Pointers on Alleviating Your Teenager’s Body Confidence Problems

Invisalign in TaylorsvilleA teenager’s body is filled with change. Each day, they’ll realize something is different from their peers and can feel either good or bad about it. If your son or daughter does open up to you, then be ready with a few words of wisdom.

Let Them Vent – Sometimes, all a kid needs to feel better about the situation is to talk it out. The idea that there’s someone willing to listen to them is a great help. When they do ask for your support, opinion, or advice, remind them that they would need to listen before you speak your mind.

Encourage – Clichés that you hear on TV or in the movies that state that they’re “beautiful no matter what the world tells them.” won’t always work. There are facts that can make or break a person’s self-image, such as pimples, teeth, hair, skin health, and body odor. These things are physical and can be a breaking point for them, so if they feel ugly because they have a greasy face, then offer solutions along with your motivational speech.

Offer Physical Solutions – Some problems can actually be fixed via modern technological advancements. Crooked or gapped teeth can be fixed with Invisalign via a local Taylorsville dentist like Redwood Orthodontics. There are dermatological treatments that can help oily skin. Stringy, lifeless hair can be fixed with the right salon therapy and modern hair products. For other cosmetic enhancements, consult with your family doctor about appropriate medical options.

Talking about an awkward and sometimes emotionally driven phase of their life can be hard for any young person. It doesn’t make it easier if they have no adults willing to listen when they open up. Be that mature one that respects their fears while listening to them and you’d have offered them heaps of good in that gesture alone.