Innovative Features That Influence Your Choice of a Pedicure Chair

pedicure salon setup

pedicure salon setupThe beauty industry is among those with very high returns. This sector remains unaffected by economic fluctuations since people need to look good regardless of economic times. The industry also allows investors to diversify into hair, nails, makeup and other beauty treatments rather than focus in one area.

Pedicures will provide one of the highest returns for your business. Getting the best pedicure chair from your beauty salon equipment supplier is vital to ensure that you give top-quality pedicures. Here are some innovative features you should base your pedicure chair choice on to get the best one.

Pipeless Jet Systems

Pedicure chairs with pipeless jet systems use different jet devices that eliminate the risk of system clogs from body dirt and hair. In these chairs, the motor is independently mounted under the tub, eliminating the need for pipes. The jet systems supply water to your chair for a pedicure’s sanitation processes.

Full-Function Massages Systems

The relaxation and comfort of your client in the pedicure chair is paramount. Traditionally, vibration and rolling technologies were used to achieve this. These days, pedicure chairs are equipped with human touch and shiatsu massage technologies for enhanced customer relaxation and comfort. The chairs likewise come in different types, designs and updated features, which enable clients to choose their ideal comfort levels.

Auto-Fill Systems

This feature allows your chair’s water basin to fill to its ideal level and automatically start its whirlpool. An auto-fill system saves the time used by your workers to fill up basins and shut off the water. It, therefore, leaves them with more time to work on a higher number of clients and reduces their fatigue.

If your pedicure chair is outdated and inconvenient, it will only drive away clients. They would then rather stay home and do their pedicures themselves. Investing in a chair with the above innovative features is sure to maintain a long list of customers in your nail salon.