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Plastic Surgery Increases in Utah as Society Adopts Different View

A Girl Getting BotoxThe cosmetic industry in Utah has accommodated more patients due to society’s changing views and the cost of having physical enhancements in the state, including oral surgery in Salt Lake City.

In fact, the city had more plastic surgeons than any other major city in the U.S. in 2015, except Miami. This indicated that more people are willing to go under the knife to achieve a better – or an even near perfect – appearance.

Price of Beauty

Cost serves as another driving factor why more people visit surgical clinics in Utah, as prices there are more affordable than in other states. For example, a tummy tuck would require you to pay between $5,000 and $7,000 in Utah, while you will need to spend between $8,000 and $15,000 for the same procedure in California.

Breast augmentation carries a price tag of about $4,000, unlike in other states where it costs from $6,000 to $10,000. These figures are certainly attractive prices for people who want a cheaper yet quality work done on their faces and bodies.

Global Growth

Worldwide, the cosmetic surgery market will reach $12 billion from 2015 to 2022, according to a Grand View Research report. As the US leads the sector, the country will benefit the most from this expected increase. In 2016 alone, surgeons performed more than 17 million cosmetic surgical and non-invasive procedures. The figure represented a 3% increase from 2015 and a 132% growth from 2000, according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.

Brazil, South Korea, India, and Mexico completed the top five countries for the global cosmetic surgery market, according to the report.

As more people become more open about the idea of plastic surgery, would you think about paying for a certain procedure in Utah? The prices may be steep, but these are relatively cheaper than in other states.

Australian HVAC Market to Reach $3B by 2022

HVAC system on roofdeckThe heating, ventilation and air-conditioning market (HVAC) in Australia will grow at a compound annual growth rate of 9% between 2016 and 2022, according to a Research and Markets report.

The market’s value will reach around $3 billion five years from now. Demand for centrifugal pump products and other HVAC supplies will continue to be high in Australia and New Zealand’s commercial, residential and industrial sectors.

Key Factors

HVAC manufacturers and developers are creating energy-efficient and modern HVAC units for different applications, driven by different government projects and sustainable initiatives. The report noted that Australia would continue to outperform New Zealand in terms of market by volume, which will increase to a compound annual growth rate of 7.33% between 2016 and 2022.

That’s because new cost-effective and energy-efficient technologies gradually emerge in the Australian market, amid growing customer concerns on HVAC products. The country’s HVAC market volume will also increase at 6.99%. However, the report expects New Zealand’s HVAC market volume to reach 271.40 thousand units by 2022.

Global Demand

Demand for Australian HVAC products largely stems from a growing population, a boom in residential construction projects and those in the commercial and industrial sectors. Some of the common products used in various industries include window, portable and split units for residential purposes.

For the global centrifugal pump market, a study estimated that it would increase to US$27.85 billion by 2021. The report categorised the market into three niches, comprising the axial, mixed and radial types of centrifugal pumps. Among the three, end-users mostly preferred the axial type, which accounted for more than 37% of the overall market revenue in 2016.

The HVAC market in Australia, New Zealand and the rest of the world continues to grow partly because of increasing demand from different industries.


Remodel Your Kitchen and Bathroom this Summer

Tools For Home RenovationSummer is just around the corner, meaning that you can start remodeling projects in your Bountiful home. The summer months present the perfect opportunity to remodel a kitchen or a bathroom. 

You may want to start planning as early as now so that you can being as early in the summer as possible. With summer probably being the best time for remodeling projects, you can expect other homeowners are keeping contractors busy. To accelerate your remodeling plans, you can take a look at the following kitchen and bathroom trends.

Kitchen Showpieces

Kitchens today have transformed from simple cooking areas to show pieces and spaces for gatherings with family or friends. As such, homeowners have also upgraded their kitchens to be more functional but beautiful as well. In keeping with the times and trends, you can choose cooking appliances that serve multiple functions and other appliances that are handle-free.

Homeowners continue to go with wood or wood-like flooring. You can choose either option yourself based on your preferences. You can also add new sinks, LED or OLED lighting, and new countertops. Marble continues to be popular, as well as granite and quartz.

