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Choosing an Online Industrial Supplies Provider: The Cost Issue

a man in the middle of racks of industrial suppliesThe quality of products and services, as well as customer engagement, are always worth considering when looking for industrial supplies for your business. But, are they the only factors here? No, others also play a central role in helping you know which one you should work with to offer you high-quality products and the best services. Very critical among these is cost. Here is why according to Herrick Industrial Supply and other online stores of industrial supplies:

Cheaper could be the deal

There is more to talk about this issue than you can take lightly. First, cheap is not necessarily expensive here. Could the other suppliers be overpricing their items and other trading services? That’s possible, and it is unethical. To get a clear direction about that, you will want to check whether the price they attach is within the recommended market price.

Check from your nearest reliable outlet for industrial supplies. If their prices are very much lower than what the online supplier is offering, that is a clear indication that they are taking advantage that you are placing the order from the comfort of your office.

Cost vs. quality

That aside, it is imperative that you also consider whether the value of the industrial items matches their quality. On that, issues to do with marks of quality, brand names and whether they are new or slightly used products all play a central role.

Cost of services

Additionally, confirm whether the reason for the higher pricing is that they are offering other services to ensure nothing compromises the integrity of the quality of the industrial products for which you ordered. Such services include proper invoicing, strapping, and other good practices for cargo management while goods are on-transit.

Safer Trucks, Safer Business: Tips For Truck Drivers

Car on road

Car on roadDriving on long roads can be boring, causing some drivers to become restless and impulsive. Don’t give in; instead, increase your truck driving safety by staying alert and focused.

Tow Mart shares some guidelines you need to follow.

Use Proper Lighting

Install clear LED truck lights to keep the road bright. With no one coming from the opposite direction, you can easily turn the light at its brightest, thereby allowing you to see as far as possible. Of course, you’ll have to keep the safety of other highway users in mind and lower the light down as soon as you see someone coming from the other side. Follow the State regulations when adding LED lights to your vehicle.

Always Bring a Caution Sign

If you break down in the middle of the road, be sure to park the truck to the side and place the warning sign a few feet away from the truck immediately. This becomes incredibly useful during nighttime, as some vehicles may not be well equipped with the appropriate lighting. Also, make sure you’re wearing a reflective vest at night.

Stay Within the Weight Limits

Make sure you’re not loaded with more than your truck is capable of taking. While you might have a deadline to meet, overloading increases the risks of danger when driving your truck. This can lead to less control during turns, less friction on the wheels, and so on.

Know Where the Weather is Going

Use your smartphone and find out how the weather will fare for your trip. If there are problems, then adjust for these changes so that you won’t find yourself delayed.

Honk on a Blind Curve

Never speed up on a blind curve. It might be best to honk a little when approaching a blind curve so if anyone is approaching, they’d be able to adjust to accommodate you. Keep in mind that while you may be careful on the road, others may be reckless.

If you use trucks to do business, then you should put safety on top of your priority list. Follow these tips to ensure a safe and successful business operation.

CSIRO, Deakin University Create Australia’s First Carbon Fiber

A car manufacturing plantAustralia’s manufacturing industry reached a significant milestone. It produced its own carbon fiber for the first time, joining an exclusive roster of carbon fiber producers in the world.

The Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) partnered with Deakin University for the pioneer effort. The endeavor could provide a much-needed boost to the country’s manufacturing sector.

Carbon Code

CSIRO CEO Larry Marshall said that the country may now produce carbon fiber from scratch after the partnership became successful in “cracking the carbon code.” knows there are only a few other producers of the lightweight yet strong material in the world. Like them, Australia will use a top-secret and patented recipe to manufacture carbon fiber. This is according to Marshall.

The project should catalyze to encourage more breakthroughs in manufacturing. That includes the modernization of an automatic cartoning machine.

Marshall also believes that CSIRO’s partnership with Deakin University will generate more jobs. These jobs will arise from the homegrown production of carbon fiber.

