Keep Them Comfy & Refreshed: Bathing Your Elderly Parents

An elderly woman taking a bathTaking care of your elderly parents requires putting your heart into it. In one way or another, it could be one of the means to give back to them — after all the love and care they have given you. Other than feeding them, massaging their backs, or taking a stroll with them, it is an equally important task to help them take a bath.

Both of you may feel embarrassed about the prospect, but it’s okay. Do not let such feelings overwhelm you. If you want to keep them comfortable while bathing them, here are some of thcome things you should keep in mind:

Comfort first

Comfort should be the first thing you need to promote. What you can do is make sure that the water is not too cold or not too hot. Use soap that does not contain allergens or harsh ingredients. You can massage their back and muscles if you want them to make the most of their bath time. You can also use some body or calming oils to help them relax.

Promoting safety

You may install some equipment or aid to ensure safety. Grab bars and bathroom handles are some of the things you may need. Instead of showers, Heavenly Walk In Tubs noted that it is much safer to bathe your elderly parents in a bathtub. On top of these, you have to place anti-slip mat on the floor.

Privacy matters

It can be embarrassing for both of you, but there is a way to do it. Allow them some privacy by letting them wrap a towel around their waist. You can also install a curtain around the bathing area, especially if your parents just want to wash on their own.

These are just some of the ways to ensure comfort and safety when bathing your parents. Be patient and always prioritize what is necessary to keep them comfortable.