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US’s Oil Problem: Storage Tank Companies Provide Answers to Crude Problems

Worker climbing up the oil tank

Worker climbing up the oil tankIn a fascinating turn of events since the oil price peak in 2014, the United States is now enjoying very affordable oil and diesel prices. As of December 2017, the price of gasoline is at $2.60 per gallon while diesel is at $2.80-2.90.

This is good news across the board: everyday drivers, business owners, and large companies all get to save on transportation costs. While the public celebrates the benefits of affordable oil, however, the government and oil suppliers are facing another kind of problem: properly storing the large supply of oil.

Running Out of Oil Storage Spaces

The abundance of the country’s current oil supply is one of the main reasons why gas and diesel are very affordable today. At the start of 2016, the country’s stockpile of commercial crude oil reached 503 million barrels.

Hurricane Harvey’s arrival and other hurricanes in August stopped the operations of oil refineries in Texas, affecting oil prices and production for a short while. Within a month, however, workers were already getting back to work.

Reports say that the country is still running out of place to store its oil reserves.

Oil Storage is Complicated

Crude oil storage has very specific requirements and stringent quality checks. Unlike metal products, which manufacturers can simply store in warehouses or storage areas, gasoline needs specially-designed and fabricated tanks with appropriate inner lining and coating. The location of the tank needs to meet government standards for safety, too.

Having a healthy domestic supply of oil is a good problem to have, but it can only remain “good” if the supply doesn’t affect the environment or harm humans and ecosystems.

The Response of Storage Tank Companies

Storage tank companies are rising to the challenge and meeting the demand for safe and effective crude oil storage solutions. It’s not just the national and federal governments that are dealing with gasoline storage, after all, but also small-to-medium businesses.

Regardless of who requires it or what volume needs to go on storage, business owners and organizations can count on storage manufacturers to produce above ground or portable gasoline tanks that meet international standards for safety and quality.