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Funeral Etiquette in the UK

Funeral Home Plan

Funeral Home PlanFuneral practices all over the world vary, but no matter the culture or the country, the rites and rituals of saying farewell to a loved one has the same aim: to give the proper respect to a deceased relative. In the UK and the rest of the western world, there are funerary practices and etiquette that are still observed today, according to Golden Leaves Funeral Plans, regardless of the type of funeral planning service a family chooses.

Wear the Right Clothes

In the UK, black is the traditional colour that is considered suitable for mourning.  For modern funerals, you don’t need to wear black, but you should stick to neutral or sombre tones.  Follow the lead of the grieving family, and wear something that does not call attention.

The Funeral Procession

Many funeral processions still use a hearse to carry the coffin of the deceased. Usually, the funeral directors keep flags on the road as markers for those part of the entourage.  This is called “paging away” and is led by the funeral director.  It is proper etiquette to pass by the hearse and pay last respects.

Leave Your Mobile Gadgets

It would be best to switch off or silence your mobile gadgets when attending a funeral. Funerals are a time for reflection and comforting the grieving family members, so it would be best to leave your work and personal worries at home and focus on helping the bereaved family members. You should also avoid taking pictures at the funeral, as it is inappropriate for such a sombre occasion.


In the UK, white lilies are considered traditional flowers for funerals.  White lilies and carnations are also acceptable.  During the burial, it is customary to throw soil on the coffin as it is being lowered into the ground. Family and friends can also throw flowers, and other personal effects to be buried with their loved one.

Plan Your Funeral

Some families have chosen to go for pre-planned funeral services to save on expenses.  These plans help you plan funeral services that would suit you or your family member. A pre-planned program would help you create the best way to say goodbye to your loved one tastefully and appropriately in the UK.

Increase Your Chances of Qualifying For a Home Mortgage

Approved mortgage formMany people struggle to qualify for a mortgage when looking to buy a home and it shatters their dreams. In most cases, they fail to realize the connection between their money habits and their creditworthiness.

Financial challenges come in many forms and they all have bearing on your ability to make major decisions, such as buying a home. It could be carrying too much debt, a dismal income, or the lack of savings. In addition to making your life stressful, having financial problems can dash your hopes of qualifying for a mortgage in Jackson, TN.

In their quest to lower the financial risks, lenders often put your finances through a magnifying glass. They will only approve your application if they like what they see in your financial history. Luckily, you can take steps to improve your creditworthiness.

Evaluate your money habits

It’s probably one of the most difficult and painful truths about improving your money habits. You must delve into your financial history and take note of your weaknesses. After all, you need to know the source of all your money woes before you can implement an effective solution.

Determine all your expenses and list them in categories. The results might be surprising and informative. For instance, you might realize that you spend too much money on the wrong things.

Act on your shortcomings

Once you have identified the root cause of your financial problems, it’s time to embark on the most important part: acting on them. If your income is not enough, then it’s time to seek a remedy. You can pick an extra shift, get a part-time job, or look for ways to turn a hobby into a business.

Whatever you do, don’t quit your current job without another one lined up. If your spending habits are to blame, then you need to identify them and find ways to counter them. For best results, you need to detach yourself from the need to buy unnecessary stuff.

To realize the dream of owning a house through a loan, you need to have better control over your finances. Luckily, you can master skills one at a time to improve your financial situation.

3 Soft Skills You Need to Be a Successful Real Estate Agent

Real Estate Agent showing a house to a coupleForecasts for the Philippines’ property-selling industry is bright. This is great news, especially if you are a real estate agent waiting to break through in your chosen profession.

Indeed the time is ripe for you to close deals on your Lancaster listings with good reviews and rake in all the commission you can. But first, make sure to have and practice these three soft skills industry expert Land Price List swears by.

1. Work ethic

As a real estate agent, you must be a bona fide hustler. There are many things to accomplish: you need to market yourself, you need to keep in touch with existing and potential clients, you need to accomplish paperwork, and you need to keep abreast of fluctuations in the market.