Material Strength

John Tsanaktsidis, CSIRO research director, said that the successful attempt to produce carbon fiber would serve as a basis on how they can improve to meet aerospace standards.

Due to its high rigidity and tensile strength allows manufacturers to use it for the mass production of new materials for aviation, satellite equipment, bicycles and even tennis rackets.

Marshall said that a carbon fiber industry could transform the country’s manufacturing sector. It can also maintain global competitiveness by focusing more on “high value” products than raw exports.

In November 2016, CSIRO urged the industry to “play to its strengths” through prioritizing “high value” advanced manufacturing.

Australia’s production of its carbon fiber may allow the country to remain competitive in the global manufacturing sector. Do you think the benefits of the material outweigh the costs of producing it?

Boat Recovery Efforts Continue in Florida Post-Irma

a damaged boat after hurricane IrmaThe wrath of Hurricane Irma led to the destruction of more than 1,000 boats in South Florida, which could require $20 million in taxpayer funds for salvage operations, according to a U.S. Coast Guard official.

Recovery efforts have focused on prioritizing damaged vessels that pose the biggest threat to the environment, particularly those “that are actively leaking,” according to Coast Guard Cmdr. JoAnne Hanson.

Salvage Operations

Government agencies and vessel owners salvaged a total of 1,492 vessels as of Oct. 30. These boats comprised 1,101 units from the Florida Keys; 69 ships from Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach counties; 265 ships from St. Petersburg area; and 57 boats from the Jacksonville region.

So far, as much as $12.5 million has been spent to cover the expenses on recovering these vessels. The Federal Emergency Management Agency will pay for 75% of the amount, while the state will cover the remainder, according to Elizabeth Bordelon, petty officer with the Coast Guard.

Bordelon said it remains uncertain how long it would take before completing the salvage operations. In the meantime, owners are expected to buy new boats and bass tracker boat covers for sale from firms such as WALK-WINN to replace their damaged watercraft.

Boat Sales

Thom Dammrich, president of the National Marine Manufacturers Association (NMMA), said that boat sales through 2017 would increase due to several economic factors.

A better housing market and employment sector, stable consumer confidence and high disposable income will drive the increase this year and into 2018.

The NMMA said that the expected increase would ride from a strong record of sales in 2016, when spending on boats, marine products and services amounted to $36 billion.

According to the NMMA’s 2016 Recreational Boating Statistical Abstract, the year has been the best for personal boat sales in the last 10 years.


Many boat owners in Florida are expected to seek replacements for their damaged ships, as they try to rebuild after the impact of Irma.

5 Entertainment Jobs You Can Land If You’re Not an Actor

Man on stage with star on backgroundPeople are so obsessed with being an actor or actress that they have forgotten that you can get a job in entertainment even without acting skills. The following careers may be perfect for you if you have always wanted to work in the entertainment industry but you don’t want to be an actor or actress.

Become a celebrity esthetician

As a skincare specialist, a celebrity esthetician performs an array of facial and body treatments. Celebrities usually undergo such treatments to boost or maintain their health, as well as the appearance of their skin. If you wish to become an esthetician, the Skin Science Institute suggests that you enroll in a professional esthetician certification school.

Become a hair stylist

Actors and actresses constantly need to be ready for the camera. As such, they always need a hair stylist or hairdresser around to help them prepare. If you have the dedication to become a hair stylist, you may want to go to a hair school so that you can learn the necessary knowledge and skills for this profession.

Work as a celebrity assistant

Celebrities need help with their schedules and their appointments. This is where celebrity assistants come in; they ensure that everything is going well. If you have a keen attention to detail, you will do well as a celebrity assistant.

Use those Instagram likes

Being an actor or actress is not the only way to become a star now. Being an Instagram celebrity has made it easier for people to be recognized. Many Instagram users have become famous in their own right due to the huge following they have on social media.

Write a screenplay

Celebrities will have no projects if there are no scripts and screenplays. If you are a good writer, you may want to go this route, as there is no shortage of demand for talented creatives in the entertainment industry.

