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Types of Couplers for Mini Excavators

Mini excavator being used for road constructionWhether it is clearing land, drilling holes for planting, sculpting a golf course or digging an irrigation trench, mini excavators have a broad range of uses in landscaping. Regardless the landscaping project you are involved in, experts from companies such as Tuff Stuff say that you need to change your excavator tracks, machine attachments, and couplers. All of these have a significant part in helping you increase your job efficiency. Quick connect couplers help you change your excavator’s tools in minutes and spend more of your time performing the task at hand. Here are the types of couplers available in the market.

Manual Couplers

Manual couplers necessitate the operator to get out of the excavator to switch attachments. Compared to ‘’pin-on’’ arrangements, they significantly decrease the quantity of work and save half an hour for every attachment change. They are an ideal choice for companies which change their machine attachments 3 to 4 times per week and could see a decreased downtime of about two hours each week.

Hydraulic Couplers

These permit operators to alternate attachments from inside the cab using controls and within a shorter time compared to manual couplers. They are best for companies which need attachment changes several times in a day for them to complete their work. Hydraulic couplers reduce downtimes by about 30 minutes compared to manual couplers and reduce the operator’s overall safety.

Tilt Couplers

Tilt couplers permit a rotation of 180 degrees giving the operator the ability to access places they would not typically be able to access with a pin-on arrangement. They are ideal for high-end landscaping jobs that involve shaping and sculpting like designing golf courses. Tilt couplers reduce the time taken on grading.

You need to evaluate your frequency of changing attachments and the job you are doing to find the best coupler to suit your needs. With the right coupler for your excavators, you will increase efficiency and increase your work capacity. Ensure you work with a supplier that deals with genuine spare parts that are readily available.

Your Simple Guide to Buying Steel on a Budget

Steel Pipes

Buying steel supplies need not be a daunting challenge, provided you know how to go about it. Unfortunately, many homebuilders and welders do not know where to look, so they end up paying more for steel than they should.

With these tips, however, you can save money every time you shop for steel:

Buy when prices are low

Steel prices are hardly constant, so you can get a good deal whenever you shop when steel rates are low. This gives you low acquisition prices, although you may need to pay more carrying costs if you are buying in bulk.

Compare how different stainless steel and aluminium pipes or tubing suppliers are charging before making a final decision.

Visit scrap yards

Most scrap yards can provide mild steel at unbeatable rates if you are comfortable with irregular shapes. The trick is to call as many scrap metal plates as possible and ask what they have.

While some may be unwilling to sell the public, chances are you will still be able to find one that sells tubes, plates or fillets to any one at a pound per piece.

Buy directly from producers

If you intend to buy steel in large quantities, it is best to buy it directly from the manufacturers. Buying from dealers attracts extra rates, as you have to incur dealer charges. However, if you cannot find a reliable producer in your area, you may still opt to find a dealer and then negotiate a good rate.

Ask for discounts

Most buyers pay more than they should simply because they do not ask for discounts. More than half the time, the seller is willing to offer friendly discounts to those that request them, so never give out money before finding out if the price could be lower.

Every time you order steel, ask yourself if you really have to pay all that hard-earned money or not. By being smart, you can make little savings that add up in the long run.

Best Practices to Run a Successful Warehouse Business

Business partners of a warehouse storeRegardless of how utterly messy your lives might be, you can never let that define your business as well. Every business requires a high degree of commitment and organisation to succeed. Especially when running a warehouse business, you’re required to pay attention when it comes to arrangement and maintenance.

Utilize these tips to run your warehouse successfully.

Employ the 5S (methodology)

The 16th-century Japanese workplace organisation method is still as convenient and up-to date. It includes five practices.

• Sort
Clearing unnecessary inventory in your warehouse is the first way to do away with the stumbling blocks in your business.

• Set in order
Once that is done, organise your new stock strategically in a manner easy to access.

• Shine
You don’t want your products ruined by dust and contaminations by failing to clean your warehouse. A dirty warehouse will deteriorate the value of your products.

• Standardize
Set high standards from employees to organisation and maintenance.

