A guide to dental implant treatment for patients with low bone density

Dental TreatmentDental implants are now widely recognised as the best long-term solution to tooth loss. These small titanium tooth roots are placed in direct contact with the jaw bone, where they integrate with the bone to not only hold your new teeth in place but also to help preserve the health of your jaw bone.

But what about if bone loss has already occurred? When many or all of your teeth have been missing for any significant period of time – perhaps you have been wearing traditional dentures and found them to be an increasing struggle – your jaw bone is likely to have started to resorb or shrink back, making your dentures loose and even altering the structure of your face, making you look old before your time.

An advanced dental implant clinic, such as Moor Park Dental Centre in London, can offer help to patients whose own dentist has turned them down because of a lack of bone density. This may be a bone graft procedure in the lower jaw, or a sinus lift procedure – which packs the sinus cavity with bone graft material – in the upper jaw.

Bone grafting options add at least six months to the average dental implants case, but are worth it because they maximise your implants’ chances of success. Once implants are in position they may be restored using either dentures – which will be removable – bridgework or, in the case of a single tooth replacement, a crown. These latter two options are designed to stay in your mouth permanently.

Whilst you will be able to remove your implant-retained dentures to clean them, they will otherwise stay firmly in position. A range of special attachments are used to connect your dentures to abutments on top of your implants, and your dentist will teach you how to remove and replace them.

Whether you have a denture, a bridge, or a single crown attached to your dental implants, they will give you back all the function of natural teeth. Your dentist can even “age” your false teeth so that they look realistic to the point many people won’t know they aren’t the real thing.