See, there are jobs in entertainment that does not require you to be in front of a crowd or the camera. Choose any of these professions and start your journey as soon as possible.

Press Fit Fittings: Benefits For Your Operations

A pile of press fittings

A pile of press fittingsIn the Australian plumbing industry, press fit fittings have grown in popularity. To understand better why this industry has gradually embraced it, here are its installation advantages and some reasons press fit fittings are preferable than traditional braze fitting.

Enhances Site Safety

Safety and health should be a priority in any workspace — no matter what industry you belong to and whoever your workers are. Commencing a welding job requires the company set up to acquire hot works permit to legally accomplish the task at hand. During soldering, they encounter dangers of carbon flux or deposits left as a consequence of the installation.

Peace of Mind

A particularly prominent advantage of press fittings, especially those three-point press varieties, is that they provide more layer of security. Thus, giving the installer peace of mind because they know that these will seal the joint correctly and safely.

When it comes to traditional approaches, there is a danger that the installer could leave the fitting incomplete. This happens if they are unable to get the solder flow the surrounding joint correctly, which then leads to leaks.

Quicker than Braze

The common approaches still do have their spot in the plumbing market nowadays. However, the upswing of the press has been compelled by a faster set up time in comparison to braze.

Press fittings make task completion three times quicker than brazing. They also lower the time required for installers to spend on the site. This is because they will not need the site permits and assessments when using flame-based fittings.

Besides being an ideal solution for the industry, it is essential to consider spending your finances on the best fittings available on the market. Brass and copper solutions are usually preferred because their durability and strength cannot always match plastic substitutes.

Three Reasons to Work with A Civil Engineer When Handling a Land Development Project

Engineer in land development site

Whether you are planning a land development project from scratch or are merely doing some renovations, the services of a civil engineer could come in handy. Such experts can ensure a timely completion of your project. They can also affirm that your undertakings do not crash your budgets.

Reliable civil engineering services from Cato Bolam Consultants could be the key to the success of your project. A dependable firm could lend a hand with everything from surveying to statutory planning all the way to resource management. Below are some concrete reasons to seek the expertise of a civil engineer before starting any development project.

Added Oversight

A civil engineer could ensure additional oversight levels when handling any development project. Such experts understand development operations, and they are equipped with the right skills to troubleshoot problems that could pop up. This could be of significant advantage to you and could increase your chances of achieving your project objectives.


There are local and state regulations that must be respected by contractors when handling major development projects. Some of these rules touch on construction standards and safety procedures just to mention a few.  Even if you choose to work with a construction company, having an extra pair of eyes on your site would do you good and perhaps ensure that you do not fall on the wrong side of the law.

Resource Management

Civil engineers are equipped with the aptitudes to oversee and manage development ventures. They will ensure the successful completion of each crucial phase of your project. For success to be achieved, there are laid out specifications that must be followed to the latter. If everything rolls out according to the original proposal that you approved, then it is highly unlikely that your project will run out of resources before it is wrapped up.

Choosing a service provider with extensive know-how and unmatched industry expertise is important. This could ensure that your plans run smoothly from start to finish. While civil engineering services may not be cheap, they are a crucial investment irrespective of the size of a development project.

Sealers, Tensioners & All You Need to Know About Strapping Hand Tools

Man checking out the boxesYou may have noticed that the last item you ordered online arrived on your doorstep with a strapping material. Two of the primary purposes of this strapping element are offering physical protection to your cargo and facilitating loading and unloading from the vessel of transportation (ship, plane or vehicle).

If your shipper does it well enough, the strapping is also to prevent unauthorised personnel from opening your luggage while it is in transit.

That is why it is always crucial that as a provider of cargo securing solutions, you ensure you use the right equipment in bundling your customers’ goods. One critical element of cargo securement is strapping hand tools, which, broadly, fall under sealers and tensioners.


As the name suggests, you use this strapping equipment to wrap items. Sealers are best for use when you need to store products for a short time. One typical application of sealers is in the transportation of perishable goods, such as agricultural products.

