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Warewashing Systems and the Principles That Guide Their Fair Use

Washing machines lined upIn nearly every industry today, there has been a keen emphasis on standards. And while most of these have been in favor of service providers in the past, they all seem to lean towards ensuring customer satisfaction today. Safety, professionalism, price caps, and other related regulations have been the primary concerns.

In-house laundry and housekeeping follow in these steps, too. Regardless of the size of your facility and brand of products you want the service provider to use, and whether you need commercial dish machine repair or essential warewashing services, there are fundamental principles to which you should adhere. BC Industrial Services, LLC cites some of them.


Regardless of the size of your facility, you can benefit from the speed of warewashing. You can enjoy minimal service time in keeping your facility clean through warewashing, as it uses high-end equipment to complete the task in the least possible time.


Nursing homes, casinos, and foodservice facilities often have a high demand for high volume laundry and housekeeping services. There is always an emphasis on high standards of hygiene, which not any other cleaning services can meet. But with warewashing, you can maximize the use of high-volume laundry and housekeeping services while meeting your hygiene standards.

Time vs. Volume

Reducing washing time and covering high volumes end up reducing the need for additional housekeeping products and kitchenware. Comparing this tradeoff against the high cost of buying additional items offers you a high return on investment. Moreover, outsourcing the services will help you focus your resources on other departments of your business.

These fundamental principles have been a primary guide for businesses when choosing warewashing systems that will meet their unique demands for specific applications regardless of the vendor and brand they want. Additionally, following these principles will help you know which solutions will increase your profits by minimizing expenditure on in-house laundry and housekeeping.

What are the Important Pieces of Information in a Resume?

Young woman with her resume

Young woman with her resumeThe aim of a resume is to best present a person as a candidate for a company position. It is straightforward and full of relevant information formatted to catch the attention of recruiters. Alternatively, some websites can produce good quality resumes that can help people yield positive results.

One recommendation is Expert Resumes, where an applicant can have a resume written by experienced writers who know how to create and design a resume and at least land that first interview.

The Basics

A job has requirements, and the resume must fit these requirements. The basic information includes the applicant’s personal information, address, contact number, and email. It should also include relevant work experience, training and seminars, as well as any volunteer experience.

Relevant educational background, including any certifications, are also qualifications that you should highlight. The resume should also include any relevant skills and the level of mastery. Some companies require minimum skills for a certain job.

These would be in the job posting. You have to make sure you have these basic skills on your resume.

Advanced Requirements

Advanced skills are either “nice to have” or “job clinchers.” In most instances, the job requirement will also underline these either as optional skills or as an advantage. To set expectations, you should list your skill set along with the level of mastery.

This will ensure the recruiter understands that you can handle the job, or that you can learn the skills within the first few months of the job. The recruiter will have to decide, but you have to give them the reasons to decide in your favor.

In terms of skills, you can rate your mastery in terms of being a beginner, intermediate, or an expert. Not everyone is an expert in everything. If you are not an expert, you should show that you could learn the skill within a given period.

This will come out during the interview. The resume contents should allow some leeway in terms of ability to learn.

5 Ways Your Business Can Benefit from 3D Printing

3D Printing in processWhen some people hear the words “3D printing”, they don’t get the idea of it right away. Unless you’re in the printing industry, knowing how it works and what it entails may still be a question mark in your head.

3D printing is exactly what the words mean. It’s using a 3D digital model and an advanced printer to create an object. 3D printing filament manufacturers have different types of filaments that are based on their required temperature for printing and several other properties. These filaments are what 3D printers use to create successive layers that will form the end product.

Here are some of the reasons more industries are using 3D printing:

1. It Reduces Risks

Creating a project prototype can be expensive with molding tools alone. With a 3D printed prototype, you can redesign and make the necessary adjustments before investing in your molding tool.

2. It’s More Affordable

Production runs can be expensive if you’re using a molding tool alone. 3D printers can create tools and parts using additive manufacturing, which turns out to be cheaper than using traditional machines.

3. It Speeds Up Production

Manufacturing your first prototype may take up to three weeks to finish. If it’s not acceptable yet, that can mean another three weeks to create a new one. 3D printers can create a prototype in less than a day.

