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Top Considerations for Determining your Bathroom Layout

Modern style bathroomWhether you are building or renovating, designing the bathroom of your dreams is both an exciting and overwhelming process. To turn your dream bathroom into a reality, you first need to take into careful consideration your specific needs to determine the most efficient layout that would work for you. This step is immensely crucial for renovation or building success.

To figure out your requirements for planning the space, ask yourself the following questions. Make sure to evaluate the benefits and potential drawbacks of your existing bathroom layout if you’re renovating. If you’re building a new bathroom, consider how you would like your new bathroom to function.

Designing your new bathroom

  • What stuff will you be storing in your bathroom and where will you put all of them, keeping in mind if they need easy access or not?
  • Do you want open shelving, cabinets, or a mix of both?
  • How will you use the bathroom, such that what specific activities will you be doing in the different parts of the space? For instance, will you need a separate space for sitting down and putting on makeup?
  • Do you want separate bath and shower spaces?
  • Do you need the toilet to have its own enclosure?
  • Do you want a bathtub that could fit in more than one individual?
  • Will you be sharing the bathroom with someone else, such as a partner or children? Will guests be using it as well? What about a pet? Or will smaller children who require assistance be the main users of the bathroom?

Your answers to the questions above could help you plan your bathroom layout, explains Sand & Swirl, Inc., a bathroom designer in Bountiful. You’ll likewise determine how much storage you’ll need.

With this vital information in mind, you could start imaging how you’ll place key elements in your bathroom and determine the most suitable layout fit for your particular requirements.