2. Communication skills

A bulk of your job is communicating with people. With this said, you must be adept at conveying and receiving both verbal and non-verbal cues. There are tutorials and self-help resources out there that you could work through if you think you need a boost in this specific skill.

3. Time management

The best real estate agents are like jugglers. They can accomplish different things at once. This might prove challenging at first, but as you go through your career, it is something you will inevitably develop.

Real estate agents are good earners. If you are part of a property-selling company, for instance, you could get between 2.5% and 5% commission for every deal you get to close — on top of your basic salary! Consider closing a deal amounting to PHP50 million. That’s at least PHP 1,250,000 of commission.

Now if you have all the required soft skills for selling, such as the ones mentioned above, surely you can do even better.

The Cost and Convenience of Conveyancing Services

House with a for sale signWhen buying or selling a house or any real property, there is an associated cost to it, roughly divided between the commission and conveyancing costs. At the start of the sales process, the brokers negotiate the rate of the commission, while conveyancing solicitors estimate the conveyancing costs.

You can save some money when you compare the conveyancing costs before you commit to any solicitor or conveyancing service provider.

It is a service

A conveyancing solicitor provides a service, and as such, it is a convenience for the property buyer. If you start your search for one to help and guide you throughout the conveyancing process, you will find that there are actually a lot of them. You have to choose the one just right for you.

It will cost you

One criterion you can use is the cost of the service as money is always important. It does not always mean that inexpensive is better. You should strike a balance between costs and the quality of service they provide.

It will take time

Another measure you can employ is to determine the length of time it will take to submit the conveyancing papers. For those who advertise this service online, they normally no longer see their clients face-to-face as the property buyers are busy and might not have the time to meet with the conveyance solicitors.

This is okay, but in determining the time frame, fast is not always better. You might get sloppy work full of loose ends that will only inconvenience you later and cost you a significant amount of money. Again, find a balance between the period and the quality of service.

It is for your convenience

This is what they do. Conveyancing solicitors worry about almost everything so you would not have to. It is what you pay them for. They are responsible for the documentation of the whole process and the final processes.

They negotiate fees beforehand, so be sure to find them reasonable.

The conveyancing process is really a chore, but it is one that you can entrust to conveyancing solicitors. But make sure you find a trustworthy and reliable one. Happy hunting!

What to Look for in Flue Brushes: The Key Factors

A man cleaning the chimneyChimneys are the hottest trends for new homes. The flues of chimneys, however, get dirty and have a buildup of soot and creosote. Cleaning the duct is hence an essential part of your chimney and indoor air maintenance.

Scrubbing off creosote also enhances your property’s safety since it is highly flammable and might cause chimney fires. A flue cleaning brush is an essential tool you will use for this vital task. Here is a guide to choose the right flue cleaning brush.


The material you select for your flue brush is determined by your chimney type. A traditional masonry chimney is ideally cleaned using a metal brush which efficiently scrubs off soot buildup. Poly brushes are suitable for metal or liner-coated and pre-fabricated chimneys. You should choose prefab poly brushes if your chimney has many bends since these are less rigid compared to regular ones.


Chimneys have evolved over the years, but your flue brush shape should match your chimney’s shape. You can choose from oval, circular, square and rectangular brushes depending on your chimney’s shape. It would be ideal if their shapes match.


Typical flue cleaning brushes come in sizes of 5 to 12 inches though some manufacturers have custom-made brushes. The ideal brush should not be more than 0.5 inches wider than the diameter of your flue for efficient cleaning. After finding a perfect size, you should shop for a rod to help you clean the entire length of your chimney. These are available in various sizes up to five feet and can be stiff or bendable depending on your chimney.

You can also get a large and small hand brush when buying the flue cleaning brush. The small brush will help you clean the corners of your flue while the large one is ideal for sweeping your firebox. With the right flue cleaning brush and accessories, you are assured of a thoroughly clean chimney whatever the season.

Why NZ Farmers Should Consider Well Drilling for Irrigation Purposes

Irrigation systemFarmers in New Zealand should consider well drilling as an alternative to irrigation management, following concerns over the environment, such as water pollution.

