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4 Ways to Learn Multimedia and Graphic Design

Graphic Design Wallpaper on Laptop

Graphic Design Wallpaper on LaptopWith the society transitioning into a digital age, it is coming to a point that knowledge in multimedia and graphic arts is a must. Nowadays, lots of employers require such skills, other than a college degree. You may wish to learn such skills whether for business purposes, entertainment or employment.

The growing demand for such skills is evident, so here are four different ways to learn multimedia and graphic designing.

  1. Obtain a bachelor’s degree from a university

Almost all world class universities are offering degrees in graphic arts, multimedia design or any other related field. Most of the time, colleges and universities offer a full bachelors curriculum in these skills, along with some other fields of knowledge that may come in handy for preparation in the profession.

  1. Obtain a certificate from a technical school

While colleges and universities offer a bachelor’s degree, it may require lots of money, time and effort to obtain, as it prepares a student for a full professional track. However, a more practical and economical option is to obtain a certificate course or a short course in multimedia arts from an accredited technical school. Some offer the basic and advanced skill sets which instantly prepares a student to obtain a specifically required skill set in a couple of weeks or months, with relatively minimal fees.

  1. Learn through eLearning or distance education

Through advancement in digital technology, it is now even possible to obtain a degree in multimedia arts through online learning or distance education. You may pay fees on an online school and obtain a diploma or certificate depending on your course and its duration. Lots of online schools are on the rise today, as observed in the U.S. by the Southern Business Journal. By utilising the Internet and online learning software or courses, explains www.velpic.com, it is now easy to obtain a graphic design education within the comforts of one’s home.

  1. Benefit from free online courses

This one is very similar to distance education. However, this one is free and offers a simplified and very limited set of skills. It is not to be undermined, though, as sites like Coursera offer a variety of multimedia subjects actually offered by world-class universities. You may also receive a certificate of completion for accomplishment of assignments and weekly quizzes.

Art Collecting: The Enlightenment that Feeds Your Creative Soul

Art Collecting

Art CollectingIt’s a fact: collectors possess brilliant and creative minds.

Notable scientist Charles Darwin bore great interest with his nature studies, which drove him to collect different species of bugs. Novelist Vladimir Nabokov passionately added butterflies to his collection while David M. Lee, a Nobel laureate in Physics, also collected bugs and railway time tables.

Your passion for art collection holds many promises, especially in terms of creativity.

Collecting: A Source of Knowledge and Inspiration

Art collection runs hand in hand with your growing thirst for knowledge. In Darwin’s case, his continuing pursuit for more information leads him to know more by collecting the bugs. Your passion for collection says more about your interest in the arts; you collect because you want to know more about aesthetics and the artist themselves.

Twfineart.com, which deals with contemporary art, also states that collection can also serve as your source of inspiration. For Japanese artist Joan Miró (who collected clay whistles), his collection encouraged the happiest of childhood memories. The brightly painted whistles inspired the playful tone of his paintings.

Collections Exercise Creative Thinking

Art collecting exercises the necessary mental tools that stimulate creativity. As a collector, you learn accurate observation and recognize patterns. When you learn how to perceive, you sharpen your creativity in patterns and artistic elements. Eventually, you train yourself to determine which piece does not sit well with your collection.

After all, broken patterns teach you by challenging your expectations and conceptions.

These creative exercises also teach you about aesthetics. Your art collection sharpens your examination of nature and what you experience from it. Your creativity is no longer a stranger to symmetry, order, and proportion; the same can be said when you combine intuition, human emotion, and your appreciation for the arts.

In a nutshell, art collection provides the sensual and intellectual stimulation that sharpens your creativity. Similar to any creative effort, your collection inspires you to know more and appreciate art better than before.

Feed your inner art collector and enjoy the benefits of creative enlightenment for your soul.