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How Laser Cutting Can Turn Your Hobby into Money

laser cutter on steelOne of the hottest tools in the manufacturing business right now is laser cutters. Laser cutting machine distributors are turning them more compact, making it more accessible for commercial use. If crafting is your thing, you can have a field day with laser cutters. You can turn your hobby into income-generating creations.

Intricately-designed furniture

A laser can cut through various materials like metal, wood, or plastic. Because of this, you can add intricate designs to your otherwise plain furniture. A curlicue lining the edges of a table adds an elegant twist to it. You can cut decoupage into light fixture covers to create stunning designs and patterns people would pay good money for.

Laser-cut clothes

Yes, even fabrics and leather can be laser cut. This method is known for its extreme accuracy and cutting with sealed fabric edges. It’s no wonder why fashion powerhouses like Alexander McQueen and Burberry pioneered the use of laser cutting in fashion. If you’re into fashion and want to start your own line, make it unique with laser cutting. Your dresses, bags, and shoes will surely stand out with their distinct laser-cut patterns.

Paper cutting

If you’re into more traditional craft, playing with paper is for you. Today, you can make a profit out of laser-cut papers. Wedding invitations become more elegant with laser-cut borders. Greeting cards can have occasion-specific designs. Imagine cutting little reindeers for Christmas cards!

Wall art

Technically, the previous examples qualify as art. But, they’re functional. With laser cutting machines, you can make art for display. Carve it into wood or metal. You can even recreate photos on a wood frame by using a laser. This makes for a unique art piece that people would cash over.

Advancements in technology help improve lives. But, with innovation and creativity, these cutting-edge technologies will prove useful to you in more ways than one.

Both Personnel and Management Benefit from Employee Benefits Software

Worker-owned Health Benefits

Worker-owned Health BenefitsKeeping employees happy and contented is a hard task. The answers go beyond perks and incentives to include training and work challenges. Job satisfaction can also hinge on the health benefits package. If the employee is content with their health benefits package, there is less reason to leave.

Aside from that, there are advantages of employee benefits software for both the employer and employee.

More than Just Compliance

Having a modern benefits software means the company has a comprehensive package that is easy to maintain, flexible for employees, and allows the company to plan for the following year. The planning process involves budget considerations and consultation with the employees.

This takes a lot of time for the HR department and the employees concerned. Having an automated process lessens the hours spent on planning, while at the same time providing better communications and interaction between HR and the employees.

More engaged employees are happier, as it gives them more inputs towards their benefits.

Simplicity and Diversity

Traditional employee benefits packages give all employees of the same company the same benefits across the board. It does not take into account the difference in needs between the employees. One person might need more coverage than another might.

In another case, an employee who is married with children would have his wife and kids covered, while an employee who is single would not have the same benefits. Flexible coverage employee benefits would give the single employees the same approximate benefit or parity with their married colleagues.

The employees can choose between different plans and options that give them the best coverage with the least cashout. At the same time, it can ultimately lead to more take-home pay due to pre-tax deductions for premiums.

This flexibility in service and employee benefits goes a long way in keeping an employee happy.

Employee benefits planning is not only about providing the best coverage for the employee, but it also comes with the least impact on their take-home pay. It can also save money for the employer and help them keep staff turnover to a minimum.

Different Kinds of Hay Rakes, Explained

Traditional rake on top of hay

Traditional rake on top of hayThe quality of hay you produce is highly dependent on the type of rake that you choose. Making this decision becomes easier if you know more about the available options. That way, you can compare them to your needs and make your pick.

Hay rakes for sale in Australia come in many shades. They have different features that make them functional. The best yielding rake will be fit for purpose and easy to maintain. It will be versatile and in some cases, adjustable.

Wheel Rakes

Made of 8 to 12 wheels mounted on a cart, the wheel rake spins fast and piles the hay in neat and bale-able windrows. Since wind drives it, it eliminates the need for high horsepower tractors to operate and is in effect easy to maintain.

It can perform the task fast without compromising efficiency, and you can adjust the width of the rakes to suit the bale size you want. The downside to this rake is that because it touches the ground all through, hay often mixes with things like rocks and debris. It can also not work for heavy, high moisture hay.


Also called the V-rake, this rake is similar to the wheel rake in design. The only difference is that the Q-rake can fold to ease travel and storage. It can rake in high speeds and produce consistent hay across different conditions.

