Do I need a two-wheel trailer or would a one-wheel trailer do?

trailer truck

trailer truckIf you are considering purchasing trailer parts over the internet, you may be inclined to ask yourself which one is better: a two-wheel trailer or a one wheel trailer? The answer lies in a number of factors such as purpose, budget, and preference. Here are some of the advantages offered by each one to help you in your decision.

  • Weight
    If you are thinking of tongue weight, this entirely depends on how heavy the cargo you intend to place on it, shares A1 Trailer Parts. For more weight control, you can’t go wrong with two-wheeled trailers as they offer more stability. In most instances, the single wheel is located at the far rear portion of the trailer, which transfers most of the weight to the hitch as well as the rear wheel of the vehicle. Two wheel trailers can balance the weight better as the weight is distributed evenly on both wheels, especially that the axle is closer to the centre which allows for better weight balance.
  • Stability
    A two wheel trailer also offers better stability because it can stand on its own, when you hook or unhook it compared to single wheel models. The addition of a tongue stand will keep it off the ground and offer easy access to the content within. When it comes to single-wheel trailer, there is a need to balance it when unhooking.
  • Resistance to Wind
    It is a known fact that wind resistance connects with driving speed. The spacing between the vehicle and the trailer should be considered because a lot of drag is formed in this area. The shape as well as the form of the trailer can minimise wind resistance and create better balance.
  • Road Convenience
    Single wheel trailers are known to be quite convenient when it comes to passing narrow roads compared to two wheel trailers. In areas where lane splitting is considered legal, the trailer can conveniently follow the path and movement of the vehicle. Two wheel trailers are a bit wide and can at times cause an obstruction on the road.
  • Storage Capacity
    Generally, two wheel trailers offer better loading capacity because of their wide berth. They are best used for camping or loading heavy cargo. Single wheeled trailers are best for lightweight travel purposes only.