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Should ER Staff Honor Patients’ Tattooed Medical Instructions?

Portrait of a man with naked torso and tattooesAn unconscious patient with a “DO NOT RESUSCITATE” (DNR) tattoo with his signature stumped emergency room staff at a Florida hospital, whether or not they should honor the instruction.

Doctors at the Jackson Memorial Hospital in Miami noticed the written text on the collarbone of the diabetic 70-year-old man, who arrived at the hospital with higher blood alcohol levels. The state does not recognize tattoos as valid DNR requests, yet the man’s inked body still baffled doctors.

Unanimous Confusion

Gregory Holt and the others who attended to the person did not expect that someone would choose to have DNR as their tattoo. The scenario of handling a patient with a DNR tattoo has crossed their minds, but the ER staff remained unprepared to deal with such cases until they encountered one.

The situation became more complicated since the patient did not have any IDs, aside from the absence of family members. The department contacted ethics consultants, after unsuccessful attempts of wanting the man to regain consciousness and give explicit medical care instructions. In the end, the consultants advised the staff to acknowledge the tattoo.

Ethical Practice

Experts from Emergency Staffing Solutions note that ER staffing in Florida may include training on DNR requests, which are valid after patients fill an official form. While a tattoo seems unusual, it does reflect a person’s wish. Ken Goodman, co-director of the University of Miami’s ethics programs, used this logic for not complying with the state law.

Goodman argued that people will not bother themselves to have a DNR tattoo, or any other kind, without taking time to consider the implications. It may be a strange way to communicate your preferences on medical care, but it gives a “dramatic view” of what you want, he added.


The confusion over the patient’s tattoo can be construed as a blessing in disguise since it allowed the ER staff to know what to do when faced with a similar case in the future.

Don’t Underestimate the Causes of Water Heater Fluctuations

A water heater being repairedWater heaters, so long as you use them correctly and maintain them properly, can last for many years, even longer than a decade. Several factors can shorten or lengthen this expected service life though, such as frequency of use, the hardness of water, and the installation itself of the system.

When your water heater is nearing its end of service, or have developed problems urgently needs addressing, it is important you do not delay seeking professional plumbers.

According to Whipple Service Champions, water heaters in Utah homes signal these situations as mentioned above when they start having temperature fluctuations.

When temperature changes often occur

There are several instances wherein you may notice a sudden change in the temperature of water flowing out of the faucets or showers. One of these is when you have these fixtures running for quite some time, and the warm or hot water just becomes cold. Another is the simple change from hot to cold water.

Why these happen in the first place

There are some reasons for these temperature drops in your water. Malfunctioning mixing valves are some of them and are often the culprits when they have exhausted their service life.

Another is when there is too low a pressure, as well as when one or several of your toilets use too much water that drains what the heater has already prepared.

What you should do

As a responsible homeowner, you definitely want to address the potential causes of water temperature fluctuations early on, seeing that this can be a huge inconvenience. Also, they may actually be symptoms of an even bigger problem, such as massive sediment build-ups in the pipes due to hard water.

The fact that sudden changes in water temperature can also pose health hazards should already make you call an expert plumber as soon as possible. 

Smart Ways to Become an Excellent Legal Nurse Consultant

a Legal Nurse Consultant standing with crossed armsHave you noticed how the consulting industry has grown tremendously over the years? Most consulting firms now attract top talents from great schools. But of course, it takes more than just a great academic background to become an outstanding consultant.

Here are four things you’ll need to have:

Get qualified first

The importance of having the necessary qualifications to pursue a career as a consultant cannot be overemphasized. Many people wondering how to become a legal nurse consultant know that they must get some training, but they have no idea just what this entails.

Well, you’ll need to become a registered nurse first, and that requires an Associate Degree in Nursing or a BSc in nursing. Afterwards, you need to obtain a license before working as a nurse for five years to gain enough experience.

Deliver on promises

Your clients need to know that you can do exactly what you said you would within the time you promised. This helps you earn their trust. You need to master the basics on your field, and that includes knowledge in taking notes, creating PowerPoint presentations and organizing projects. Develop the habit of doing everything without errors.