You can also use sealers with robust plastic wraps to reinforce boxes, crates or pallets, and holding bales together. You, however, should stick to the working load limits.


These strapping tools are stronger and more durable than sealers. You use steel (galvanised, painted or waxed) to bundle bulky items such as metal coils, rods and poles, and wood, concrete or clay bricks. Polypropylene straps also find common usage here, especially, if you deal with securing items that change in volume with change in temperature and moisture content in the surrounding environment.

You are right to classify strapping hand tools into sealers and tensioners. However, you should not ignore that you can have one that combines these two features. You can also your provider of cargo securing products to find you an automated strapping tool so that you can increase your general output in the number of items you can strap appropriately in any particular time. You will also need less energy to use this automatic strapping equipment, thus making strapping less involving.

Types of Couplers for Mini Excavators

Mini excavator being used for road constructionWhether it is clearing land, drilling holes for planting, sculpting a golf course or digging an irrigation trench, mini excavators have a broad range of uses in landscaping. Regardless the landscaping project you are involved in, experts from companies such as Tuff Stuff say that you need to change your excavator tracks, machine attachments, and couplers. All of these have a significant part in helping you increase your job efficiency. Quick connect couplers help you change your excavator’s tools in minutes and spend more of your time performing the task at hand. Here are the types of couplers available in the market.

Manual Couplers

Manual couplers necessitate the operator to get out of the excavator to switch attachments. Compared to ‘’pin-on’’ arrangements, they significantly decrease the quantity of work and save half an hour for every attachment change. They are an ideal choice for companies which change their machine attachments 3 to 4 times per week and could see a decreased downtime of about two hours each week.

Hydraulic Couplers

These permit operators to alternate attachments from inside the cab using controls and within a shorter time compared to manual couplers. They are best for companies which need attachment changes several times in a day for them to complete their work. Hydraulic couplers reduce downtimes by about 30 minutes compared to manual couplers and reduce the operator’s overall safety.

Tilt Couplers

Tilt couplers permit a rotation of 180 degrees giving the operator the ability to access places they would not typically be able to access with a pin-on arrangement. They are ideal for high-end landscaping jobs that involve shaping and sculpting like designing golf courses. Tilt couplers reduce the time taken on grading.

You need to evaluate your frequency of changing attachments and the job you are doing to find the best coupler to suit your needs. With the right coupler for your excavators, you will increase efficiency and increase your work capacity. Ensure you work with a supplier that deals with genuine spare parts that are readily available.

Your Simple Guide to Buying Steel on a Budget

Steel Pipes

Buying steel supplies need not be a daunting challenge, provided you know how to go about it. Unfortunately, many homebuilders and welders do not know where to look, so they end up paying more for steel than they should.

With these tips, however, you can save money every time you shop for steel:

Buy when prices are low

Steel prices are hardly constant, so you can get a good deal whenever you shop when steel rates are low. This gives you low acquisition prices, although you may need to pay more carrying costs if you are buying in bulk.

Compare how different stainless steel and aluminium pipes or tubing suppliers are charging before making a final decision.

Visit scrap yards

Most scrap yards can provide mild steel at unbeatable rates if you are comfortable with irregular shapes. The trick is to call as many scrap metal plates as possible and ask what they have.

While some may be unwilling to sell the public, chances are you will still be able to find one that sells tubes, plates or fillets to any one at a pound per piece.

Buy directly from producers

If you intend to buy steel in large quantities, it is best to buy it directly from the manufacturers. Buying from dealers attracts extra rates, as you have to incur dealer charges. However, if you cannot find a reliable producer in your area, you may still opt to find a dealer and then negotiate a good rate.

Ask for discounts

Most buyers pay more than they should simply because they do not ask for discounts. More than half the time, the seller is willing to offer friendly discounts to those that request them, so never give out money before finding out if the price could be lower.

Every time you order steel, ask yourself if you really have to pay all that hard-earned money or not. By being smart, you can make little savings that add up in the long run.