• Sustain
Finally, make sure all your efforts will always be worthwhile by maintaining these rules.

Mind your employees

Your employees play a significant role in the success of your business. For this reason, their safety and health are a top priority. Machines and business owners can only do so much. Educate them on the warehouse safety precautions such as dressing appropriately, ventilations, and equipment usage just to mention a few.

You do not have to witness your business go on a downward spiral due to hospital expenses, employees’ strikes and boycotts.

Get efficient racking systems

Most importantly, a warehouse business needs storage systems. There are various ways to store products in a warehouse. Choosing the best storage option largely depends on your type of products, amount of inventory and space available. To maximise your storage space and cut future maintenance costs, pallet racking systems make a durable storage option.

These ideas integrated with work ethics and a right attitude is the first step to a great and fruitful warehouse business.

More Work, More Play: Create a Productive Office Environment

Workplace Interior DesignOffices are adapting to the changing career and working environment. More than just an adjustment in the way ideas hatch, the layout of the typical office is ever-changing. Unruh Furniture presents a few tips to ensure that productivity becomes the company’s prime goal even through workspace design.

Ergonomic furniture

It’s easy to be blinded by budget deals when designing your office space. However, good companies make sure that the employees feel comfortable in their environment.

This is why a one-size-fits-all approach may not be the best thing, especially if your workplace is diverse. It’s best to consider ergonomic desks, comfortable chairs, and even the right accessories that would be ideal for your disposition.

Incorporate shared pods and individual areas

Regardless of the industry, any business requires a degree of communication among its employees. The trend of the open space office is fast becoming a must-have for start-up businesses that want to cultivate a practice of creativity and collaboration.

However, this doesn’t mean that the traditional set-up of enclosed individual spaces should be disregarded. Both collaboration pods and individual areas that can be personalized should be accessible to employees to allow for maximum productivity.

Take this into consideration when you are scouting for office furniture in Kansas City, where there are a lot of style options and functions for particular pieces.

Adjustable furniture and desks

While too much of a good thing can prove to be a hindrance in itself, having a lack of choice can have an effect that’s just as dampening to productivity. Another layout option that one can explore in the office would include adjustable desks and furniture.

Traditional offices set-ups usually have desks and cubicles that are uniform with each other. Office pieces and furniture these days are already adapting to the employees' needs to give managers and business owners the chance to increase employees' comfort.

Make sure to get office furniture in Kansas City that are adjustable. This type of furniture improves not only employee productivity but also their health.

Manpower is always a company’s best asset—so it’s imperative that you take good care of your employees even in the smallest ways.

Fun Facts about Cars That You May not Know

Lined Up Cars

For many people today, a car is a basic necessity. They can’t live without their car. They drive their car to work, to school, to the mall, and anywhere else they go. Beyond a car’s basic use, a lot of people don’t know much about their cars.

For one, you can use your vehicle to secure title loans from Loans For Less in Ogden. Here are other facts about cars that you may not know.

The Green Transportation Alternative

Early in the 20th century, people considered cars as the transportation industry’s “green” alternative. That was because people found horses disgusting. They were polluting the streets with so much poop.

Very Limited Production

Many people are aware that Ferrari is a well-known luxury car brand. But, only a few people may know that the company has a strict and exclusive policy of manufacturing only up to 14 cars a day.

The World’s Most Recycled Product

Around 95% of all cars that are no longer running are recycled. Likewise, there are about 27 million reprocessed cars released each year. Despite that, the current number of cars on the road today is around 1.2 billion. Based on projections, the figure will rise to 2 billion by 2035.

A Car Has Almost 30,000 Parts

An average automobile has approximately 30,000 parts. Imagine putting together a jigsaw puzzle with that many pieces. That is how difficult assembling a car can be. Most car parts are recyclable. These include oil filters, battery, tires, and scrap metals.

The Longest Living Automobile

The longest useful life of a car belongs to a Piccadilly-P1 Roadster manufactured by Rolls-Royce. The owner, Allen Swift of Massachusetts, maintained and drove the car for incredible 82 years. Swift got the car as a graduation gift from his father.

