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Your Simple Guide to Buying Steel on a Budget

Steel Pipes

Buying steel supplies need not be a daunting challenge, provided you know how to go about it. Unfortunately, many homebuilders and welders do not know where to look, so they end up paying more for steel than they should.

With these tips, however, you can save money every time you shop for steel:

Buy when prices are low

Steel prices are hardly constant, so you can get a good deal whenever you shop when steel rates are low. This gives you low acquisition prices, although you may need to pay more carrying costs if you are buying in bulk.

Compare how different stainless steel and aluminium pipes or tubing suppliers are charging before making a final decision.

Visit scrap yards

Most scrap yards can provide mild steel at unbeatable rates if you are comfortable with irregular shapes. The trick is to call as many scrap metal plates as possible and ask what they have.

While some may be unwilling to sell the public, chances are you will still be able to find one that sells tubes, plates or fillets to any one at a pound per piece.

Buy directly from producers

If you intend to buy steel in large quantities, it is best to buy it directly from the manufacturers. Buying from dealers attracts extra rates, as you have to incur dealer charges. However, if you cannot find a reliable producer in your area, you may still opt to find a dealer and then negotiate a good rate.

Ask for discounts

Most buyers pay more than they should simply because they do not ask for discounts. More than half the time, the seller is willing to offer friendly discounts to those that request them, so never give out money before finding out if the price could be lower.

Every time you order steel, ask yourself if you really have to pay all that hard-earned money or not. By being smart, you can make little savings that add up in the long run.

Best Practices to Run a Successful Warehouse Business

Business partners of a warehouse storeRegardless of how utterly messy your lives might be, you can never let that define your business as well. Every business requires a high degree of commitment and organisation to succeed. Especially when running a warehouse business, you’re required to pay attention when it comes to arrangement and maintenance.

Utilize these tips to run your warehouse successfully.

Employ the 5S (methodology)

The 16th-century Japanese workplace organisation method is still as convenient and up-to date. It includes five practices.

• Sort
Clearing unnecessary inventory in your warehouse is the first way to do away with the stumbling blocks in your business.

• Set in order
Once that is done, organise your new stock strategically in a manner easy to access.

• Shine
You don’t want your products ruined by dust and contaminations by failing to clean your warehouse. A dirty warehouse will deteriorate the value of your products.

• Standardize
Set high standards from employees to organisation and maintenance.

• Sustain
Finally, make sure all your efforts will always be worthwhile by maintaining these rules.

Mind your employees

Your employees play a significant role in the success of your business. For this reason, their safety and health are a top priority. Machines and business owners can only do so much. Educate them on the warehouse safety precautions such as dressing appropriately, ventilations, and equipment usage just to mention a few.

You do not have to witness your business go on a downward spiral due to hospital expenses, employees’ strikes and boycotts.

Get efficient racking systems

Most importantly, a warehouse business needs storage systems. There are various ways to store products in a warehouse. Choosing the best storage option largely depends on your type of products, amount of inventory and space available. To maximise your storage space and cut future maintenance costs, pallet racking systems make a durable storage option.

These ideas integrated with work ethics and a right attitude is the first step to a great and fruitful warehouse business.

Teenagers’ Options For Replacing Missing Teeth

DenturesLosing a tooth in a small accident or due to sports can make for a hilarious story for friends and family. But you don't have to be embarrassed, as you can easily have your teeth replaced through different dental procedures. Of course, you still have to choose which procedure you want to undergo. You also have to know which procedure will work best for you.

Three Replacement Options

You can choose e among three dental procedures to replace your lost tooth or teeth. You can have dental bridges, or dentures. You dentist in Stoke-on-Trent may also recommend dental implants if your condition requires them. Read on to learn more about your treatment options.

Dental Implants

Dental implants allow you to replace your lost tooth or teeth permanently, although the cost of replacement can be high. Dental implants feel and look like real teeth. Given that the implants are fastened to the bone already, they make for the best replacement teeth.

Unfortunately, teenagers under 18 may have to wait until they reach their adult years to get dental implants. Dental implants can only be suitable for patients with fully-grown jaws. Teenagers still have growing jaws, which make dental implants a poor choice to replace teeth at that age.

