Press Fit Fittings: Benefits For Your Operations

A pile of press fittings

A pile of press fittingsIn the Australian plumbing industry, press fit fittings have grown in popularity. To understand better why this industry has gradually embraced it, here are its installation advantages and some reasons press fit fittings are preferable than traditional braze fitting.

Enhances Site Safety

Safety and health should be a priority in any workspace — no matter what industry you belong to and whoever your workers are. Commencing a welding job requires the company set up to acquire hot works permit to legally accomplish the task at hand. During soldering, they encounter dangers of carbon flux or deposits left as a consequence of the installation.

Peace of Mind

A particularly prominent advantage of press fittings, especially those three-point press varieties, is that they provide more layer of security. Thus, giving the installer peace of mind because they know that these will seal the joint correctly and safely.

When it comes to traditional approaches, there is a danger that the installer could leave the fitting incomplete. This happens if they are unable to get the solder flow the surrounding joint correctly, which then leads to leaks.

Quicker than Braze

The common approaches still do have their spot in the plumbing market nowadays. However, the upswing of the press has been compelled by a faster set up time in comparison to braze.

Press fittings make task completion three times quicker than brazing. They also lower the time required for installers to spend on the site. This is because they will not need the site permits and assessments when using flame-based fittings.

Besides being an ideal solution for the industry, it is essential to consider spending your finances on the best fittings available on the market. Brass and copper solutions are usually preferred because their durability and strength cannot always match plastic substitutes.