These are only a few fun and interesting facts about cars that not too many people are aware of.

Is it Time to Get a New One? The Symptoms of a Failing Air Conditioning Unit

Air Conditioning Unit Being Fixed

As air conditioning units are set up outside your residence, you most likely forget about it until it doesn’t work anymore. The system runs quietly and you most likely live quite removed from it until you don’t hear that familiar hum anymore. That is when you start to panic unable to imagine a life without your split system air conditioning system. Conduct Air Conditioning and other experts list some symptoms to watch out for:

Symptom #1 – the AC Now Blows Warm Air

The most apparent symptom that you won’t be able to ignore is when it starts to blow warm air. If you feel room temperature or warm air coming out of the vents, then you have an issue. It doesn’t matter if it’s the hottest day of the year because a properly working AC will still be able to blow out cool air. Otherwise, the Freon could be too low or the compressor has a problem.

Symptom #2 – the AC Runs Constantly

This symptom can be difficult to examine because your AC most likely gets quite an exercise during most days. If you observe subtle changes, like when you’re unable to shut it off or if it keeps running for a long time, then something is wrong. On the other hand, your electric bill can also tell a story as it will be higher than usual.

Symptom #3 – the AC Is Barely Blowing

If the air blowing is somehow lower than normal, then the compressor might be compromised. Meanwhile, if you only notice the change in the air in some rooms and not in all rooms, then the ductwork might be the problem. This usually occurs in residences where critters can easily come in and use the cool, dark place as their new home.

It can be difficult to tell whether your air conditioning unit simply needs to undergo another repair or if it’s time for it to retire. This is why it would be better to recognize the issue before it entirely shuts down your unit.

Why Home Businesses Should Hire Reliable Shredding Services

Woman shredding the paperDocument security is one of the biggest concerns in home businesses. In fact, entrepreneurs that manage businesses as sole proprietors in their homes encounter the same type of document security tasks and risks as any small businesses.

With many hackers targeting these small businesses due to lower defences compared to the larger firms, reports from the 2016 State of SMB Cybersecurity by Ponemon state that 50 percent of SMB’s suffer breach for the past 12 months.

Unfortunately, some 39 percent of the small entrepreneurs still do not have a policy that can deal with their confidential documents. To address this issue, shredding services offered by firms such as LKM can help improve document security in every home business.

Schedule a disposal of secure documents

The company will securely shred the paper documents no longer needed before recycling. An information security expert in this field also ensures the integrity of the document disposal procedure.

To prevent the likelihood of poor judgement or human error regarding which paperwork must undergo shredding, most companies offer clients a customised shredding policy. Part of the shredding services includes the secured disposal of hard drives and disks as well as mobile devices.

Dispose of hard drives as well

Given that you can retrieve confidential documents from old hard drives, it is important for shredding services organisations to offer hard drive disposal services as well. Although technology provides tools to enhance document security, these are just as useful as the policies that guide the usage.

Protect your business

A shredding services organisation keeps an information governance policy to protect the company’s information, both electronic and physical, that functions based on the compliance and security requirements.

It also brings a framework that gets rid of a “save everything” option that only leads to a chance of leaking confidential data.

Several companies offer shredding services through waste management solutions to small entrepreneurs. Aside from efficient customer services, they are also committed to bringing responsible recycling solutions, which provide zero-waste-to-landfill policy.

The Benefits of Using Borate Compounds

Chemist checking compounds on a microscopeMost early uses of borate materials were only common in Australia and parts of New Zealand. But the benefits of using borates attracted applications in the United States beginning in the early 1960s. Among the advantages of borate and its compounds are the following:

1. Borate compounds are durable.

Borate materials are not prone to chemical disintegration even when you expose them to water and other chemicals. For this reason, borate wood preservatives offer indefinite protection to wood from wood-devouring pests, fungi, and bacteria for years, which eliminates the need for repeated treatments.

2. They have low toxicity.

While there might be other chemicals with toxicities lower than borate’s LD-50, they cannot equal the low level of risks associated with using diffusible borate materials especially in structures in which people spent a significant amount of time.

