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Mitigate Water Damage Before the Specialists Arrive

Water Damaged CeilingWhether the source of the potentially damaging water is a flood, faulty plumbing, damaged pipes, or torrential rains, every minute your possessions remain in the soaked water means more damage. Despite being seemingly manageable, water can cause extensive damage to your drywall, attic, floorboards, and your possessions. DIY skills may not adequately solve the problem of water damage in Salt Lake City, but you can still take some steps to minimize losses. The experts at AAA Restoration explain them below.

Think of Safety

Before you jump into action and wade into a flooded area to save your stuff, make sure that there is no risk to your safety. Consider the possibility of exposed electrical wiring or surfaces that could potentially become unstable when wet. Avoid entering potentially dangerous rooms and inform the specialists of your fears once they arrive. If possible, switch off the electricity in the building.

Salvage What You Can

If the affected areas are safe, cautiously access them and retrieve what you can. Start with essential items that water can easily ruin. List your priorities in order of market value, and focus on what you can carry. For example, if you're on your own, don't attempt to lift large appliances. Use your time wisely.

Get Rid of Excess Water

Pools of water are more damaging than most people assume. It makes sense to get a head start in removing these pools. Scoop water out of the larger pools and mop up other spaces. Your efforts would prevent damage that could potentially occur without immediate action.

Don't rely only on your efforts, however. Remember that experts in water damage control know where to look and what to use to prevent mold build-up on your property. They can quickly, safely and more efficiently turn around even the most frustrating situations. Again, every minute counts and the quicker you get the required help, the better.