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Global Spending on Marketing Automation to Reach $32B in 2018

System automation presentationGlobal spending on marketing automation services and software will reach $32 billion in 2018, which indicates that many companies still consider it as an important part of promotional strategies.

The higher amount stems from different developments in the technology, including machine learning, chatbots and analytics. Your business should not only focus on marketing automation, but also figure out how to integrate it with an efficient customer relationship management (CRM) system.

Trending Topics

Marketers will continue to rely on social media to connect with potential clients. If you have not yet delved into automated marketing for networking sites, a MarketingSherpa study may give you another reason to do so.

The research showed that almost 60% of people on social media rely on a brand’s updates via websites such as Facebook or Twitter. This means that interacting with potential clients, such as replying to private messages, may be handled via automated marketing. If you plan to focus more on email automation this year, consider the use of integrated workflows with social advertisements. These are just some of the trends that would be helpful in engaging new customers.

CRM Strategies

Marketing automation allows you to attract new clients, but it should not come at the expense of losing regular customers. Most companies use CRM for this reason, but many of them remain unaware that integrating it with automated marketing has several advantages.

Some of these benefits include nurturing leads, aside from just focusing on lead generation. Hence, a CRM strategy integrated with marketing automation will allow you to send relevant content instantly, depending on your leads’ preferred actions. Another advantage involves a shorter sales cycle, since you know that your business loses money when it takes too long for undecided leads to become repeat clients.


This year marks another time to develop your marketing campaign. How do you plan to use automated marketing to your business strategy?