The agriculture sector has received criticism for its industrial practices, yet some experts believe that the country is ahead of others in terms of irrigation systems. They would just need to invest in newer solutions to sustain this trend.

Efficient Water Management

Since irrigation may consume a lot of water, 85 per cent of farmers in New Zealand have depended on pressurised irrigation systems to manage their consumption. Irrigation is predominantly used in dairy farming, but the industry has sought to change the public perception and promote its other purposes.

Even organic farmers use irrigation and water storage techniques that lead to positive environmental outcomes.

For instance, some farmers have been able to convert rabbit-infested land into vineyards thanks to irrigation. Other subsectors, such as wineries, have used sustainable irrigation, which allows them compost grape waste and recycle wastewater.

As the climate in New Zealand alternated between heavy rainfall and extreme drought in the last two years, water irrigation will also be important for growing fruits and vegetables.

Horticulture Management

Aside from water irrigation, storage solutions will be necessary during times of drought. In December, many farmers had to cut water supply to trees, which were enough to keep them alive yet produce no fruit in the process. Businesses experienced some form of loss as a result.

By adopting an efficient irrigation and storage system, farmers would then be able to manage their water consumption during the dry months. Irrigation is so important that the value of planned projects in the country is worth more than $2 billion every year.

New Zealand farmers should consider well drilling and other alternative solutions for irrigation systems since it would be helpful in times of scarce rainfall.

Things You Should Do When Boarding a Private Jet

People boarding private jetPrivate jet travel is more accessible now than ever; chartering a private jet is an increasingly popular alternative to queuing up in busy airports and dealing with restrictive time schedules. In this case, it is high time to discuss proper private jet etiquette. It is important to follow these etiquettes to avoid any problem before, during and after flying.

Keep Your Luggage to a Minimum

Private jets often have smaller luggage cabins and compartment doors compared to those of a commercial aeroplane. They may have stricter weight restrictions given that private jets are usually small in size. For this reason, limit your luggage to an acceptable number of bags. Do your research on the aircraft that you are renting to find out how much luggage space it can accommodate.

Bring a Valid ID and Passport

When you fly via a charter plane, you can go directly to your designated area without queuing in long lines and waiting alongside other people. Nevertheless, you still have to bring your passport and a valid ID with you every time you travel. Always keep these identification cards with you at all times to prevent any delay in transit.

Notify if You Are Going to Be Late

Most private jet companies are flexible when it comes to the departure time. While they can wait for you for a reasonable duration, however, it is still common courtesy to notify them when you are running late. Coordinate with them so that the crew can adjust accordingly and so that everything goes smoothly. Of course, do not make a habit of running late as it could be an inconvenience to other scheduled flights in the port.

On an additional note, make sure to review your agreement with where you chartered the aeroplane from to make sure that everything goes smoothly.

Choosing the Right Printing Process for Your Promotional Products

a printing machineChoosing from a wide range of printing processes for your promotional items can be intimidating, especially if you are just starting out. Some types of printing do not work well with certain materials, and you definitely have to be careful when choosing the right one.

Today, will discuss the different types of printing processes and which one you should use for your promotional merchandise.

Heat Transfer

The best materials to use with heat transfer are shirts and tote bags. Heat transfer uses printers to press the ink into the material. Heat transfer processes emit intense heat from the machine, which makes sure that your print and your logo is solidly pressed down onto the material. This is best used if you have a logo that has more than one colour.

Screen Printing

Screen printing is best used for tote bags, plastic pens, water bottles, can coolers, and stress balls. It utilises spot colours and a screen to print your logo on your promotional items. The screen used is usually made of nylon or polyester, which then uses ink to print your logo to the material.

Laser Engraving

This type of printing is best used for metal pens, glass awards, wood items, and metal plaques. Laser engraving allows the logo to be cleanly transferred to the material and often offers a clean and clear transfer. It uses a laser software to transfer the logo to your items, which is often easy and fast. Ink and tool bits are not needed for this type of printing.