4. It Makes It Easier to Customize

This type of printing allows you to tweak and adjust your prototypes to meet your needs at no additional cost by simply having your designer change it from his files and having it printed.

5. Eco-Friendly

A 3D printer produces less waste and is more energy-efficient compared to traditional machines.

The printing industry today isn’t going to be left behind. If you’re still using traditional printing for your business needs, perhaps it’s time to switch to or add a more cost-efficient and effective process, such as 3D printing.

Electrical Inspection: Top 3 Reasons to Have One

a man working on electrical box

a man working on electrical boxIt’s natural for you not to see the need for an annual electrical inspection when things seem to flow smoothly. However, you don’t have to wait until an emergency strikes or the time you’re planning to sell your property to have one. There are some outstanding benefits for having an annual electrical inspection in your premises.

Keeps you safe

Your safety and that of your loved ones should always come first. An electrical testing and inspection expert in Wellington will detect any looming problem with your electrical wires and circuits, which could lead to an electrical hazard. This helps in alleviating these problems before they can escalate and put you at risk of electrocution or electrical fires.

Comes with a monetary benefit

No one cherishes the idea of digging deeper into their pockets to settle the rising power bills. However, when you have bad wiring and faulty circuits, they will drain the power causing an upsurge in your power bills. Also, when your power sources and outlets are faulty, they can easily damage your appliances. The good news, however, is you can alleviate these problems by having an electrical inspection.

Boosts your property value

There’s nothing that can turn off a potential buyer of your property than an electrical issue. It will not only give them an upper hand when bargaining for the price, but it can also make them turn away completely. However, when you have your inspection done beforehand, issues that may be of concern will be fixed, hence boosting the value of your property.

Being proactive on matters electricity can save you from massive financial losses as well as ensure that you and your loved ones remain safe. The above reasons are some of the many as to why you should have an annual electrical inspection.

Coming Down the Pipe: 4 Piping System Innovations

two workers looking at the pipesMany industries today rely on piping to do their daily activities. If you are part of the mining, water treatment or manufacturing industries, for example, you would know how important pipes are in carrying fluids around your factory or workplace.

This is what piping systems are used for, and now there are modern ways of piping to keep up with the fast-growing industries that need it. cites some examples:

Stainless Steel Pipes

Before there were stainless steel pipe suppliers, people were using materials that were inferior in quality. For example, people were using silver and copper in manufacturing utensils. Pipes were more prone to corrosion and heat was needed to join pipes together. Now with stainless steel, pipes do not need hot work and are more resistant to corrosion.

Carbon Steel

Carbon steel is another piping innovation that has benefited society. Pipes that are used underneath streets are ideally made of carbon steel because this material is resistant to shock and vibrations from traffic. Carbon steel is also environmentally safe compared to other material like aluminium, glass, or plastic.

Pipe Clamps

Before clamps for pipes were made, it was tricky to mount and install pipes because nothing could be used to secure them in place. With the development of clamps, it became easier for pipe workers to install multiple pipes correctly. Clamps are also used in woodwork, science laboratories or anywhere that needs objects fastened.

Pipe Sleeves

Pipe sleeves are used to extend pipe lengths and “sleeve” two pipes together. Pipe sleeves can be made from iron, stainless steel, copper or rubber. When fitting pipe sleeves, it is important to make sure it is fastened enough to avoid any leak.

These four innovations prove that the piping industry is keeping up with today’s demand for technology and piping solutions. Work with a reputable manufacturer if you need stainless steel for your piping systems and other projects.

Three Ideas on Starting Your Laser Engraving Business

Laser engraving on metal

Laser engraving on metalCreating your own business is a great way to earn additional money while you’re working in the office. Choose a business that is relatively easy to manage and doesn’t require your full attention every minute while you work your primary job. A laser engraving business is one such enterprise.

If you want to start a laser engraving business, choosing the right laser marking machine distributor is just the first step. The most important consideration before you set up the business is knowing precisely what you plan for your laser cutter and engraver. What items or materials do you plan to cut and engrave?

Here are a few business ideas for your laser engraving and cutting machine.


