting device called an abutment is screwed into it. These vary according to what kind of crowns are going on top. Dental implants can be used to carry one crown, or up to 3 on a bridge. They can also be used to stabilise dentures.

The Crowns

Crowns are handmade in a laboratory by skilled technicians. They are made to match the remaining teeth in size, shape and colour, or to match lost teeth, using old photos or impressions as a guide.


Southampton dental implants can be expected to last at least 15 years, or a lifetime with careful maintenance.

Can You Get Your Broken Dentures Repaired?

Broken Denture in ArizonaDentures are an excellent way to regain back your functionality as well as enhance your smile. However, you also need to practice proper denture dental care. The better you care for them, the longer they’ll be able to last and provide you with those benefits.

Nonetheless, even those who practice proper denture care may still require a denture reline or a denture repair. Those who’ve had their dentures on for some time understand how hard it can become to eat, chew, speak or swallow with cracked or broken dentures. Furthermore, your dentures could fall off when you least expect.

Why do dentures break?

Dentures could break due to a number of factors. Dentists recommend replacing your dentures every seven years. As you grow old, the shape of your face may also change. This means that your dentures eventually become looser and uncomfortable to wear. At this point, you’re likely to break your dentures.

The other factor could be that dentures are either made from metal or plastic. The longer they stay in a damp environment, the more likely they are to degrade since they are not like your natural teeth. Additionally, they are subjected to frequent wear and tear due to chewing and talking. Broken dentures become chipped or stained. Broken dentures should be treated as an emergency, as you may end up losing your teeth.

How are dentures fixed?

Cracked dentures are bonded back together with high-quality materials. Broken dentures are fixed by collecting the broken pieces and cemented back together again. The process only needs a single visit and you’ll be able to improve functionality as well as get your smile back.

Finally, do not attempt to repair the dentures on your own as you could cause more harm than good. Additionally, you may need to buy a newest if you damage them. Visit denture repair, to get your dentures fixed, remember to brush properly and soak your dentures overnight.