Learn to think before you act

Most consultants have the kind of personality that keeps them hungry for success for the rest of their lives. But focusing on the work ahead of you will only make you good, not great. You need to think critically before delving into any tasks.

For instance, when your client wants you to come up with a way to save costs on the company’s supply chain, ask yourself why this is important to the company first. This helps you gain an insight on the task at hand and come up with a fitting solution.

Whether you are still a student thinking about pursuing legal nurse consulting or you are already in the industry, it helps to master a few basics that can help you become excellent. These habits may be simple, but they are often the ones that separate ordinary consultants from excellent ones.

Home Purchase: What’s Your Personal Situation?

Real estate sign in front of new house for saleBuying a house, for the most part, is a financial commitment. Apart from getting a mortgage, you also need to mind all the other costs associated with owning one. This purchase requires you to be ready for the expense, but you also need to mind your personal preferences like where and how you’d like to settle down.

Mortgage companies South Jordan share the personal aspects needed to assess your readiness in buying a home.

Ready to Stay in One Place

When you’re buying a house, you are also buying the area or location. This is why you should be ready to commit to one place for some years. The location should suit your needs with accessible grocery stores and transportation, good career and educational opportunities, and other factors that matter to you. It’s best to spend some time in the neighborhood to make sure it is the right fit.

Personal and Professional Stability

Your finances will play a big role in buying a house, but you shouldn’t completely ignore your emotions. Being stable in your personal and professional life can give you enough emotional support required in buying or owning a house. If you think that you will need to switch jobs or move to another area in the future, it’s best to put off buying until you have the stability in your career, finances, and goals.

Prepared to Take on Responsibilities

Owning a house is exciting, but it comes with responsibilities. You have to be ready and feel comfortable taking on tasks related to home maintenance. This can take up effort, time, and extra money. You (or split the tasks with your partner) need to keep the yard looking good, clean the gutters, run a self-inspection of your home, and other maintenance-related tasks.

Making the decision to purchase a house is always a personal one. You need to assess both your personal and financial goals. If you think you’re ready to take the plunge, get in touch with a reliable mortgage company to know more about your home loan options.

Don’t Underestimate the Causes of Water Heater Fluctuations

Don’t Underestimate the Causes of Water Heater Fluctuations

3 Factors That Affect the Cost of Industrial Fencing

Solid metallic mesh fence closeupSafety should be a priority for every industrial project. You should make sure the site is free of health and safety hazards to avoid any accidents, which may cause project delays, injuries, and hospitalization.

Apparently, there is not much to consider when planning for industrial fences than you would with other types of fencing. But now that cost is a significant factor, it is necessary to think about the following factors when setting a budget:


Consider the quality of the fencing materials and decorative accessories that you’re planning to use. Depending on your choice of industrial fence design, your fence manufacturer or fabricator could charge an extra fee to cater to the fence’s unique complexity. The higher the number of the fencing materials and accessories (which will depend on the size of the property that you want to secure), the higher the cost may be.


You can never overemphasize the importance of hiring professional fence installers who have a consistent record of the quality of their services. Expect to pay them a slightly higher fee than what it would cost you if you hire an ordinary technician. It is also important to note that some installers charge their services on a per-hour basis. This means the less time it takes them to install your fence, the less amount of money you will need to shell out.


It is always advisable that you adhere to your local fencing codes regardless of where you are installing the fence. Follow through with licensed inspection and stick to a regular maintenance schedule to ensure that the fencing remains in the best condition.

Industrial fences demand an equal amount of keenness to details right from the selection of materials and installation to inspection and maintenance. That is why it is important to work with an experienced and knowledgeable supplier who can guide you appropriately.

US’s Oil Problem: Storage Tank Companies Provide Answers to Crude Problems

Worker climbing up the oil tank

Worker climbing up the oil tankIn a fascinating turn of events since the oil price peak in 2014, the United States is now enjoying very affordable oil and diesel prices. As of December 2017, the price of gasoline is at $2.60 per gallon while diesel is at $2.80-2.90.

