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6 Things That You Need To Know About Developing an iOS Application

Person holding an iPhone

Person holding an iPhoneApple is one of the top mobile platforms around. That’s why it’s a great idea to tap into iOS mobile app development as a business owner. But how do you create an application suited for your business?

Know your target audience

It’s essential to understand your target market when creating a mobile application. If your business is in retail, then develop an app that’ll help your customers purchase the items in your eCommerce store. 

Consider how it looks

Always consider how your app will look once it’s launched on the iOS platform. It should be accessible and should have a well-designed interface. So, before you consider designing your app, you need to learn more about your target audience.

Consider the costs and the benefits

Keep in mind that developing a mobile application for your business can be expensive. So you should try to evaluate all the possible benefits that you may have once you’ve created the app. 

Choose a great programming company

Once you’ve made up your mind to use the iOS as your primary platform for your mobile application, you may now try to work with a great programming company who can make your ideas into reality. Choose an engineering team who can do continuous maintenance and upgrades needed. 

Choose a development approach

You have an option to either choose native or cross-platform mobile development. Choose a platform that’ll suit your business needs. Always remember that you need to build UI from the beginning, which can take a lot of time and effort. So you should consider both the UX and the performance when creating a mobile application.

Consider the application’s analytics, reporting, and engagement

Once you’ve thoroughly established your app, you may try to consider using reporting and analytics tool to monitor t from time to time. Doing so will give you the information that you need when it comes to managing your mobile application.

These are just a few tips on what to consider when developing a mobile application. It’s always important to ask help from professionals so you’ll know all the factors to consider when developing applications.

Global Spending on Marketing Automation to Reach $32B in 2018

System automation presentationGlobal spending on marketing automation services and software will reach $32 billion in 2018, which indicates that many companies still consider it as an important part of promotional strategies.

The higher amount stems from different developments in the technology, including machine learning, chatbots and analytics. Your business should not only focus on marketing automation, but also figure out how to integrate it with an efficient customer relationship management (CRM) system.

Trending Topics

Marketers will continue to rely on social media to connect with potential clients. If you have not yet delved into automated marketing for networking sites, a MarketingSherpa study may give you another reason to do so.

The research showed that almost 60% of people on social media rely on a brand’s updates via websites such as Facebook or Twitter. This means that interacting with potential clients, such as replying to private messages, may be handled via automated marketing. If you plan to focus more on email automation this year, consider the use of integrated workflows with social advertisements. These are just some of the trends that would be helpful in engaging new customers.

CRM Strategies

Marketing automation allows you to attract new clients, but it should not come at the expense of losing regular customers. Most companies use CRM for this reason, but many of them remain unaware that integrating it with automated marketing has several advantages.

Some of these benefits include nurturing leads, aside from just focusing on lead generation. Hence, a CRM strategy integrated with marketing automation will allow you to send relevant content instantly, depending on your leads’ preferred actions. Another advantage involves a shorter sales cycle, since you know that your business loses money when it takes too long for undecided leads to become repeat clients.


This year marks another time to develop your marketing campaign. How do you plan to use automated marketing to your business strategy?

Uninterruptible Power Supply and its Importance in the UK

Closeup look at maintenance free UPS battery Most of us may think that a developed country such as the UK is unaffected by issues concerning stable electricity supply, but the reality may provide a different picture.

Many developments in modern technology have allowed data to be stored remotely and online in the country, yet supply constraints have led to power blackouts and brownouts among other problems. For this reason, businesses should consider an effective Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) solution that relies on batteries.

Power Outage

Power failure can have a severe impact not just on a company’s reputation, but also on operational costs. For instance, a ‘worldwide system power failure’ that hit two major British airlines in May caused thousands of passengers to be stranded or experience cancelled flights. If your business relies on a stable power supply, you should consider battery-based energy storage technology.

While diesel generators or combined heat and power (CHP) systems are UPS sources, these have become outdated in protecting facility security breaches. As the software continues to progress, BatteryClerk recommends investing in APC UPS replacement battery as an alternative solution. These batteries help in sustaining a reliable supply of power, especially during life and death situations.

Life Support

UPS batteries are less likely to fall prey to security breaches, but companies should not be complacent about protecting their data and facilities from unauthorised access. Life support machines in a hospital are a good example.

Many lives can fall into the wrong hands if hackers are able to tap into your UPS network and turn them off. For this reason, companies should be careful in selecting a trusted provider of UPS.

The UK may not be immune to power supply and electricity issues, yet businesses can prevent costly issues caused by power failures by investing in the right products. How do you plan to protect your power supply network?

Automatic vs. Manual Subscription Renewal: Learn the Difference

Subscription Membership concept seen on a laptop How do you normally handle your Software as a Service (SaaS) subscription renewals?

As your SaaS products mature, SaaS renewal process calls for enhanced multiple periods for billing a subscription. A straightforward type of subscription billing is acceptable to legacy products, such as magazines and newspapers.

Manual and automatic subscriptions are the two conventional models for your customer renewals. Read on to learn the difference.