It is also low maintenance since its design allows the easy replacement of the blades when the need arises. However, the Q-rake is heavy and thus requires more horsepower to operate. It has a short cutting bar, and so the windrows produced have a short width.

Rotary Rakes

The rotary rake has 8 to 12 circular-spinning tine arms. They never touch the ground so the hay produced is high quality. The rake is adjustable, and so you can control the width of the yield. It can also be used for wet, dry, thin or heavy hay easily. The rotary rake is very expensive and difficult to maintain because it requires hydraulics and PTO to power.

As mentioned, choosing the wrong rake and hay equipment could mess up the quality of your product. It can also mean spending more than necessary for purchase and maintenance. However, this need not be the case. With some knowledge, you no longer need to rake your brain; it’s enough to rake the hay.

Memphis Police to Launch New Dispatch System for Faster Response Times

Police car and a policeman

Police car and a policemanThe Memphis Police Department (MPD) expects the use of the Intergraph Mobile for Public Safety (IMPS) to improve the response time for police calls, according to the department’s director of emergency communications.

MPD Emergency Communications Administrator Michael Spencer said that the GPS-based system would allow police officers to take action more quickly by sending the nearest squad car.

GPS-Equipped Computers

While a police vehicle with an emergency vehicle led light bar lets officers to avoid traffic, further explains that the use of the new technology would make work easier for dispatchers. The MPD has installed the IMPS tool on laptops in mobile units, which would easily determine the location of squad cars and the type of emergency calls.

The technology comes at a good time, as the city’s police force grapples with fewer members. As of October, there were just 1,981 police officers that fell below the desirable 2,400 members. However, the department would likely receive fewer reports on juvenile cases as these have steadily fallen since 2011.

Law-Abiding Juveniles

Total criminal charges against juvenile delinquents in Memphis have dropped since 2011, according to an analysis of Juvenile Court figures between January and August 2017. These criminal cases included felonies and misdemeanors, which fell 59.7% versus 2011 and 25.2% compared to 2016.

Juvenile Court Judge Dan Michael suggested that a further reduction of the juvenile crime rate should begin with correcting the child’s behavior. At this stage, they avoid becoming adult offenders that are “habitually tied to the criminal justice system,” according to Michael. Initiatives, like the Operation: Safe Community crime plan, are some of the solutions that could break the cycle of juvenile cases in the city, especially for repeat offenders.

The IMPS tool would be a good solution to address a need for quicker response time among police officers in Memphis. It would also prevent the further spread of crimes, particularly those involving young people.

Real, Long-Term Ways to Lower Your Energy Bills

Solar panel on a roofWhen we talk about saving energy and lowering your energy consumption, instant solutions are non-existent. There is no one-size-fits-all approach, and there is no gizmo you can plug in to reduce your actual use of energy.

Temporary fixes might make a little difference, but their temporary nature goes against your intention of saving energy for the long-term. To really make a dent on your energy usage, you must be willing to invest, first. Here are some changes you can make that will make a huge difference in how much energy you use at home, in the long term.

Use Solar Panels

Solar energy is free and you receive plenty of it especially during the hot months. Why not harness that energy to lower your dependence on the power grid? Investing in residential solar power in South Jersey can even give you some tax credits, and you might even get rebates from the utility company if you send back excess generated electricity to the grid. Solar power setups are typically sturdy and require only a little maintenance. You can recoup the investment if you stay long enough in your home; typically, five to ten years.

Get ENERGY STAR Labeled Windows

Replacement windows are also quite costly, but that’s the price you have to pay if you want your windows to make a difference at all. Old windows usually don’t have any form of insulation. They allow heat and cold transfer, and probably also leak air and water. The best quality windows can lower the penetration of UV rays by up to 95%, won’t fade or crack, and have strong warranties. Pro tip: Avoid customizing, if you can help it. Customizing windows can lead to more costs than you may be ready for. Stick to standard sizes and styles if you want to avoid additional expenses.

Invest in an Operable Skylight

If you want windows that work well in allowing natural ventilation in your home, casement windows are a top choice. But if you want to double that effectiveness, have an operable skylight installed. Take advantage of the chimney effect. Let cool air enter through your big casement windows. It will push the hot air up and through the open skylight. You can lower your dependence on artificially cooled air if you have this setup.