Like a Spa

As for bathrooms, they have become a more personalized space meant for relaxation and rejuvenation. However, this shift in function meant getting rid of the bathtub and replacing it with a large, walk-in shower. Homeowners want a bathroom that feels like a spa.

Other design elements of the bathroom have become more personalized as well. Some have chosen porcelain or ceramic tiles for the bathroom walls. Others still want the classic look of white marble; Carrara marble showers remain a popular design choice. You can have a Carrara marble shower from Sand & Swirl, Inc. of your own in your Bountiful home.

You can find even more design trends for your bathroom and kitchen by researching online. You can personalize your kitchen and bathrooms the way you want them to. You can mix in ideas of your own with the design trends mentioned previously. Your imagination is the limit.

Remove Your Wrinkles With Dermal Fillers

Woman having a dermal fillersAge is one of the biggest contributors to wrinkling and sagging skin. It is part of the natural process of aging, as it reflects all those times you moved your facial muscles, from smiling to frowning, to laughing ad eating. However, this doesn’t mean that you should just allow gravity to take its toll on your beautiful skin.

Undergoing the right facial rejuvenation techniques can make your skin look fresher and younger, quickly and painlessly.

Breaking down what breaks the skin down

In addition to aging, environmental elements, like constant exposure to the sun, don’t merely worsen existing wrinkles. They also trigger their development while breaking down healthy tissue at a faster rate. Although the skin contains a natural support system in the form of collagen and hyaluronic acid, the body produces less of them as one gets older.

This is where you could go for a treatment like a dermal filler. Utah has many cosmetic surgery clinics offering this procedure.

Quick and painless way to freshen up your skin

Continuously rising in popularity, a dermal filler involves administering injectables consisting of substances aimed to make it smooth rid wrinkles. It also helps minimize the effects of sagging skin. Some people also undergo this anti-aging procedure to give their lips an enhanced appearance.

In case, you’re worried about the fact that these are facial injections, dermatologists and cosmetic surgeons say that most patients feel little to no discomfort. Best of all, as long as administered properly, they produce long-lasting skin-beautifying and self-esteem-increasing effects.

No downtime involved

One of the biggest reason dermal injectable treatments have become more popular is because of the quick procedure. The surgeon only administers two to three injections, gives the treatment area a massage, and repeats the steps.

After the specialist has treated the entire area, you will see the positive results right away. You may choose to rest before going back to work, but it isn’t something you are need to do.

Spruce Up an Outdated Bathroom

Old BathroomYou don’t need a total overhaul to revive your bathroom and give it a new look. All you need are creativity and expert advice. Here are some ways you can update your bathroom without making a dent in your savings.

Start with the walls

A new fresh coat of paint always revitalises things.  Go for a trendy colour to replace old paint. If your bathroom is small, use a lighter shade on the ceiling to compliment the one on the walls. Doing so will give it an illusion of extra space.

Change your shower doors

You can replace traditional showers with frameless glass shower doors. In Auckland, many glass companies offer to install a custom-built glass shower door for your bathroom. Frameless shower doors free up the door swing space and give your bathroom a clean and sleek look.

Update the fixtures

Leaky faucets and broken taps need to go. Changing your taps may sound too simple to make any difference, but these simple touches can modify the appearance of any space. Go for a modern style of taps and faucets.

Update your bathtub

You can choose to get a tub liner to update your bathtub if replacing it is too costly. You could also go for reglazing or refinishing. This option is a much more intensive process and might need several days to complete. Tub liners may cost more, however, so consider your budget if you want to update your old tub.

Remove the clutter

You could install bathroom storage organisers. You could place wall organisers and baskets for towels, toiletries, and laundry. You could also choose free-standing shelves to store your bath items.

You could do one or two of these options to update your bathroom. Consider your budget and prioritise what you need to do. A little creativity goes a long way in making your ideal home.