Automatic Renewal

This renewal option takes place when your customer gives payment details, gets your product, and is re-billed at specified dates. As long as your customers pay their bills, they will have full access to your product. Common examples for this type of subscription renewal are your monthly bill for cable TV and data storage fee per gigabyte. Because your customers are aware of the actual billing amount, they tend to agree with an automatic payment and renewal.

Manual Renewal

This option is considered less popular and happens when your customers are not re-billed until they agree to the amount of charge. In this renewal process, your customers are often required to re-enter their payment details. They could also pull out the payment information they previously submitted and do it with a touch of a button.

Your utility bill is the best example for this type of option. You want natural gas and electricity, but you still opt to pay manually every month to check the payable amount before approving the payment.

Automatic vs. Manual Renewal

The advantages of using an automatic SaaS renewal process include a continuous subscription until your customer cancels, conversation rate increases since a valid billing detail have been captured, and others. By using the manual renewal process, you can reduce customer complaints, chargebacks, and refunds because renewal notice is given in advance. You can also boost your conversion rate through an optimized marketing message.

Renewing your subscription is important to ensure a smooth operation. Check all the renewal options available and consider the behavior of your valued customers in making a decision.

CAD and Public Safety: How It Works

Police Roaming The Streets The whole of America uses 911 for all sorts of emergency. What if you live in Los Angeles but your call for help got transferred to Ohio instead? That would be chaos, not to mention detrimental for parties involved. Luckily, the government has advanced and has effective mechanisms to keep all these things manageable and organized.

The government is widely reliant on computer-aided dispatch (CAD) systems from companies such as eFORCE Software to help manage public safety. But what kind of software is this and how does it run the whole country?

What Is CAD?

CAD is an automated system that augments, assists, or partially controls public safety operations and communications. The whole system is optimized for rapid response time and system reliability because time is of the essence during emergencies.

The whole process starts when a person calls for help. These calls are coming from individuals or agencies requesting help from other agencies or ones who called to notify authorities of immediate concern at hand. Adequate information is then noted and stored in the CAD system. Then, this information is released to the right authorities for immediate actions to be taken.

How Does CAD Promote Public Safety?

Time and accuracy are needed in responding to an emergency. Using the CAD system, adequate and important information can be obtained by the receiver, which is relayed to the responding officer. By knowing as much information as possible, a proper course of action and response can be done.

Aside from public safety, CAD system is also used in transportation dispatch, EMS dispatch, and management reporting, among others.

Thanks to such technological advancements, more lives will be saved and more problems can be solved with little room for mistakes and delays.

Three Questions You Should Ask Call Center Companies Before Hiring Them

Call CenterIs your business growing, but you don’t have enough resources to hire more people? Why not outsource a few service?  An in-house customer service department, for instance, is costly to run. Besides, there are many call center companies offering their services to various business industries.

As with any other business process outsourcing companies, call centers don’t provide the same standard of service. On your part, it is essential to ensure that your service provider meets your company's needs.

Here are a few questions to ask a call center company before hiring them:

  1. What types of industries do you work with?

Some call center companies specialize in insurance policies, while others are experts in credit card processing. So, spend the time to shop for a call center with areas of specialization similar to yours. This way, you can make sure that your customers' questions and concerns will be addressed effectively.

  1. Do you provide tracking and analysis reports?

Call centers don’t simply pick up the phones and address a caller's concerns. They are also responsible for helping the clients manage their customer service, says With regular monitoring and analysis reports from your service provider, you’ll be aware of the recent concerns or complaints toward your business. You can use that knowledge to improve your internal processes and in turn, enhance your customer service.

  1. How is your uptime?

If you’re a plumbing company that provides emergency services, your call center must be available to take customer calls round-the-clock. The 24/7 call service is also crucial if your company deals with customers all over the world.

In addition to asking these significant questions, make sure to visit your prospective call center to get an inside look at how the outsourced representatives deal with customers. Remember: these representatives can make or break your brand image; make sure to hire the right talent.

How to Make Thorn-Resistant Tyres at Home

Thorn Resistant Tyres In making tyres that resist punctures, the materials used are readily available at home which makes everybody in a position to do it. You need a Stanley knife, a new tube, screwdrivers, 15mm spanner, an old tyre and a used. Once you have this equipment, you proceed to the steps below.

Remove the Wheel and the Tube

You start by taking out the wheel off the bike by using the spanners to unscrew the nuts holding the wheel. Disconnecting the break helps remove the tyre with ease. To remove the tube, you pry the tyre off the wheel by using screwdrivers. A pair of screwdrivers can make the work easier.

Shape the Old Tyre and Insert It

Shaping the old tyre is necessary so it fits into the used tyre. You cut it off such that the only remaining part of the old tyre will be the flat part. After shaping the old tyre, you must insert it into the used tyre. The tyre may not fit at the first time, so you have to keep cutting it until it fits. You can use a Stanley knife to cut the old tyre.

Replace the Tube and Put the Tyre into the Rim

Once you have inserted the tyre, you again insert the new tube. You must pump the tube a little before you insert and place it into the tyre. Ensure the air valve is in line with the valve hole of the tyre then enter the valve in the valve hole. Then use a screwdriver to attach the tyre into the rim.