These suggestions may cost a pretty penny, initially, but the effects are long-term rather than immediate. You can depend on them for decades to lower the use of energy, which means enjoying the savings and helping the environment.

Colorado Goes Green! Find Out How

Young technician checking solar panelsShifting to renewable energy sources is all about sustainability. As the population grows, the demand for power increases. Given the limits of the sources of conventional energy, the prices can soar. Some people can no longer afford it. Other areas may not receive power consistently.

High dependency on coal and other non-renewable resources is damaging the planet. It changes the ecosystem and exacerbates climate change, which has a tremendous economic impact.

Fortunately, some states walk the talk – that is, go green as much as possible. One of these is Colorado. did some research to find out how.

Embracing Renewable Energy

In 2016, the Centennial State derives a huge percentage of its power from different green sources. These include hydropower, biomass, wind, and solar. Furthermore, the last few years since passing Renewable Energy Standard, it raised the minimum requirement thrice. By 2020, at least 30 percent of its generated power should come from green technology.

Various cities also commit themselves to going renewable. One of these is Pueblo, which aims to achieve the goal by 2035.

Available Options

Colorado has a robust wind energy industry. But its fastest-growing source of renewable energy is solar. As of 2015, the demand for it increased by almost 380 percent.

You can attribute the growth of solar energy to many factors. One, it’s easier and quicker to install. Customers have the flexibility based on desired energy output and costs. They can also set up retail and commercial solar. With more than 250 days of sunshine annually, Colorado is also an ideal place for solar energy.

Solar panels can cost you around $20,000 for a 5-kilowatt power. While that’s a lot of money, you can apply for a tax credit of 30 percent. Panels also have a warranty that’s good for 20 years while companies can provide financing. Most of all, you can save as much as $1,100 per year of utility.

How Can You Dominate Local Search?

People discussing LOCAL SEO

Localizing your SEO efforts have increasingly become an important strategy for online success. You have to optimize off- and on-site to boost your rank in your city, neighborhood or, more broadly, your country. An expert on SEO services from Denver noted the following tactics that enable you to achieve your objectives.

Citations and Online Directories

One of the strategies that small businesses overlook is failing to list their company consistently and properly on directories, such as Merchant Circle and Yelp. Owners must also search for alternative and respectable local online directories to reach their audiences. Your brand’s NAP or name, address, and phone number must be consistent with all the listings you publish them on. Discrepancies in spelling, abbreviations, name differences, or a wrong number have a negative effect on your search result.

Structured Data Markup

Schema markup or ‘ markup’ is a code that you can use to provide Google and other search engines with detailed information about your company, such as the reviews you get and the services you offer and items on sale. Google encourages websites to use this because it helps their spiders identify the content of sites. This strategy may improve the standing of your local business and put you on the first page.

The Importance of Online Reviews

Many small and big businesses are beginning to realize how important online reviews from customers are. A review legitimizes your business and may attract more people to visit your establishment. A good or bad review will travel fast, and that’s why you should do your part in providing your market with quality products and services. There are reputation marketing tools and software at your disposal some of them include Trust pilot and Reputation Loop. Other platforms such as Tiny Torch and Hootsuite are also good options.

These are some of the strategies that enable you to improve your localized SEO. Implement these to get the results you want and gain a competitive advantage.

Crash King: Overcoming the Record of Having the Highest Crash Rate in the World

Car Crash Accident

Car Crash AccidentSafety technologies for automobiles have improved since the average car came out more than a decade ago. In fact, the best new-car safety features include backup cameras and sensors, park assist features and voice controls. It is somewhat ironic, then, that there are still about 90 car crash casualties every day in the US alone.

When compared to other high-income countries, the US tops the list of highest car-crash related rates in the world. As the demand for car accident attorneys increase, in what ways can the nation make driving on four wheels safer and curb roadway accident death?

The Need to Look at the Potential of the Country in Promoting Safer Transport

From 2000 to 1013, the country has managed to bring down the rate of car crash deaths by 31%. Strategies, such as enforcing seatbelt usage and drunken driving laws, have successfully helped bring down the numbers, which is proof of how laws can significantly reduce car injuries and deaths.

