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How Do HR Professionals Handle Workplace Bullying?

HR Holding a ResumeIt should be a must for all companies to provide regular employment law training for HR professionals to prevent incidents of workplace bullying, which is still an unfortunate issue at the workplace.

In some cases, it can be more complicated if the issue involves harassment. The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) said there are subtle differences between identifying harassment and bullying.

Key Differences

More than 60% of employees in the U.S. said workplace bullying still exists in their job environment, according to a survey. Those who have experienced it accounted for 19% of employees, while the same percentage applies to those who witnessed it.

A simple act of bullying can be defined as unlawful harassment if the perpetrator attacks the victim’s race, religion or sex. However, HR professionals should still strive to promote a healthy workplace setting. Verbal abuse can still occur even without targeting the person’s ethnicity or gender, such as intentionally making them feel isolated from the group.

Online Alternatives

Those who wish to learn more about employment laws should consider signing up for online courses. Since laws may change at some point, it’s better to enroll in a virtual course to save time and money. Traditional classes can cost more than $29,000 in some schools, while online classes may cost as low as $645.

Professionals can also complete certificates for subjects at their own pace. You can choose to study only a specific part of the law, which would be harassment or bullying in this case. For employers, it’s important to consider the benefits of constant employment law training for HR employees.

The money you spend on gaining a better understanding of HR law would be beneficial in the future, especially if you want to improve your credentials. How does your company promote a healthy workplace environment?