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On Route to Straight Teeth

Woman checking her teeth

Woman checking her teethIn days gone by, when people needed their teeth aligned, they were often reluctant to receive braces in Erskineville. Today, patients no longer have to spend what could feel like forever with metal train-tracks to straighten up their teeth. Alternative treatments allow people to subtly undergo teeth straightening.

When looking to receive braces in Erskineville, many dentists, such as at the Healthy Smile Centre, offer a choice of traditional braces and clear aligners.

Bringing on the brace

Traditional braces align the teeth by placing brackets onto the teeth, which hold wires that gently move the teeth into the correct position. They can be worn from 18 months to two years, depending on the severity of the patient’s condition.

Thousands of people have used traditional braces and seen the benefits. Straight teeth are easier to brush and clean. Most significantly, they restore self-confidence, so people can go out feeling like themselves. They improve the functionality to chew, which means nothing has to be taken off the menu.

There are now more subtle alternatives such as clear braces, which match the colour of the teeth, and lingual braces, which are placed on the back of the teeth.

Trying out clear aligners

The flipside of traditional braces is that they can be difficult to clean properly as bits get stuck in the brace. It takes that extra effort to maintain good oral health. They can also make people feel quite self-conscious, especially teenagers, or adults, whose career may involve a lot of public speaking or time in front of a camera.

When considering braces in Erskineville, many people are now opting to have clear aligners. These options include Invisalign and TruLine.

Clear aligners are custom-made retainers that go over the teeth. Unlike braces, they are actually better suited to teens and adults as they are built for a tight fit and made to look almost invisible.

They are removable, which allows people to go on cleaning their teeth as normal and remove them for eating and drinking without bits getting caught in the teeth. However, clear aligners are not so suitable for complex cases.

When weighing up the choices, the dentist can best advise which option is most suitable for the patient.

Dental Implants in Perth for the Win

Dental Implant ProcedureWhen someone chooses to make improvements to their smile, there is usually an obvious first step in their mind. If they have missing teeth, this problem is usually the winner when it comes to deciding what to address first. Identifying the problem is one thing, coming up with a solution often requires the help of a dental professional.

While dental professionals provide the expertise when it comes to a treatment like dental implants in Perth, the whole experience is often collaborative. A clinic like Elite Perio will have a team of skilled communicators on hand to gather information from the patient so that their treatment goes as smoothly as possible. They need to be comfortable enough to be completely honest and ask any questions that they need to.

Why might someone be nervous about dental implants in Perth?

Some people are nervous regardless of the dental treatment they have scheduled. For some people, their anxiety is enough to ensure that they don’t seek help at all. A good dental practice can support these people through treatments like dental implants in Perth. There is no reason why they should need to live with missing teeth because they have acquired dental anxiety from past experiences.

Everyone is different and will have different reasons why they are feeling apprehensive about dental implants. However, there are some common concerns that can be addressed with the right approach.

Fear of pain

No one looks forward to something that they are worried will be painful. However, getting dental implants should be a pain-free procedure. Local anaesthetic is applied to the area where the implants will be fitted so that the patient does not feel anything during the procedure. If this is not enough to allay someone’s fears, they may be offered extra forms of sedation to help them feel calm. In the most extreme cases, it may be possible to consider general anaesthetic.

Fear due to loss of control

Getting a dental treatment can feel like a vulnerable experience. This can often be addressed with a consistent flow of information both before and during the procedure, so the patient always knows what is going on and can stop the process if they wish to.

Understanding Sedation in Dentistry

Girl undergoing dental implantMost of the cosmetic dentistry procedures like dental implants in Manteca, California requires the administration of local anesthesia. However, the experts at Smile Designs Dentistry say that there are specific instances and patient situations which will require the use of sedation. Nevertheless, sedation as part of the implant procedure has risks involved. Patients should know this so they can better understand and manage their situation.

Sedation as a Fundamental to Cosmetic Procedures

Recommending Sedation

You might wonder how you will know if sedation is right for you. The dentist will weigh the risks and benefits with you even before you make any decision regarding your dental treatment and care.

Who Are the Best Candidates for Sedation?

Sedation can be very convenient for several patients who dread going to the dental office yo undergo any procedure. Also, you are more likely to be sedated if you require more than one complicated treatment at the same time. Sedation can prevent the patient from making several separate appointments for any dental surgery.

Administering Sedation

While any dentist will administer local anesthesia to numb an area, some patients require sedation or anesthesia. If the patient has an allergy to local anesthesia or has a severe gag reflex, then the dentist will recommend sedation dentistry.

How Is It Administered?

The patient might also wonder about the different types of sedatives and how it is administered. There are two methods by which the dentists would administer sedation in dentistry.  The first is intravenous and the second is oral. You will be given a sedative to help you relax during the process though you will still be able to communicate with the dentist. If given orally, you will be given a pill to calm you and if intravenously, you will be given sedative through an IV needle.

How Will It Affect You?

A sedative takes about 24 hours before it completely wears off, unlike local anesthesia that takes about only 3 to 4 hours. The sedative will affect your driving abilities as well as impair your senses, so it is required to have someone with you after the procedure.

Other Things to Remember 

The dentist will have to remind you that you must be accompanied by someone when the day of the operation comes or have someone to drive you to and from the dental office. Any dental office will not release you unless you are accompanied by an adult to take you home. Your dentist may not require you to go under sedation for a dental implant procedure, but if the dentist explains why you need it, make sure that you have a loved one by your side to help you.

Braces That Align With Your Life

teeth straightening for the right candidate. Invisalign Invisalign is an outstanding method of The system is one of clear aligners that fit over the top of your teeth. Not only does this mean realignment without a mouthful of brackets and wires, but they are also clear and so practically invisible to an onlooker.

When you get Invisalign at a practice like One Smile Oral Care in West Malling, they will talk you through the entire process and give you the details you need to make the decision to go ahead. When you hear these you will notice that there is a level of commitment required from you in order to go ahead. This treatment involves an investment of money, time and care into the future of your smile and the impact it has on your life.

Your level of commitment

Invisalign treatment typically takes around 12 months to complete. You need to be prepared to invest at least this much time. Your dentist will be able to give you a more accurate predication when they make your treatment plan with you. You will also need to wear a retainer for about the same amount of time afterwards. This may only need to be at night.

This method of treatment takes a little discipline. You need to wear your aligner for more than 22 hours each day and only remove them to eat and to clean them. If you do not, then you may not get the result you want inside the original time frame.

Cleaning is another area where you will need to get into some good habits. After you eat without your aligner in, you need to brush your teeth thoroughly before replacing it. This is so that food does not get trapped behind it and held against your teeth. You also need to clean the aligner itself a couple of times a week by soaking it in a special solution.


There is also the financial investment involved. You are likely to have to fund the treatment yourself. While this method is comparable in cost to traditional methods, you do still need to be prepared. Your dentist may be able to offer you the opportunity to spread the cost over time.