Bad Odour Check: Possible Reasons behind a Foul-Smelling Chimney

House with chimneyDespite everything that goes on inside your chimney and fireplace, both should be virtually odourless. This is because a working fireplace will send the smell out long before it can enter your home. So, if you notice smoke or an unpleasant smell inside your home, your chimney might need professional attention.

Take note of these reasons for a smelly chimney so you can bring your professional chimney sweep up to speed about your chimney problem.

Unwanted Chimney Guests

Animals, such as birds and squirrels, may have nested inside your chimney and gotten stuck in the process. Having a dead animal inside a chimney is not only inconvenient but dangerous to one’s health, too. You and your family may contract diseases because of these dead animals, after all. Thus, if you smell rot coming from your chimney, immediately call a chimney professional so that he or she can get rid of the remains, deodorise the area and equip the chimney to keep critters away in the future.

Excess Creosote

Apart from dead animals, a chimney can also smell bad due to excess creosote. This substance is a dark brown or black flammable tar produced by wood smoke. Too much creosote in the chimney can give off a strong smoky smell. While there is no way to completely prevent the deposits of creosote from building up in your chimney, you can at least reduce the accumulated material by cleaning your chimney flues out regularly.


The rain that seeps into the chimney can cause an unpleasant musty odour. Furthermore, the moisture can compromise the structural integrity of the chimney by weakening the flue lining. The best way to keep moisture out is to install a chimney cap.

Dead animals, excess creosote and moisture can produce a foul-smelling odour inside the chimney. Even if the smell is tolerable, homeowners should never take the odour for granted as it may negatively affect a person’s health.

3 Important Points to Remember When Exporting to China

Woman sending a package to ChinaAlthough it would have made a lot of sense if the largest export country for New Zealand is Australia, Kiwi’s neighbour ranks only second, according to Observatory of Economic Complexity (OEC). Up in first place is China, which contributes as much as $6.4 billion to New Zealand’s thriving economy.

China is home to almost 1.5 billion people, which is a huge market, but that’s not its only potential. Based on a Bloomberg report, the year 2016 ended on a high note with consumer spending going up. In other words, they’re buying.

Here are a few things to remember when exporting to China:

1. Labelling

Label may seem insignificant in the grand scheme of things, but according to leading label maker Unimax, it’s one of the most powerful marketing tools available. Knowing this, it makes sense to take labels seriously.

Many laws govern the packaging of your products for the Chinese market, which makes the design very confusing. Fortunately, New Zealand has capable companies that can provide packaging labels fit for your target market.

2. Partnership

Can you set up shop in China?

The answer is yes, but the process is tricky. Chinese business structures can be different from those in New Zealand. Many businesses try the partnership route—which means finding a company for a joint venture. These type of firms help create strategies to make your brand more suitable to the taste and culture of your Chinese market. It’s also one of the easiest structures to pursue.

3. Trademark

Trademarks, copyrights, and patents, to name a few, matter to businesses. These create and secure creativity related to your brand. Unfortunately, China frequently experiences trouble with trademarks. It pays to take the extra mile with your creative licensesIf you want to protect these valuable assets, file an intellectual property claim as soon as you can, especially since China follows the “first to file” system.

When it comes to overseas trade, China is one of your best bets. It might seem like a challenge, but New Zealand and China have been strong trading partners for decades. Support is also readily available; just know where to find it.

Issues That Require Dental Surgery

Dentist Operating on a Patient

In some situations, you might require oral surgery services. These are problems that go beyond the ordinary dental problems. These often lead to much more serious procedures. The following are a list of treatments that require serious dental surgery and care. Below are among the most common oral surgery procedures.

1. Dental Implants

If you have a missing tooth that needs to be replaced, dental implants is your best option. The experts at Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery Associates explain that this requires a surgical procedure which involves putting in a metal post implant into the jaw bone. The metal post then fuses with the jaw bone and the gum tissues over time. This creates a firm foundation where you can place an artificial tooth, also known as the dental crown. Dental implants are best for people with missing teeth and are looking for a long-term solution.

