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3 Essential Things to Have in an Emergency Car Kit

reflector used due to car accident

reflector used due to car accidentGetting on the road for business or leisure is a common activity. While driving in light traffic provides you with a short escape from the nitty gritty stuff of life, having a car breakdown will definitely send you back.

While modern cars have definitely improved over the decades, it’s still important to pack an emergency car kit. This way, you can troubleshoot issues in your car or wait without worry until professional help arrives. Here are essential things to pack in your emergency car kit:

1. Lights

Having adequate light during car breakdowns is essential. Motorists should be able to see you after all. You should likewise be able to see what possible damage is present in your vehicle. It’s always a great idea to have ample lighting. A mini LED light bar works for most emergency vehicles and choosing LED particularly may be appropriate. If you think a mini LED light bar is not for you, consider getting a decent flashlight. Also, don’t forget to pack extra batteries.

2. Reflectors

Have reflectors packed, as well. In dark and low-light roads, having a reflector lessens the risk of collision with passing vehicles. When you use reflectors, other motorists will be alerted to your presence and can adjust their trajectory accordingly. It’s ideal to have a number of reflectors that you can place on the road in case your car breaks down. Placing the reflectors at intervals of 50 feet is ideal.

3. Fully-charged phone

You need to contact those who can help you in times of emergency, and that’s why it’s essential to carry a spare phone that’s fully charged. There’s no need for a fancy smartphone. A basic phone that’s able to send messages and voice calls is enough. A power bank is also a wise addition should the phone run low on battery.

You can never be fully prepared for an emergency, but you can use inexpensive tools to make the situation better. Make sure to pack these essential things in your emergency car kit to ensure that you and other motorists stay safe.