You can personalize various products and materials using a laser etcher. In fact, you can engrave images or words in a glass, marble, paper, wood, and even bamboo. If you’re thinking about starting your own engraving business, you need to determine your target market and stores that have a higher chance of placing bulk orders.

Glass Etching

You can create various designs using a laser etcher on glass mugs, wine glasses, and even windowpanes. You can also use it to create custom designed crystal cubes that have a 3D image inside it. Specially designed wine glasses are perfect for people who are looking for wedding gifts. They can have their names etched or the designs that they want as a giveaway on their wedding day.


Cutouts are also perfect for people who are into handmade items. You can create specially-crafted ornaments for your target buyer. You can also consider creating some paper artwork which can be useful for showrooms.
These are just a few ideas that you may want to consider when starting your own laser engraving business. It’s always best to check out other resources online to get a few more ideas. Choose a business idea that you’re into so you can build your store based on your passion.

Buying Guide for Air Compressors | How Do You Choose an Air Compressor?

Technician working on an air compressors

Technician working on an air compressorsAir compressors are some of the most common pieces of equipment found in modern industry. They provide a versatile and useful form of energy. As a result, an air compressor is a cost-efficient way of completing your maintenance, construction and manufacturing faster.

So you need to upgrade or are looking to build a facility, you’ll need to know which type of air compressor you will need?

1. Determine the purpose of buying an air compressor. Where and how will you use it?

2. Determine your power requirements.

Once you’ve identified the above requirements, you can consider these factors:

CFM Requirement

CFM or cubic feet per minute determines the speed of how much air an air compressor can supply. This measurement is the number one factor to consider when buying a compressor. Testing the air compressors at 90 PSI-AN average setting is a must for manufacturers; this is to ensure that you are comparing apples to apples. Compressors are tested within 0.6 to 2.8 CFM.

Tank Size

Tank capacity tends to range from 1 to 6 gallons. The amount of air a tank can hold can seriously affect the overall performance of a compressor. Remember, a large tank should not replace an adequate CFM.

Oil-free vs. Oil Compressor

It is important also to set aside time for further research as to whether you would go for oil-free compressors: these are typically low maintenance and contaminant-free, or standard compressors: these can produce a larger output and can run more quietly.

Professional vs. Semi-professional vs. Domestic

Your purpose for buying an air compressor is important to determine your power requirements and the limit of your warranties. Furthermore, knowing the answer to these questions will help you identify the right compressor for your application – whether it is professional, semi-professional, or for domestic use. Industrial compressors can output vastly stronger performance than compressors for domestic use.

Portable vs Stationary Compressors

Portable compressors provide freedom and flexibility to have compressed air anywhere. These compressors are usually used in activities such as inflating sports equipment or air mattresses.

Stationary compressors, on the other hand, are typically larger and can offer more power than a portable compressor; this is because of the increased tank size.

These are some of the basic factors to consider when choosing an air compressor. Furthermore, the power source and expertise can also affect your decision. Whether you opt for an electric motor or a gas engine, always keep in mind to find a compressor that can maintain CFMs at desired PSI.

4 Signs Your Property Needs Roof Repairs

Builder working on roof of buildingAs a business owner, you’re responsible for checking and maintaining your facility. But it’s easy to overlook your roof’s condition, especially if you’re busy working. Here’s a brief guide to help you know when to have routine commercial roof repairs.

Rust and pools of water on your roof

Have you noticed standing pools of water on your roof? Pools of water on roof decks cause rust and faster deterioration of steel, which lead to leaks. Moreover, added weight from pooling water puts pressure on the material, eventually weakening your building’s overall roofing structure. Once you see these signs, it’s best to call experienced commercial roof leak repair experts in Utah.

Gaps or damage on roof flashing

A gap in the roof flashing or roof cover can lead to failure during rain and snowstorms. Roof flashing consists of strips of metal installed around the roof edge where the roof cover meets the wall. You want to make sure it stays in place, so no moisture seeps inside your building.

Dry and curling asphalt shingles

It’s important to check if your asphalt or fiberglass shingles are starting to wear out. When you start to see edges curling, it’s a sign that your building’s shingles are becoming dry and brittle. It won’t be long before they get damaged, so you might want to consider having them repaired or replaced soon.