Dentures: For the Meantime

Dentures have low costs and are removable. They may lack the stability and durability of implants, but they can work well enough while you remain in your teenage years. You can wear dentures until you can finally receive dental implants.


These appliances can also replace a lost tooth or teeth. Bridges have more disadvantages than either implants or dentures, however. The complications come from the need to grind and attach to remaining adjacent teeth.

With the overviews above, you at least have an idea of what procedure you can undergo to replace your missing tooth or teeth. Talk to your dentist to get more information.

Emergency Roofing Repair? Hire Professionals

Professional roofing service crewman on the roof

Professional roofing service crewman on the roofYou always hear advice all the time to get a licensed roofing specialist always. Often, property owners imagine that the referral of an acquaintance of a family member for a contractor guarantees an excellent job. They do not imagine a license to be important especially if they can save money in the process.

Here is why it is wise not to hire an unlicensed professional to do the job, especially when it comes to roofing.

If there are legal problems, your solutions are limited

A licensed roofing contractor faced with a dispute can easily enlist the services of their licensing agency to mediate and if possible, help in recovering incurred losses. With an unlicensed contractor, you would have to file a lawsuit if they are not interested in resolution.

In addition to the costs, you are unlikely to succeed. What is more, unlicensed contractors easily go out of business. You could win the case, but would never be able to collect. If an unlicensed contractor did not finish your roofing and ran off, your legal action choices are limited.

Inadequate insurance

Liability and workers compensation insurance is expensive for contractors. Due to this, unlicensed contractors will not have policies that could make or break your deal. If a member of their team gets injured, for example, you are likely to be held responsible.

Instead of just paying for roofing costs, you end up also paying medical bills, and they are no walk in the park.

Inadequate bond

A “bond” is insurance that compensates you if the contractor, for whatever reason, does not complete the job you contracted them to do. You end up having no legal moves to make in addition to non-compensation if you hire an unlicensed contractor.

Most of these contractors do not even offer a contract before beginning the job. It is harder when the result is not what you were looking for, but what can you do?

An unlicensed roofing contractor will not even know what you can expect from them in terms of competence. But you can expect increased risks of low-quality and uninsured work that may translate to additional costs. Always choose licensed ones when it comes to roofing.

Do Not Ignore These Subtle Signs of Skin Cancer

Man putting on lotion on his hand

Man putting on lotion on his handSkin cancer, or the uncontrolled growth of abnormal skin cells, is among the most commonly diagnosed types of cancer worldwide. Most cases of skin cancer are a result of unprotected exposure to too much UV radiation. These are most likely to appear on areas exposed to the sun such as your face, neck, and arms.

Like in other cancer cases, early detection is a must for it to be treated effectively. However, the signs of skin cancer are much more subtle and difficult to spot. Medical institutions in Provo that provide skin cancer treatment suggest that you watch out for the following warning signs.

Pimples and bug bites that do not heal

Pimples are annoying, and bug bites are itchy, but the good thing about them is that they go away in a week or two. If the red bumps on your skin do not heal within a month, you should bring these to the attention of your doctor.

Scaly spots

Itching and scaling dry skin can be treated with moisturizers most of the time. If you have persistent scaly spots that do not respond to moisturizers, this can be a sign of UV-related skin damage.

Changing moles

Changes in your moles, whether in size, shape, or color, can be a cause for alarm. Moles that change can be a sign of melanoma, a form of skin cancer that can spread in your body.

Bleeding spots

Any spot in your skin that bleeds with the slightest touch of friction is a great cause for attention. Bleeding when you rub your face or touch something is not normal, and should be checked by an expert.

Scars out of nowhere

Most scars have stories. If a scar suddenly pops out of nowhere and does not have a story to go along with it, it is best that you visit the doctor.

While these are not necessarily always bad things, it is only a good thing that you remain vigilant to the changes in your skin. It is the only way to detect skin abnormalities and possible skin cancer as early as possible.

Important Role an Ad Agency Plays in the Success of Your Business

Advertisers on a MeetingIf you want to get ahead, your brand must stand out from the rest of the competition. You must persuade and convince your target customers to patronize your product and choose it over other brands.

That is where an effective ad agency in Salt Lake City such as Red Rider Creative can help your business.

What Is an Advertising Agency?