3. They have no carcinogenic and mutagenic properties.

EPA has determined that borates have zero elements for carcinogenicity or mutagenicity when humans are exposed to them at levels lower than 5g. Since the average exposure to borate compounds is minimal, you will not need to invest in expensive protective gear when handling them.

4. They are fire redundant.

The ability of borates to make wood less prone to fire offers an added advantage towards environmental preservation. However, to achieve high levels of fire-redundancy, you will need to put a high concentration of diffusible borate solution in the wood. Borates are also invisible when you apply them correctly to wood products.

From the standpoint of concern for chemicals that are safe for use, borate wood preservative elements and other borate compounds will always stand out. Contact a supplier with a consistent record of offering their clients high-quality products and services and unbiased information on borate compounds and their particular applications when you next plan to protect your wooden fixtures and furniture.

3 Safety Tips to Remember for DIY Home Welders

DIY Home WeldersWeekend welding projects can be a good way to spend the weekend. And if you’re quite handy, you can even earn a few extra bucks on the side by accepting custom projects. If you’re welding at home, here are three safety tips that you need to follow.

Buy good quality welding tools online.

Whether you are doing simple DIY welding projects or you’re commissioned to do welding projects for your friends and customers, make sure that you buy quality welding tools online from Herrick Industrial Supply. While you can always rent welding tools, having your own is a sound investment you can make if you are fond of the craft. Moreover, ensure that you get good quality gloves, welding glasses, and other safety equipment and gears you might need.

Avoid clutter when you’re working.

Make sure that your work area is free from clutter and kept as clean as possible. Remember that a cluttered workspace is not only claustrophobic but also a huge safety hazard. Clutter can lead to falls, trips, and accidents that are otherwise avoidable when you keep your workspace as neat a possible. Organize everything you need before you work and return things to their proper storage areas after you’re done with them. This is every important if you are working at home and have small children who can easily trip on your tools.

Make sure that the work area is well ventilated.

Sometimes, when you’re doing DIY home upgrades, you often forget how important ventilation is. If you don’t want to risk getting stick due to welding gases, make sure that you have proper ventilation in your work areas. If you’re working in your garage, make sure that the garage doors are sufficiently open to let the gasses out. Moreover, ensure that your children and pets are kept away from the work area to avoid respiratory problems.

Happy Welding!

With these safety tips, welding at home can be more fun and productive for you. If you’re a newbie, don’t forget to get the right training from the pros so you can safely practice the art at home.

Australian HVAC Market to Reach $3B by 2022

HVAC system on roofdeckThe heating, ventilation and air-conditioning market (HVAC) in Australia will grow at a compound annual growth rate of 9% between 2016 and 2022, according to a Research and Markets report.

The market’s value will reach around $3 billion five years from now. Demand for centrifugal pump products and other HVAC supplies will continue to be high in Australia and New Zealand’s commercial, residential and industrial sectors.

Key Factors

HVAC manufacturers and developers are creating energy-efficient and modern HVAC units for different applications, driven by different government projects and sustainable initiatives. The report noted that Australia would continue to outperform New Zealand in terms of market by volume, which will increase to a compound annual growth rate of 7.33% between 2016 and 2022.

That’s because new cost-effective and energy-efficient technologies gradually emerge in the Australian market, amid growing customer concerns on HVAC products. The country’s HVAC market volume will also increase at 6.99%. However, the report expects New Zealand’s HVAC market volume to reach 271.40 thousand units by 2022.

Global Demand

Demand for Australian HVAC products largely stems from a growing population, a boom in residential construction projects and those in the commercial and industrial sectors. Some of the common products used in various industries include window, portable and split units for residential purposes.

For the global centrifugal pump market, a study estimated that it would increase to US$27.85 billion by 2021. The report categorised the market into three niches, comprising the axial, mixed and radial types of centrifugal pumps. Among the three, end-users mostly preferred the axial type, which accounted for more than 37% of the overall market revenue in 2016.

The HVAC market in Australia, New Zealand and the rest of the world continues to grow partly because of increasing demand from different industries.