Water stains on your ceiling

Stains on your ceiling are a sure sign you have a leak, which may be anything from a small crack to a gaping hole in your roof. It’s important to address small leaks, as they may cause your building’s wooden and concrete interiors to rot. Furthermore, you should watch out for molds and unpleasant odors, which may cause allergies or illness.

Now that you know when a building needs roof repairs, the next step is to hire a reliable roofing contractor. Invest in routine maintenance and remember to hire professional roofers with years of experience.

Evergreens and How to Care for Them

Lawn mower mowing a lawn

Lawn mower mowing a lawnWith a bit of planning, or advice from a company that provides garden maintenance in Chiswick, an outdoor space can offer splashes of colour all year round.

In the midst of winter, a touch of green is often added by evergreen plants. As the name suggests, these plants do not turn brown and lose their leaves in the autumn. They still lose leaves and experience regrowth, but it tends to be in a continuous cycle, throughout the year, rather than all at once with the change of season.

How do they do it?

Some people prefer to leave the technicalities of their garden maintenance in Chiswick to a reputable firm, like Town and Country Gardens. Others like to have in-depth knowledge about their plants. Below is a bit more information on evergreens for those in the latter category.

There are complex reasons why evergreens do not lose their leaves. Partly, it’s because they usually have a waxy coating on the outside that helps to protect them from the cold. They are also in a dormant state during the winter even though they look roughly the same as they do in spring and summer. The roots are often frozen and the tree is not engaging in much activity.

Caring for evergreens

Evergreens are fairly easy to care for, especially if someone chooses to use a service that provides garden maintenance in Chiswick. Until the ground freezes, they require watering like any other plant. How often depends on their age and how settled they are. If they are neglected, they can dry out and turn brown.

Evergreens can usually withstand fairly vigorous pruning. They grow quite fast which is what makes them ideal for hedges and borders.

Other bonuses of evergreens

Evergreens are great shelters for birds and insects. Some species are attractive to pollinators in the spring.

As well as providing much needed greenery, many plants also have brightly coloured berries or flowers. Holly and yew are good examples of red berry plants. Gorse has bright yellow flowers and also provides a distinctive, coconut-like fragrance.

A garden maintenance service is able to provide the most detailed advice on choosing the right evergreens for certain soil types and environments.

US’s Oil Problem: Storage Tank Companies Provide Answers to Crude Problems

Worker climbing up the oil tank

Worker climbing up the oil tankIn a fascinating turn of events since the oil price peak in 2014, the United States is now enjoying very affordable oil and diesel prices. As of December 2017, the price of gasoline is at $2.60 per gallon while diesel is at $2.80-2.90.

This is good news across the board: everyday drivers, business owners, and large companies all get to save on transportation costs. While the public celebrates the benefits of affordable oil, however, the government and oil suppliers are facing another kind of problem: properly storing the large supply of oil.

Running Out of Oil Storage Spaces

The abundance of the country’s current oil supply is one of the main reasons why gas and diesel are very affordable today. At the start of 2016, the country’s stockpile of commercial crude oil reached 503 million barrels.

Hurricane Harvey’s arrival and other hurricanes in August stopped the operations of oil refineries in Texas, affecting oil prices and production for a short while. Within a month, however, workers were already getting back to work.

Reports say that the country is still running out of place to store its oil reserves.

Oil Storage is Complicated

Crude oil storage has very specific requirements and stringent quality checks. Unlike metal products, which manufacturers can simply store in warehouses or storage areas, gasoline needs specially-designed and fabricated tanks with appropriate inner lining and coating. The location of the tank needs to meet government standards for safety, too.

Having a healthy domestic supply of oil is a good problem to have, but it can only remain “good” if the supply doesn’t affect the environment or harm humans and ecosystems.

The Response of Storage Tank Companies

Storage tank companies are rising to the challenge and meeting the demand for safe and effective crude oil storage solutions. It’s not just the national and federal governments that are dealing with gasoline storage, after all, but also small-to-medium businesses.

Regardless of who requires it or what volume needs to go on storage, business owners and organizations can count on storage manufacturers to produce above ground or portable gasoline tanks that meet international standards for safety and quality.