2. Reconstructive Jaw Surgery

Severe facial injuries that affect the jaw and teeth require reconstructive jaw surgery. Chipped teeth and broken jaws make daily activities, such as eating and speaking, a problem. However, a reliable oral surgeon can help in correcting the situation. Some of the procedures in corrective surgery include: treating the gum and jaw bone damage, correcting jaw joint issues, and replacing damaged or missing teeth.

3. Impacted Wisdom Teeth

While some people do not experience any pain when their third molars erupt, for some, these teeth cause serious problems. They sometimes do not erupt properly and are not aligned well. This causes them to become impacted between the gum and the jawbone. As a result, bacteria forms in those tight areas causing damage to the wisdom teeth.

The above are some of the most common oral surgery procedures. Before surgery, ensure that your oral surgery services provider provides you with a detailed treatment plan. Don’t be afraid to ask your dental surgeon or dentist about the treatment because when a patient knows the details, it helps them to relax.

3 Successful Ideas for First-Time Farmers

A person taking care of their farm Are you a first-time farmer looking for good advice on how to start your agricultural business? Here are some tips that could help you create a self-sustaining crop business and expand eventually. Remember these regardless of whether you own the land on which you plant or you’re simply leasing it.

1. Invest in Power Tools.

Farming power tools can help you get the job done faster and more efficiently. Of course, you don’t need to buy them all at once. You need to decide on the ones that you think will get the task done with lesser manpower. For instance, you can check the availability of power harrows in Australia to help you improve soil management and lower operating costs.

2. Location Matters for Crops.

Check your location and infrastructure for the right kind of crops that will yield the most produce. If you have no idea about this, you can consult professionals to decide which crops will grow best and fast given the temperature, water, soil, and location. Knowing which crops will grow best can help plot a detailed plan on how to create a successful and self-sustaining farming business.

3. Consider Direct Selling of Crops.

Instead of working with a big grocery chain, you might be better off selling directly to customers, especially if you pride yourself in growing organic produce. If you take this route, you’ll enjoy retail prices, not wholesale prices. Direct selling to customers can also improve your word-of-mouth advertising. Growing your customer base can help you market more products.

Food is a basic need and a business the leverages on this need can definitely make it big. Like any type of business, however, you need to have a plan. Research on what your customers need and what your business can supply.

Top 3 Reasons Hiring a Family Lawyer Is a Good Idea

Family Lawyer With His Clients Disputes can occur in any family due to a variety of reasons. It could be because of divorce, annulment, and may even extend to cases of child abuse. In these situations, court cases are opened and dealt with. Most families choose to go “unrepresented”, meaning they choose to represent themselves in proceedings. The reasons differ from family to family, but the most common one is they simply couldn’t afford a lawyer.

With the state of court affairs in Townsville, QLD, however, family lawyers have become increasingly important. In case you are still deciding whether to hire a lawyer or not, this guide will help you make the right decision.

They Know What They are Doing

Some cases do not necessarily require legal representation, but it definitely pays to have an experienced legal counsel by your side when dealing with family matters. O'Shea & Dyer Solicitors notes that lawyers know the ins and outs of the legal system; they know your legal rights and obligations, and they can help you navigate through all of the hoops that you are about to go through.

They Can Handle the Bureaucracy

Paperwork tends to bury most people and dealing with court cases requires paperwork. Lawyers, fortunately, are experts when it comes to documentation, especially the ones that are required during hearings.

One more advantage is that, since lawyers work in courthouses too often, they get to know judges and the specific ways these judges want documents to be drafted. It is not a guarantee, but it could mean the difference between losing and winning.

It Is Actually More Expensive Without a Lawyer

Not hiring a lawyer because you cannot afford one is a poor excuse because you will be shouldering much bigger expenses when the case does not go in your favour. Court fees and other costs must be paid by the losing party and this could easily set you back thousands of dollars. Additionally, preparing for a case is a time-consuming job, which might not fit too much in your schedule if you have an actual full-time job.

It may be tempting to save some money by choosing to represent yourself in court. No law states that this is illegal, but with all the risks involved, you will be better off with professional help.