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How to Maintain Great Indoor Air Quality at Home

a man fixing the air filterThe quality of the air inside your home matters a lot. Not only does it play a role in maintaining good health, but it also ensures that your home is comfortably cool inside. Bad air quality can cause health issues like headaches, irritation, and respiratory problems. These are four ways to keep the indoor air quality of your home in excellent condition.

1. Hire Heating and Cooling Services

One of the most effective ways to keep the quality of air inside your house at a high level is to maintain and repair your heating and cooling system.  You should call a service that installs and repairs heating and cooling systems in your Raleigh, North Carolina home to boost the indoor air quality.

2. Install Air Cleaners

There are a lot of cleaners you can buy in the market right now. Go for something that focuses on particle removal as it sifts out dust from the air.

Air cleaners and filters remove allergens and bacteria in the air. Make sure to maintain them according to the manufacturer’s directions on a regular basis, so they will continue to function properly.

3. Ban Smoking Inside the House

The scent of smoke stays in a room for days, especially when you rarely open your windows. To make sure that the odor does not remain, you should encourage people to smoke outside the house.

4. Keep Your Interiors Clean

You should also try to maintain cleanliness in your house. A house could accumulate dust over time and could become humid on warm days, so you need to keep it neat and tidy. You should also watch out for humidity because it can cause mold infestations.

Never underestimate the role that indoor air quality plays in creating a conducive living space and in keeping you in good health.

3 Common Causes of a Faulty Air Conditioner

Repair man opening up air conditioning unitIf you’ve already experienced spending a hot summer afternoon in a home plagued with AC problems, you understand better than anyone else the discomfort. And the least of the things you want is a repeat of that situation. Therefore, don’t risk your summer’s comfort. Know the common causes of air conditioning issues and how you can prevent them.

Low Refrigerant

Air conditioners use refrigerants to get rid of humidity and heat from the air in your property. If your AC system develops leaks in its refrigerant lines, the refrigerant won’t be sufficient to cool the air. Seek the services of an expert in air conditioning repair in Bessemer City.

Frozen Evaporator Coils

The evaporator coil of your unit is filled with refrigerant, and it plays an integral role in absorbing heat from the air. The coils require circulation of warm air to function effectively. Therefore, the airflow should be appropriate so that the evaporator coil doesn’t get cold.

Fan Problems

Air conditioning systems have two fans, one that’s used to blow indoor air over the evaporator coil of the unit to cool air and the other used to blow air outside the condenser to get rid of the absorbed heat outside the home. When one of the fans isn’t operating as it should, you end up with a reduced flow of air in your home. Fan problems result from lack of lubrication, faulty motors, too much debris and dirt, and worn out belts.

Having read these common causes of air conditioning faults, you can quickly ensure that you prevent them. Besides, you don’t want to risk your air conditioning system by fixing the faults without professional help. You should hire an air conditioning expert to repair your unit.

The Four Most Common Air Conditioning Issues

man repairing ACProblems with your air conditioning could stem from different underlying causes ranging from improper operation, inadequate maintenance, and even installation mistakes. Here are common problems you could experience with your AC and their possible causes.

1. Power Issues

If the AC does not turn on, the problem could be a tripped circuit breaker, loose wiring, or a blown fuse. Check all of these possible causes, and if it is any one of them, you can easily resolve the problem on your own.

But, if there is no problem with these parts and the AC is not working still, call an air conditioning repair service in Whangamata; they will be able to identify the more complex issue.

2. Not Cooling Properly

If the AC is not spewing cold air even if the thermostat is in the right setting, this could stem from a handful of causes. First off, you might have to change the air filter if you have not replaced it for a long time.

An undercharged refrigerant or a leak could be another probable cause. The refrigerant is the compound responsible for absorbing heat from the room. That is why low levels of it will affect an AC’s functioning.

3. Dripping Water

If you notice water dripping from your unit, this is indicative of one of these two issues: clogged condensate drain or airflow obstruction, which could lead to frozen coils.

You could flush out a clogged condensate line with compressed air. Refrigerant leak, dirty air filter, or an obstructed duct could cause frozen coils. If this is the case, better turn off the unit and call a professional to address this issue.

4. Noisy AC

The most common culprit if you noticed your AC making strange or loud noises is its fan. Loose parts, stray debris, broken belts, and worn bearings could be causing the sound. An HVAC professional is best equipped to handle this problem.

Proper and regular maintenance is still the best way to ensure that you would not have glitches with your unit. Also, you have to address issues immediately as they arise, however minor so that your AC problem would not snowball into an expensive mess.

Coping with Ruined Plans for the Summer


Air Conditioning in PerthThere times when people have to stay indoors during summer. There are so many lists out there that enumerate what to do outside, but sometimes budgets are not willing. Or people simply like the indoors better than outside.

It’s easy to feel a bit lonely or even guilty (for those who like to stay inside and have outdoorsy friends). Most likely, people have their own reasons and self-justifications to forgo fun summer plans. Something that goes along the lines of ‘I’ll go next year’ or ‘I don’t really need a vacation’.

This very short list will attempt to soothe the sadness and guilt for not fulfilling planned activities.

1. Air conditioning

Summers are really just the worst in Australia. It’s mostly hot without it but when it comes on December and February — and even continuing until May. Certain places, like Perth, even experience more sun.

Getting sunburned is hardly the point of summer outings, so why risk it and endure the harsh heat when you can stay indoors and have cool air blowing through the AC unit? Sometimes, air conditioning in Perth is better than any travel you might imagine.

2. Free food

Not paying for food is one of the best things in the world. Staying as home ensures free food in the fridge. Granted, you’ve paid for those already but you have the freedom to make anything you want from them.

3. Wi-Fi monopoly

Public Wi-Fi isn’t really the best way to check up on your stuff online, especially if the place is really crowded. At least, at home, even if you don’t have the best Internet connection, it’s still all yours. Well, maybe not just yours, if you don’t live alone.

By now, you are probably thinking how this list can help you. The answer may be something you’ve been doing for a long while already.

Well, the answer is this thing called cognitive dissonance. This short list isn’t really the best way to cope with your conflicted feelings of not being able to go for a trip you’ve planned for how many months. However, it’s enough to deal with something you’ve expected but didn’t happen, or justifying an action that you have been doing for a long while.

Cognitive dissonance is a shrewd way to cope with ruined plans, but it works. And yes, air conditioning is still the best way to cope with summer.