An ad agency works with a client company in creating a goal-oriented and effective advertising campaign. The aim is to make the target customers see the client in a positive light. The ad agency helps connect the company with its target market.

Using persuasive, unique, and attention-grabbing ads can make your brand stand out.

Duties of an Advertising Agency

Following are the things that your ad agency can do for your business:

Understand the Company and Its Products/Services. – To come up with an effective campaign, the agency must first understand the client company and what it is all about. They must get well acquainted with the client’s products and services.

Plan and Create an Effective Ad Campaign. – The creative process of planning and brainstorming starts once the agency identifies the client’s specific needs.

These may include improving sales, the introduction of new products, highlighting the brand’s benefits, convincing new customers, and retaining old customers. The campaign must be within the client’s budget. The go signal for implementation must come from the client, who may also request for a rework.

Come Up with the Appropriate Strategies. – The strategies will depend on the client’s goals. Some companies outsource all their marketing tasks to their ad agency. The agency then handles the brand building process. They will work to improve sales by using different promotion techniques.

Understand what your ad agency can do for you. This way, you will know what specific functions they can take over from your staff. This will result in a more streamlined and effective advertising campaign.

Caustic Drain Cleaners Are Hurting You, Your Drain, and the Environment

Drain CleaningCertain chores turn people off. Drain cleaning is one of them.

Removing nasty gunk from the pipes is not for everyone, and it doesn’t help that the drains could get clogged again a couple of weeks after cleaning. Most homeowners probably use commercial drain cleaners, which they dump in the sink or toilet. The thing is, have you ever thought of what you’re putting down the drain?

Chemical Composition of Caustic Drain Cleaners

Many household products contain powerful, harmful chemicals. Sodium hydroxide, simply known as lye and caustic soda, is the main active ingredient in some drain cleaners. What it does is that it reacts with the water in the drains to create heat, making the reaction melt the gunk and grease trapped in the drain. The chemical even melts plastic pipes this way, says

Hazards to Human Health

The chemicals that make up caustic drain cleaners are powerful and poisonous. Misuse of the product can cause severe burns and injuries. Instruction labels would always advise the use of gloves and goggles. When your eyes, skin, or mouth comes into contact with these substances, the damage is irreversible and can be fatal.

Hazards to the Environment

Anything that goes down the drain flows through the sewers and other water passageways. When it seeps through the soil, it can cause mutation in plants. It will also affect animals that consume those plants. Potable water can become toxic and kill sensitive species when mixed with harmful chemicals. You can’t recycle the bottles and cans of drain cleaners either since they’re already contaminated.

Safer Alternatives to Caustic Drain Cleaners

Enzymatic drain cleaners do the same job as caustic drain cleaners but in a different manner. Enzymes replace toxic chemicals and breakdown insoluble particles like starches, fats, and proteins.

The tried-and-tested combo of baking soda and vinegar is also a good alternative. The reaction of the basic baking soda to the acidic vinegar produces bubbles that can remove the clog.

It is best to do regular maintenance tasks. Giving your sink the utmost care would prevent your drains from clogging often. Getting past the weekly chores of the drain would save your pipes, your health, and the environment.

More Work, More Play: Create a Productive Office Environment

Workplace Interior DesignOffices are adapting to the changing career and working environment. More than just an adjustment in the way ideas hatch, the layout of the typical office is ever-changing. Unruh Furniture presents a few tips to ensure that productivity becomes the company’s prime goal even through workspace design.

Ergonomic furniture

It’s easy to be blinded by budget deals when designing your office space. However, good companies make sure that the employees feel comfortable in their environment.

This is why a one-size-fits-all approach may not be the best thing, especially if your workplace is diverse. It’s best to consider ergonomic desks, comfortable chairs, and even the right accessories that would be ideal for your disposition.

Incorporate shared pods and individual areas

Regardless of the industry, any business requires a degree of communication among its employees. The trend of the open space office is fast becoming a must-have for start-up businesses that want to cultivate a practice of creativity and collaboration.

However, this doesn’t mean that the traditional set-up of enclosed individual spaces should be disregarded. Both collaboration pods and individual areas that can be personalized should be accessible to employees to allow for maximum productivity.

Take this into consideration when you are scouting for office furniture in Kansas City, where there are a lot of style options and functions for particular pieces.

