5 Ways Your Business Can Benefit from 3D Printing

3D Printing in processWhen some people hear the words “3D printing”, they don’t get the idea of it right away. Unless you’re in the printing industry, knowing how it works and what it entails may still be a question mark in your head.

3D printing is exactly what the words mean. It’s using a 3D digital model and an advanced printer to create an object. 3D printing filament manufacturers have different types of filaments that are based on their required temperature for printing and several other properties. These filaments are what 3D printers use to create successive layers that will form the end product.

Here are some of the reasons more industries are using 3D printing:

1. It Reduces Risks

Creating a project prototype can be expensive with molding tools alone. With a 3D printed prototype, you can redesign and make the necessary adjustments before investing in your molding tool.

2. It’s More Affordable

Production runs can be expensive if you’re using a molding tool alone. 3D printers can create tools and parts using additive manufacturing, which turns out to be cheaper than using traditional machines.

3. It Speeds Up Production

Manufacturing your first prototype may take up to three weeks to finish. If it’s not acceptable yet, that can mean another three weeks to create a new one. 3D printers can create a prototype in less than a day.

4. It Makes It Easier to Customize

This type of printing allows you to tweak and adjust your prototypes to meet your needs at no additional cost by simply having your designer change it from his files and having it printed.

5. Eco-Friendly

A 3D printer produces less waste and is more energy-efficient compared to traditional machines.

The printing industry today isn’t going to be left behind. If you’re still using traditional printing for your business needs, perhaps it’s time to switch to or add a more cost-efficient and effective process, such as 3D printing.