Pump the Tyre and Reinstall Wheel onto the Bike

Now that the tube and rim are in place, it is time to pump the tyre. When well pumped, reinstall the wheel onto the bike. It is important to tighten the bolts and hook the brakes at this point.

Having followed these steps, you now have a tyre that is more resistant to thorns. This tyre will be more durable, and it needs just a little pressure for pumping because the tyre volume is high.


The Right Office Furniture for Your Workplace

Office Furniture Do you have office furniture that became your favourite? Any equipment that you usually use inside your office?

Office essentials such as furniture and equipment are as important as the office space itself. It allows you to be productive and able to finish work on time if not earlier. These are the things that make you comfortable to move around your workspace, and allow you to enjoy your stay in your office.

Ergonomic Chairs

As the most used office furniture, chairs should cater to proper posture. Chairs affect your work efficiency since chairs with an improper shape cause body pains. Choosing your chair should be based on its shape and adjustability – whether it height or backrest could be adjusted.

Modern Desks

This is the workbench of every office employee. It is where writing, drawing, editing, sorting document of the office is done. It is also where papers, files or other stationary supplies are placed during work. The area, the size and the height is also important depending on the nature of your job. It should be movable and multipurpose. You can customise or buy a ready-made office desk from furniture stores in Australia like

Sleek Cabinets

Cabinets are where files, books, papers, and other office supplies are stored. Most cabinets which are made out of steel are durable and safe. It makes the office more orderly and neat making your area suitable for working.

Space-Saving Office Tables

The office table also serves the purpose of clerical operations. Some may have drawers installed for storing files or supplies as well.  It is often used for sorting and is a temporary filing area. It is also used for office meetings and a place where food can be placed during office parties.

You should consider the type, design and colour of your furniture and how it affects not only the general appearance of your office but how it can affect your posture and other health related issues. Make sure you are comfortable so as to be productive in your line of work.

Computer-Aided Dispatch Software is Imperative for Law Enforcement

law enforcement
The police force and other law enforcement agencies have many options when it comes to innovative software solutions. Computer-aided technology (CAD) is a popular example. This is useful for public safety personnel, fire rescuers, and other service industries. The combination of technology and proven-effective dispatch strategies has made the work of law enforcement officials simpler and more efficient.

Integrated Information System

An efficient CAD may have a single or several servers working together with an integrated, highly secure information system. This system collects the resources and delivers a more comprehensive sketch of the scenario before the arrival of the first respondents. The operator uses the software from the central office by uploading important information. You can input data using the GPS system or an emergency phone call. The CAD will generate text messages and give police officers important data about the incident.

The Software is Clean and Simple

Even eFORCE Software agrees that a computer-aided police dispatch software application is user-friendly and optimized to use the screen properly. The system can show many parts of the required data in a very efficient manner. The main goal of the dispatcher is to give the security personnel in the field all the useful information in the simplest and fastest way possible. These personnel depend on the dispatcher to find and send critical information in a matter of minutes. An efficient CAD system should have a very capable and user-friendly interface.

Program Should be Fully Integrated

CAD software is normally a part of the incident management system. This application is very useful and is multi-jurisdictional. It can collect and display information using different types of procedures and methods. It is not enough that the system you get has a good interface; it should be a fully integrated one. Otherwise, you will find gaps in the response time, which can be detrimental to your rescue and police operations.

A good CAD system makes the job of the law enforcement agencies easier and helps save many lives. Use it in your station and enjoy the benefits of faster data gathering and response.

Using Software for Improving Laboratory Reliability

TechnologyModern technology has allowed even clinical laboratories to benefit from the software. There is computer software that laboratory technicians use to process, store, and manage data, which represent different stages of tests and medical processes.


Lab information system software (LIS), according to LABWORKS, proves most useful for laboratory technicians and physicians in coordinating a host of medical testing for outpatients and inpatients, such as immunology, microbiology, chemistry, and hematology. Even the most basic types of this variety of software can help users manage patient check-ins, order entry, processing of specimen, entry of results, and the demographics to which patients belong. Lab techs and physicians may also enter a patient’s clinical details every lab visit and store the data for future reference.


LIS, which is used in healthcare for holding clinical data, is different from lab information management system (LIMS), which may be used in healthcare as well as other non-medical settings, such as laboratories for environmental testing, industrial plants for water treatment, and labs for use in the pharmaceutical industry.

Both of these types of software can present users with huge benefits. For instance, because the software allows users capture data electronically, the lab process is faster and more accurate. Laboratories that do not use software whether for data gathering or for management risk making more mistakes or missing the correct information with antiquated transcription processes.

Laboratories and healthcare providers that own laboratories that use LIS for their electronic health record or EHR systems may even be eligible for incentives through the meaningful use program, a health information technology or HIT context, that defines the U.S. government’s minimum standards for the use of HER, and for the sharing of patients’ clinical data among healthcare providers, between insurers and healthcare providers, and between patients and their healthcare providers.

The use of tech and software in healthcare systems is improving exponentially. To benefit from what the software bring to the table and become more reliable for patients, talk to a representative about LIS or LIMS programs.