Adjustable furniture and desks

While too much of a good thing can prove to be a hindrance in itself, having a lack of choice can have an effect that’s just as dampening to productivity. Another layout option that one can explore in the office would include adjustable desks and furniture.

Traditional offices set-ups usually have desks and cubicles that are uniform with each other. Office pieces and furniture these days are already adapting to the employees' needs to give managers and business owners the chance to increase employees' comfort.

Make sure to get office furniture in Kansas City that are adjustable. This type of furniture improves not only employee productivity but also their health.

Manpower is always a company’s best asset—so it’s imperative that you take good care of your employees even in the smallest ways.

Real, Long-Term Ways to Lower Your Energy Bills

Solar panel on a roofWhen we talk about saving energy and lowering your energy consumption, instant solutions are non-existent. There is no one-size-fits-all approach, and there is no gizmo you can plug in to reduce your actual use of energy.

Temporary fixes might make a little difference, but their temporary nature goes against your intention of saving energy for the long-term. To really make a dent on your energy usage, you must be willing to invest, first. Here are some changes you can make that will make a huge difference in how much energy you use at home, in the long term.

Use Solar Panels

Solar energy is free and you receive plenty of it especially during the hot months. Why not harness that energy to lower your dependence on the power grid? Investing in residential solar power in South Jersey can even give you some tax credits, and you might even get rebates from the utility company if you send back excess generated electricity to the grid. Solar power setups are typically sturdy and require only a little maintenance. You can recoup the investment if you stay long enough in your home; typically, five to ten years.

Get ENERGY STAR Labeled Windows

Replacement windows are also quite costly, but that’s the price you have to pay if you want your windows to make a difference at all. Old windows usually don’t have any form of insulation. They allow heat and cold transfer, and probably also leak air and water. The best quality windows can lower the penetration of UV rays by up to 95%, won’t fade or crack, and have strong warranties. Pro tip: Avoid customizing, if you can help it. Customizing windows can lead to more costs than you may be ready for. Stick to standard sizes and styles if you want to avoid additional expenses.

Invest in an Operable Skylight

If you want windows that work well in allowing natural ventilation in your home, casement windows are a top choice. But if you want to double that effectiveness, have an operable skylight installed. Take advantage of the chimney effect. Let cool air enter through your big casement windows. It will push the hot air up and through the open skylight. You can lower your dependence on artificially cooled air if you have this setup.

These suggestions may cost a pretty penny, initially, but the effects are long-term rather than immediate. You can depend on them for decades to lower the use of energy, which means enjoying the savings and helping the environment.

Automatic vs. Manual Subscription Renewal: Learn the Difference

Subscription Membership concept seen on a laptop How do you normally handle your Software as a Service (SaaS) subscription renewals?

As your SaaS products mature, SaaS renewal process calls for enhanced multiple periods for billing a subscription. A straightforward type of subscription billing is acceptable to legacy products, such as magazines and newspapers.

Manual and automatic subscriptions are the two conventional models for your customer renewals. Read on to learn the difference.

Automatic Renewal

This renewal option takes place when your customer gives payment details, gets your product, and is re-billed at specified dates. As long as your customers pay their bills, they will have full access to your product. Common examples for this type of subscription renewal are your monthly bill for cable TV and data storage fee per gigabyte. Because your customers are aware of the actual billing amount, they tend to agree with an automatic payment and renewal.

Manual Renewal

This option is considered less popular and happens when your customers are not re-billed until they agree to the amount of charge. In this renewal process, your customers are often required to re-enter their payment details. They could also pull out the payment information they previously submitted and do it with a touch of a button.

Your utility bill is the best example for this type of option. You want natural gas and electricity, but you still opt to pay manually every month to check the payable amount before approving the payment.

Automatic vs. Manual Renewal

The advantages of using an automatic SaaS renewal process include a continuous subscription until your customer cancels, conversation rate increases since a valid billing detail have been captured, and others. By using the manual renewal process, you can reduce customer complaints, chargebacks, and refunds because renewal notice is given in advance. You can also boost your conversion rate through an optimized marketing message.

Renewing your subscription is important to ensure a smooth operation. Check all the renewal options available and consider the behavior of your valued customers in making a decision.