Digital Printing

Digital printing is best used for magnets, mouse pads, and notepads. This type of printing is used for logos and designs that use a whole bunch of colours. Digital or full-colour printing makes use of physical printers instead of screens. It can be used to print to an entire surface and is also often referred to as CMYK, colour burst, or full-colour printing.

Debossing and Embossing

This one is best used for leather materials, vinyl patches and pouches, and custom chocolates. Dyes are then constructed from metal in the shape of your own logo. The merchandise is then placed between the logo and the heat, which is then pushed into the material to create the impression that you need. This method can give your logo a 3D effect to it.


Embroidery can be used for printing on hats, shirts, blankets, towels, and backpacks. The embroidery process includes changing your logo to a digital image and assigning it to colour threads. Leave it to the embroidery machine and the needles to finish all the work for you!

If you are still unsure of what process to use, go ahead and enlist the help of a professional promotional branding agency. An agency can help you with your logo!

High Prices to Cause Higher Spending on U.S. Home Upgrades in 2018

a modern living roomAmericans plan to take advantage of high home prices by spending more this year to upgrade their residential properties, according to the Leading Indicator of Remodeling Activity (LIRA) model.
Harvard University’s Joint Center for Housing Studies released the LIRA report, which forecasts spending to increase nearly 8 percent to $333 billion by September.

Home Development Spending

Aside from high home prices, home builders and renovators will notice an increase in development activity due to recent economic growth, according to Joint Center for Housing Studies managing director Chris Herbert.

Americans in disaster-stricken states last year such as Texas will particularly seek to renovate their houses, according to the report. Abbe Will, the center’s research associate, expects “stronger growth” in 2019 since more people will pursue major repairs.

For homeowners with pools on their property, it’s a good time to get the backyard feature checked. Custom pool builder, Gold Medal Pools says that a service could include testing the water quality and cleaning to restore its sparkling look.

The North Texas Market

Hurricane Harvey’s impact last year failed to dampen the momentum of home sales in North Texas in January when transactions comprised 6,246 existing properties. The Real Estate Center at Texas A&M and the North Texas Real Estate Information Systems said that real estate agents sold 12 percent more homes last month.

The median sales prices also increased, although at a slower rate of 5 percent. Still, the number of existing homes that changed possession set a new record in January. If you intend to sell your house in the coming months, finding a buyer will be relatively easy. A tight supply of homes on the market has caused buyers to place bids as quickly as supply increases.

An increase in home remodeling activity bodes well for the business of home builders and renovators in the near future. For homeowners, planning a renovation project seems a worthwhile investment while prices remain high.

CoreLogic: Home Prices in Sydney May Further Decline in 2018

SydneyThis year could be a good time to buy homes in Sydney, as residential real estate prices are expected to fall around 7 per cent, according to CoreLogic.

The real estate firm based its prediction of lower prices in Sydney from results in December 2017, when prices fell nearly 0.9 per cent. A median-priced house in the city costs more than $1.05 million, while the median cost of an apartment amounts to more than $774,124.

Price Drag

The price slowdown may even continue until 2019, suggesting that the market has reached its peak after booming in recent years, said CoreLogic head of research Tim Lawless. Since peaking in August 2017, the housing market in Sydney has recorded falling prices, he added.

Several other housing experts predict that price depreciation for homes could drop by as much as 10 per cent. This benefits those who plan to buy their own homes, although take note that investors and homeowners may decide to hold on to their properties due to declining prices.

Market Trends

Some sellers will not just defer a listing on the market because of low prices, but also to avoid paying high stamp duty on property transfers worth around $50,000 for median-priced homes. These homeowners usually comprise growing families, who want to offload their house to buy a bigger one.

Instead, a possible trend among upgraders in 2018 involves renovations amid low-interest rates for financing housing improvements, according to ME Bank head of loans Patrick Nolan. As some households decide to stay put, their residential projects will cause more business for companies that offer waterproofing supplies in Sydney.


Homes in Sydney might become cheaper in 2018, but a lack of supply presents challenges to buyers. For homeowners that still plan to sell, renovations will help in boosting the value of your property.