This is good news across the board: everyday drivers, business owners, and large companies all get to save on transportation costs. While the public celebrates the benefits of affordable oil, however, the government and oil suppliers are facing another kind of problem: properly storing the large supply of oil.

Running Out of Oil Storage Spaces

The abundance of the country’s current oil supply is one of the main reasons why gas and diesel are very affordable today. At the start of 2016, the country’s stockpile of commercial crude oil reached 503 million barrels.

Hurricane Harvey’s arrival and other hurricanes in August stopped the operations of oil refineries in Texas, affecting oil prices and production for a short while. Within a month, however, workers were already getting back to work.

Reports say that the country is still running out of place to store its oil reserves.

Oil Storage is Complicated

Crude oil storage has very specific requirements and stringent quality checks. Unlike metal products, which manufacturers can simply store in warehouses or storage areas, gasoline needs specially-designed and fabricated tanks with appropriate inner lining and coating. The location of the tank needs to meet government standards for safety, too.

Having a healthy domestic supply of oil is a good problem to have, but it can only remain “good” if the supply doesn’t affect the environment or harm humans and ecosystems.

The Response of Storage Tank Companies

Storage tank companies are rising to the challenge and meeting the demand for safe and effective crude oil storage solutions. It’s not just the national and federal governments that are dealing with gasoline storage, after all, but also small-to-medium businesses.

Regardless of who requires it or what volume needs to go on storage, business owners and organizations can count on storage manufacturers to produce above ground or portable gasoline tanks that meet international standards for safety and quality.

3 Must-Haves for Home Security

A burglar breaking into a houseNothing feels safer than being in the comfort of your own home. Your home is a fortress you have built together with your family. However, the threat of intrusions remains, which means you should invest in security for your home. Here are three basic ways you can keep everyone at home safe:

Steel doors

Being the main point of entry in every house, doors are usually the target of burglars. One solution to keep intruders away is by installing steel security doors for your Auckland home. These would make it much harder for thieves to bust through.

Window grills

Windows are also a point of entry but are often overlooked by homeowners. If you want further security, you might want to install grills on your windows. This way, the grills would hamper any burglary attempts by acting as an additional barrier for fragile glass windows. The grills are made of sturdy material like metal, so it would be improbable for petty thieves to destroy them.

Roller doors

Be it in London or Auckland; roller security doors include not only your front door but also the garage doors of your home. The usual roller doors are used for a garage, which means they roll up to let people in and out. However, you can invest in seamless roller doors since these are more modern and easier to operate.

All-around security

Security for your home is a worthwhile investment because it is better to have your property safe than be sorry to have them stolen. You may not be a billionaire but the security features mentioned can save not only your valuables but also your life, and those of your loved ones.

Simple Hacks When Planning an Event

people in exhibition hall event trade showPlanning to hold an event in one of the luxurious hotels in Utah may pose a problem in terms of schedule. Usually, events such as weddings, fashion shows, and conventions are booked at least six months.

Home to beautiful sceneries, chances are the event will take place in one of the beautiful garden venues where you can have your home show here in Utah.

Problem solved. However, that is only the first few steps in planning an event. Usually, the venue comes first on the list after determining theme and budget of the event.

Look for the Right Event Organizer

When it comes to planning an event, having an experienced event planner will solve any problem. However, as the point of contact between your company and the event planner or organizer, you must also be in the loop of every detail that will happen on the event.

Usually, the event organizer’s coverage takes place from the early stage of planning, managing the actual event, up until another week or two where wrapping up the remaining details of the event. Others only offer event planning so to avoid any confusion, make sure to get the right group to do the job.

Planning the Event

After identifying the theme of the event and determining the budget, selecting the venue will be the next most important aspect of staging the event. However, once you found the right place to hold the event, things would be more specific, which is why having a complete, detailed list would be a good idea.

Depending on the kind of event, third parties and vendors might be involved. Settling the location is the best sign to start contacting them whoever needs to get involved.

This would also be the best time to arrange for the guest speakers and entertainment before coordinating the transportation to bring them to the venue.

Once you have moved past this list, it is pretty much a walk in the park as the heavy part is completed. From here, choosing the most suitable caterer for the occasion and invitation letters are the only thing left before the event takes place.