Countries and Areas Differ in their Enforcement of Automobile Safety

The lack of uniformity in the enforcement of automobile safety had its part to play in increasing car crash rates. While almost every state has its own law requiring car passengers to wear a seatbelt, there are some that do not require adult rear passengers to buckle up. Additionally, countries define drunken driving differently: in Canada and the US, they limit blood alcohol concentration to 0.08 grams per deciliter, while others flag down drivers with a blood alcohol level of 0.02%.

Obeying Speed Limits and Driving Safely Can Significantly Reduce Car Deaths

In the Vital Signs report released by the CDC, infrequent seat belt use, speeding, and alcohol use are main factors behind the high car crash-related deaths in the country. This suggests that further progress is plausible. The CDC suggests putting up sobriety checkpoints, lowering blood concentration limits, and making 21 the minimum legal drinking age for better road safety.

The country should capitalize on providing better and safer transport that every citizen deserves. Through a more stringent crackdown on road safety, there is hope in lowering the crash death rates at a faster pace.

Avoid Massive Losses: Secure Your Business Premises from Burglars

Burglar Breaking In
A burglary at your place of business could have you at a distinct disadvantage and leave you nursing huge losses. The article highlights some of the most efficient ways to keep your premises safe and secure.

A burglary can mean the difference between the success of your business and go broke. Tough economic times mean that you need to avoid any situations that can have you at a disadvantage. Keeping burglars and unauthorized personnel off your premises is a great place to start.

Keep it well lit

Many of the burglaries in the commercial setup happen during the night when there is a significant dip in human activity. Poorly lit buildings and storage facilities act as thief magnets as the darkness cloaks all activities. Keeping your premises well lit at night serves as a deterrent measure. Just be sure to place the lighting fixtures in a manner that eliminates all dark areas. Additionally, inspect your premises on a regular basis and replace any bulbs that burn out.

Eliminate all sources of cover

In addition to securing your premises with a durable industrial aluminum fence, you need to clear the grounds around your premises. Overgrown thickets and shrubbery provide excellent protection to anyone seeking to break into the premises. Trim any bushes and trees within the compound to lower the chance of someone taking refuge in them. Be sure to avoid having trees and thickets next to the windows and doors. Thieves can climb over a packed car or a tree to gain access to the upper levels of your premises.

Invest in an alarm system

Security systems come in different types and sizes to fit all budgets. If you’re on a tight budget, you can opt for a simple system that can alert you in the case of an invasion. Burglars often avoid premises secured with an alarm system as it can draw attention to their activity. On the other hand, you can splurge on a complex system that includes video surveillance and motion sensors if you have the budget for it.

Keeping burglar out of business premises is a top priority for many people as it bears a considerable influence on business success. Fortunately, you have many options to secure your premises and avoid massive losses.

Digital Marketing: Why You Need it Now

digital business in Denver, CO
The importance of digital marketing is something you cannot ignore today. Billions of dollars go into the different forms of digital marketing around the world, leading to careers that were inexistent just a decade ago, and to vast improvements in the way business is done everywhere.

Many businesses have websites now, and they have turned to the power of both paid and organic search to get the word out about their products or services. Even B2B enterprises rely to some degree on digital forms of marketing.

Social media as a marketing tool has had a polarizing effect, depending on which marketing expert you ask, but the odds favor the use of social media to connect with more customers from a certain niche. The power that market influencers enjoy today is solid proof that social media marketing works.

Another way to market your products is through an app – your business’s own app. It’s not a new development in the field of marketing, but there are still many companies that haven’t been swayed into using it. Here are some of the benefits of having an experienced app developer build a specific application for your company in Denver, CO.

It can be your direct marketing channel. Use your app to give your customers whatever they need with a few taps on their mobile – no more going to your website using a browser. Information, pricing, ordering, promotion of sales and specials, and many other functions are possible with an app.

You enjoy added visibility. A customer tinkering with his phone is always just a tap away from buying your products or hiring your services, 24/7. Without an app, you’d best hope your customers bookmark your pages on the web. It’s a no-brainer: search every time, or simply tap on an app?

It helps establish your brand. An app that’s a mainstay on a mobile screen is like a beacon or a landmark. If you offer what the customers need or think they want at the moment, they will remember they have your app on their phone or tablet. They simply have to tap.

Digital marketing is here to stay. It is likely to experience improvements in the coming years, so it makes sense to use it to your benefit as early as now. With your own website, paid and organic search efforts, and your very own app, you can be ahead of the game.