Sealers, Tensioners & All You Need to Know About Strapping Hand Tools

Man checking out the boxesYou may have noticed that the last item you ordered online arrived on your doorstep with a strapping material. Two of the primary purposes of this strapping element are offering physical protection to your cargo and facilitating loading and unloading from the vessel of transportation (ship, plane or vehicle).

If your shipper does it well enough, the strapping is also to prevent unauthorised personnel from opening your luggage while it is in transit.

That is why it is always crucial that as a provider of cargo securing solutions, you ensure you use the right equipment in bundling your customers’ goods. One critical element of cargo securement is strapping hand tools, which, broadly, fall under sealers and tensioners.


As the name suggests, you use this strapping equipment to wrap items. Sealers are best for use when you need to store products for a short time. One typical application of sealers is in the transportation of perishable goods, such as agricultural products.

You can also use sealers with robust plastic wraps to reinforce boxes, crates or pallets, and holding bales together. You, however, should stick to the working load limits.


These strapping tools are stronger and more durable than sealers. You use steel (galvanised, painted or waxed) to bundle bulky items such as metal coils, rods and poles, and wood, concrete or clay bricks. Polypropylene straps also find common usage here, especially, if you deal with securing items that change in volume with change in temperature and moisture content in the surrounding environment.

You are right to classify strapping hand tools into sealers and tensioners. However, you should not ignore that you can have one that combines these two features. You can also your provider of cargo securing products to find you an automated strapping tool so that you can increase your general output in the number of items you can strap appropriately in any particular time. You will also need less energy to use this automatic strapping equipment, thus making strapping less involving.